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Sugar Act - Stamp Act
Sugar Act. Stamp Act.Key words include: ⭐ Prime Minister⭐ Sugar Act of 1764 ⭐ Stamp Act of 1765 ⭐ Petition ⭐ Boycott⭐ Repealed⭐ George GrenvilleThis PowerPoint presentation examines:► Why the Sugar Act was passed and what exactly it taxed.► Colonists’ reaction to the Sugar Act (boycott, smuggling).►
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Spreading the Word Simulation (Stamp Act, Intolerable Acts, Dec of Independence)
Spreading the Word Groupwork Simulation Presentation (Government). A creative approach to teaching the Stamp Act, the Intolerable Acts, the Battle of Lexington and Concord, and the Declaration of Independence. Students research, complete a script and act out the announcement to be carried by horseb

Also included in: Introduction to Government Activity Bundle

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STAMP ACT Bostonians Tarring Feathering Primary Source ACTIVITY
PLEASE TAKE TIME TO LEAVE FEEDBACK! THANKS VERY MUCH!!!Allow your students to discover more about THE STAMP ACT and TARRING AND FEATHERING using this Primary Source activity.Examining primary sources gives students a powerful sense of history and the complexity of the past. Helping students analyz
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U.S. History -- Stamp Act to Revolution Primary Source Readings
Includes the following primary source reading documents with DBQs: * Mayflower Compact * Stamp Act Congress' Declaration of Rights and Grievances * Samuel Adams reading on the Boston Massacre Trial * Samuel Adams Committee of Correspondence reading * Common Sense by Thomas Paine (edited down to 2 p
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Stamp Act Blog (& Rubric!)
Lead your students through this activity after learning about the Stamp Act! Students step into the shoes of a Colonist or Brit to write a blog post about their point of view's feelings about the Stamp Act. Students understand historical perspectives and connect those skills with writing and techn
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Revolutionary War American Revolution
This extensive REVOLUTIONARY WAR BUNDLE is 3 units combined! ★ Revolutionary War Causes- Road to Revolution★ Revolutionary War Battles and Events★ Revolutionary War PeoplePLUS an added POSTER PROJECT AND INFORMATIONAL TEXT BOOKLETS!!!There are detailed lesson plans that take you through 8 weeks of t

Also included in: American History U.S. History Mega Bundle with Informational Text

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American Revolution Unit Bundle
This awesome American Revolution Unit Bundle includes everything you need to teach your students about the American Revolution! Includes:• American Revolution Causes PowerPoint & Notes• American Revolution Causes Foldable• American Revolution Causes Internet Scavenger Hunt WebQuest• Amer
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American Revolution - Revolutionary War Causes - Revolutionary War Timeline
Your students will enjoy learning about the Road to the American Revolutionary War with this interactive packet. The hands-on approach to learning through the components of this resource will surely help your students learn and understand the cause/effect relationships of events in this period of hi

Also included in: Social Studies Interactive Notebooks & Activities Bundle

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American Revolution: Passages (Vol. 1)
American Revolution Differentiated Reading PassagesPrintable + Digital Paperless Versions IncludedWith this resource, students will learn about the American Revolution through reading engaging passages on differentiated reading levels. There are 5 original reading passages included on 5 reading leve

Also included in: Ancient Civilizations - Present Day Social Studies Differentiated Passage Bundle

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American Revolution UNIT
American Revolution / Revolutionary War COMPLETE UNIT: This unit includes EVERYTHING you need for an entire American Revolution unit. It includes 3 weeks of formal lesson plans (no prep print) with options to extend or shorten the length of the unit, 24 original leveled reading passages on 3 differe
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Causes of the American Revolution Timeline - Differentiated!
Students will love creating a timeline of causes of the American Revolution. This activity provides students with a timeline of major causes of the American Revolution along with a brief description of each event. This student created timeline makes a great visual reference for students, and is perf
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American Revolution Station Activity with Graphic Organizer Worksheets
This content rich activity is student centered and interactive! This Road to Revolution activity has 11 stations with close readings detailing the events that led to the American Revolution including: the Stamp Act, Townsend Acts, Intolerable Act, the Boston Tea Party, Lexington and Concord, Tea Act
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8th Grade American History Curriculum US History Resources
The bundle contains resources for essential content in American History from 1607-1877 (Colonial Era through Reconstruction). The bundle contains 52 webquests, 17 projects, 10 gallery walks, 16 crosswords, and an entire year of bell ringers. I created the activities for my 8th-grade students. I have
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American Revolution Complete Unit Lesson Plan Grades 6, 7 and 8 Bundle
Tons of new curriculum added for the new school year! What a stellar value! Individually the activities and notes in this bundle would cost more than $80.00!This is a comprehensive activity and notes bundle covering the events leading to the American Revolution, declaring independence and key aspect

Also included in: US History Year in Curriculum Mega Bundle Common Core Grades 6-8 Activities

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Road to the American Revolution UNIT
Road to the American Revolution.Specific topics in this unit include:⭐ Algonquin⭐ Hurons ⭐ Iroquois⭐ Rivalry⭐ Joseph Brant⭐ Ohio River Valley⭐ Stockade⭐ Fort Necessity⭐ George Washington⭐ Virginia’s Lieutenant Governor, Robert Dinwiddie⭐ Fort Duquesne⭐ Battle at Great Meadow⭐ Albany Plan of Union⭐ D
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13 Colonies and American Revolution Bundle - PPTs, Worksheets, Lesson Plans+Test
American Colonies and American Revolution Bundle covers from the first colonies in the Americas by the British to the American Independence and the Constitution of the United States. These units include PowerPoints notes, PowerPoint warm ups, common core informational text documents and primary sour
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American Revolution; Revolutionary War Unit
This download contains 175 pages of resources for a complete unit on the American Revolution! The unit comes with a unit guide that has 3 full weeks completely planned out! Included in the download: 1. The Thirteen Colonies- Reader's theater, description of the original thirteen, map, and a colo
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American Revolution Interactive Timeline Project
This fantastic Revolutionary War cooperative learning activity has your students sorting 10 key events on a timeline leading up to the American Revolution.These events include:Salutary Neglect PolicyThe EnlightenmentThe French & Indian WarThe Proclamation of 1763Sugar ActStamp ActBoston Massacre
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U.S. History Word Walls: 13 Colonies-World War II (plus Elections & Amendments)
UNITED STATES HISTORY WORD WALLS. If you've ever wanted your students to have a visual representation of the 13 colonies, American Revolution, Manifest Destiny, Civil War, Reconstruction, the Industrial Revolution, World War I, World War II, Elections, the Amendments to the U.S. Constitution, and t

Also included in: United States History - Bundle of Biography Cards and U.S. History Word Walls

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U.S. History Unit Tests
Created for a course based on The Georgia Performance Standards: U.S. History. There are 25 standards which are organized into ten units. While the units may not match your particular curriculum map, individual questions can be easily copy-and-pasted to suite your needs. All questions are multiple
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Revolutionary War Causes, Events, and Famous Figures
Revolutionary War Causes, Events, and Famous Figures is an engaging unit that will get your students excited to learn about history! Includes a booklet of reading passages, lapbook, a study guide, and an assessment!This resource can also be found in this MONEY SAVING Revolutionary War Bundle here► R

Also included in: Revolutionary War Unit Bundle

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Punch or Stamp Cards Class Management
Punch or Stamp Cards Class Management Using punch cards is a positive classroom management technique. Do you have students who are constantly shouting out answers? Or some who distract others and yes even, themselves? Punch cards encourage kids to demonstrate good behavior and complete work when it
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8th Grade American History Projects (US History)
The bundle contains 18 engaging projects for essential content in American History (Thirteen Colonies through Reconstruction). Students will be creating a Brochure, Timeline, Mini Booklet, Mobile, Google Slides/PowerPoint Presentation, Poster, Flipbook, Postcard, 3D Cube, Advertisement, and a Newspa
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American Revolution: Road to the Revolution Document-Based Questions (DBQs)
American Revolution Document-Based Questions (DBQs) are a great way to expose students to primary sources as well as to make them think about an event in history and respond to it. This unit can be used in a few ways. I project the full-page images on my board so that we can discuss them, and then
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