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states of matter study guide

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Save time and get your students studying at home!Have a great science unit on Solids, Liquids, and Gases planned but need something students can take home to study each night? Have different ability levels in your classroom and need an assessment that fits those needs? Then this product is for you!
States of Matter: Solids, Liquids, and Gases Study Guide Outline - Characteristics of Matter - King Virtue's Classroom Starting your unit on Matter? Help your students get off to a great start with this simple study guide outline. This is a great tool that can be used to inform your parents about w
Regular education test, modified test, and a study guide are included. The documents are in word, and can be adapted to your classroom needs (if you want to add a question / eliminate a question).
20 Item Test On Matter - 2 Full Pages (If you are looking for the Phases of Matter study guide/ test combo please visit my store) I am constantly adding products throughout the year so make sure to follow Tailored By Naylor so you'll never miss out on a great deal. Description This test is intende
Save time and get your students studying at home! Have a great science unit on Solids, Liquids, and Gases planned but need something students can take home to study each night? Have different ability levels in your classroom and need an assessment that fits those needs? Then this product is for you!
2nd - 4th
This product includes 6 different assessments covering solids, liquids, and gases and 3 pages of study guides. Study Guides are available in color and black and white. Answer keys for each of the assessments are also provided. ASSESSMENTS: -Matter Assessment Part One (5 multiple choice questio
States of Matter Study Guide with key. I use this worksheet either as a study guide for the chapter, or as a quiz at the end. 25 terms with definitions for various states of matter and changes of state. Applicable to chemistry, physics, physical sciences. Good companion for a textbook chapter on th
This cloze study guide gives students an opportunity to review key vocabulary related to the study of the different states of matter. The guide is divided into five sections each with its own word bank. The guide can also be used as a quiz or test. Created by Kevin Sparks for a seventh grade physica
Students learn about the solar, wind, and water energy, simple machines and states of matter in chapter 2 of Abeka 3 Science. I use these worksheets in my third grade classroom. Students answer as many questions as they can on their own. Then I have them find a partner or small group and work togeth
Based on VA SOLs, but can be adapted to Common Core easily, this editable document reviews the phases of matter--solids, liquids and gases, physical changes--melting and freezing, and volume/weight/mass. Please purchase and edit as you see fit for your standards! Also check out my MATTER word sear
This is a printable study guide that focuses on the physical properties of matter. The focus in this segment is states of matter. It includes vocabulary and student worksheets to supplement your lesson. More segments are in the works!
States of Matter Icicles, raindrops, an invisible gas in the air—these are all forms of water. States of matter - solid, a liquid, or a gas. Water vapors, gases, melting, heat energy, temperature, particles, evaporation, boiling, steam, condense, condensation, particles moving faster or slower S
3rd - 5th
Here is a study guide to be used in conjunction with the States of Matter test I've also created. This is a useful tool to help your students prepare for the test. The study guide covers changes in matter, states of matter, and properties of solids and liquids.
2nd - 5th
This quizzes students over the states of matter; condensation, evaporation, melting, and freezing. It also cover mixtures and solutions, heat transfer, mass, volume, weight and density. There are matching questions, fill in the blank and two short answer. I will send you an editable version if you
4th - 6th
This is the accompanying Study Guide to my SMART Notebook "States of Matter."
7th - 10th
I created these quizzes for a weekly review of the vocabulary covered in our states of matter unit. There are a total of 4 quizzes and 4 study guides. Study guides are passed out each Monday and the quiz is held each Friday. Students will practice with the same set of words for two weeks to ensure m
Google Doc with article and video links to prepare for the States of Matter quiz
6th - 12th
States of Matter Study Guide / flash cards
This is a study guide (with an answer key) for the "States of Matter"
6th - 12th
This is a study guide I created for my 10th grade physical science students. This study guide is aligned to the following Georgia Performance Standards: "SPS2. Students will explore the nature of matter, its classifications, and its system for naming types of matter.; SPS5. Students will compare an
Florida Third Grade States of Matter Study Guide - 4 pages
3rd - 5th
This 2 page worksheet is a small, comprehensive review that could be used as a short study guide or review sheet. Covers the following topics: The 3 States of Matter Changing States of Matter Properties of Matter
2nd - 4th
Covers introductory concepts to States of Matter, as well as Changes in States of Matter.Topics included:Solids, Liquids, GasesMelting, Freezing, Condensation, EvaporationMelting Point, Freezing Point, Boiling Point
A study guide and test for an introduction to the three States of Matter.
2nd - 3rd

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