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square sort

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Simplifying Square Roots has never been so fun! Post the cards around the room and get the kids moving! If done correctly, students will answer all 12 cards. Includes rationalizing the denominator, conjugates and fractional exponents. With the recording worksheet, it will be easy for you to dete
7th - 9th
This lesson is complete with guided notes (with answer keys!), a card sort, and an extra problem that could be used as a formative assessment requiring students to correct another’s work!
10th - 12th
Great resource to scaffold learners to see algebraic formula's visually. Lets learners connect formula's with graphs and visual representations.
8th - 10th
Activity: Quick Card Sort amongst students in groups or alone and the cards could easily be a class-set or for personal use in a science notebook. The set includes terms, images and definitions or examples. Documents Included: - Scientists 9 Square Puzzle Card Sort pdf Scientists: - Antonie Van Le
Activity: Quick Card Sort amongst students in groups or alone and the cards could easily be a class-set or for personal use in a science notebook. The set includes terms, images and definitions or examples. Documents Included: - Scientists 9 Square Puzzle Card Sort pdf Scientists: - Alexander Flem
Match up the cards!
6th - 7th
Students cut out and sort each picture according to each shape; circulo or cuadrado.
PreK - 1st
Drag and drop to sort the real-life images into the correct shape category.***********************************************************************************************Credits:Frames by Ashley HughesWatercolor Shapes by Lisa Markle SparklesReal-life shapes by Little Red's clipart
This was an activity I used during our geometry unit to help students differentiate among quadrilaterals, rectangles, and squares. I gave each student a 11" x 17" piece of construction paper to fold into three columns. Then, students simply cut out each shape and definition to make 3 distinct groups
1st - 3rd
This sort is a great way to get students engaged in factoring Perfect Square Trinomials.For a set that includes the key, teacher instructions, and another sort, please visit my page:https://www.teacherspayteachers.com/Product/Factoring-and-Expanding-Perfect-Square-Trinomials-Hands-On-Sort-Set-675847
Printable sort cards for students to pair up. For multiple uses, print them on card stock, cut apart, and store them in envelopes. I suggest printing the integers on one color paper and the square roots on another color.For a bundle of cut and paste sorts to help students memorize their perfect sq
3rd - 11th
In this activity students will cut out boxes of paper and then order them correctly in order to solve a quadratic equation by completing the square. I use this an alternate assessment.
Circles and Squares Sorting Activity for Life Skills and Autism Classrooms Print, cut out the icons, laminate and Velcro together for an easy sorting activity.
Not Grade Specific
Students can use this sheet to practice perfect squares from 13-20.
6th - 8th
Graphing and Sorting Unit is packed with tons of graphing, sorting, and data hands-on activities using manipulatives you already have in your classroom. Worksheets are included as well but are optional. Many of the activities and games come in various levels so you can easily differentiate for your
Easy to give geometry pages for introduction or review of particular concepts including vertices, sides, identifying by attributes, comparing shapes with similar attributes, looking at 2D and 3D figures. This packet also looks at quadrilaterals and polygons and has a cut-and-paste graph to sort "Po
K - 2nd
Isolating letter sounds is a crucial step in beginning reading skills. With these beginning sounds worksheets and sorts you can give your students the practice they need to master recognizing initial sounds.This product contains letter sound picture cards for each letter of the alphabet that can be
Sorting Objects into Categories Activity (with picture prompts) for Speech Therapy, Special Education, and Autism is a great activity for children with special needs. Learning categories is critical to language development. After teaching students different categories in small and whole group settin
Looking for a fun interactive teaching idea for attributes of polygons? Well bingo! Look no further as 2D Shape Sort Classifying Polygon Game Classify Quadrilaterals Activity Puzzles, for CCSS 3.G.1, will serve as an exciting lesson plan for 3rd grade elementary school classrooms. This is a great re
A bright, fun and engaging way for children to practice recognising and sorting 2D Shapes! Print the Shape Mats then make the matching pieces onto stones for an extra tactile element! Printable matching cards are also included if you would prefer to print and laminateIncluded are 12 x 2D Shape Matsc
PreK - 1st
This is a great activity for practicing he / she / they pronouns, for a child to differentiate the difference. I use this in my speech therapy room with children with language delays, autism, and/or learning handicapped. Decide which version you would like to use: the color-coded (blue/pink/ye
Printable PDF & Digital Versions are included in this distance learning ready sorting activity will strengthen students’ skill in sorting triangles into the following types of triangles categories: Equilateral, Isosceles, Scalene, Equiangular, Right, Acute, and Obtuse. Students will cut out the
Do you love the story of Spookley the Square Pumpkin? This activity packet is filled with your choice of comprehension strategies, writing activities and more. A shape pumpkin craft is included with different sample ideas for completion. There are also 3 different math extensions and word work ac
Looking for a fun way to help students master letter recognition? In addition to learning letters this packet allows students to practice fine motor skills like cutting and gluing. The letters shown on each page are presented in a variety of fonts which helps students learn to recognize letters in a

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