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This science article / sub plan comes in two versions (with answer key): 1) easily printable PDFs, as well as 2) Google Slides for distance learning. Students can type in their answers directly in the Google Slides. This resource spans two pages in total with 1 and 1/3 pages of article and 2/3 pages
Cell differentiation is a topic that is talked about in both middle and high school. This is a great guided research project. Students are provided with links and questions to answer using the videos, tutorials, and information found at these links. This project includes:overview of Stem cells and
This activity packet is designed to help beginning Biology students understand the basics of stem cells and why they are important. When students are done, they should be able to do the following:- define what a stem cell is, why it’s like a “blank slate,” and why they are important.- explain (at a
Use this as an interesting way to check students' understanding of the functions of various cell organelles. Included in this file: Worksheet and Task Cards Students will be required to read short (somewhat cheesy) riddles that each give clues to what organelle is being described. They will identi
This a 350 slide PowerPoint Presentation on Karyotypes,Genetic Disorders, Stem Cells, Cloning, Artificial Life and Bioethics. This lesson bundle includes critical class notes (red slides), embedded video links, activity about genetic disorders, four page homework / classwork, lesson notes, and seve
KIT INCLUDES: 12 vocabulary cards (two size options) Each of the cards include a definition and related picture/diagram. Vocabulary Words Include: cell, cell membrane, cell wall, chlorophyll, chloroplast, cytoplasm, mitochondria, nucleus, organelle, photosynthesis, respiration, vacuole ***NOTE***
Get your students working hard with this booklet. Students will learn, write, read about, and even create a model with this print and go activity! No brainer! This product includes many different activities that can be done all together or as a project and easily fit into an interactive notebook! So
This is a 13-slide presentation on stem cells designed for an intro level biology course. It provides an overview of cell differentiation, but focuses on the types of stem cells and their potential applications. I have included two hyperlinks within the presentation to a great "what are stem cells
Another Invent a Company Challenge! This incredible STEM activity will have your students creating a company and product that will silence a cell phone. This includes packaging the product, creating company logos and slogans, testing the product, and creating a commercial to perform. The steps of th
These EDITABLE NGSS- aligned slides summarize: stem cells (pluripotent), specialized cells (unipotent), and cell differentiation (gene regulation and expression). STUDENT NOTE SHEET INCLUDED I have uploaded this in a .pptx format, so you can edit and differentiate to fit your classroom and studen
This worksheet has the students read through the description of the process and then has them color and fill in words on the diagram. It works well with the NGSS requirement for knowledge about cell specialization. Since stem cells are becoming such an important subject, I thought this would be a
This is a short web-based reading assignment on stem cells that uses an article posted by the Library of Congress. The worksheet includes a simple anticipation guide for pre-reading and follow up questions. If access to computers are a problem the web article can easily be printed out and given as
The Common Core calls for students to be able to not only cite textual evidence, but to use evidence to engage in argumentative and counter-argumentative activities. What better to accomplish such a feat then to have your students debate! This packet includes a Stem Cell Research PowerPoint (in p
Stem Cells - Fully editable, Science Reading Activity - Disciplinary Literacy for Grades 5-7 (ages 10-12) as well as older students with lower developed learning levels. Tackle literacy and science by having your students read and answer questions from a scientific article. Each page highlights and
Thanks for visiting! As a visual, kinesthetic learner myself, I continually structure my classroom bent towards these learning styles. My students are constantly working with their hands, getting up and moving around to different stations for projects or labs. In addition, I use simulations onlin
This is a project designed to be done in groups, but can also be completed individually and then shared with the class. Groups of students will be assigned the role of either a scientist, a politician, or an ethicist. Each group will assume their assigned role and research the four key questions-
This is a student activity sheet suitable for any level biology class. It follows the Stem Cell internet activities at Learn Genetics Utah. The website offers diagrams, video, and interaction. This worksheet allows students to differentiate between embryonic and adult stem cells. It asks studen
In this lesson students are given a dilemma of what to do with a healthy, fertilised human embryo. They must put 8 different possible options in order from best to least favourable outcomes and explain how they arrived at that decision. Its makes for a very tricky discussion involving points like,-s
A lesson focusing on the religious and ethical debates surrounding stem cell research.1hr PowerPoint, clip, worksheetsComplete 1 hour lesson with accompanying worksheetsDifferentiated to three levels of challengeMore inexpensive and free resources available at my store and at my website: www.ecpubli
A self-guided activity booklet where students research, design and make a model of an innovative cell / mobile phone (both US and UK versions included!)Encouraging your students to get creative and design products helps them develop an important life skill in how to solve problems.Problem solving is
This EDITABLE product asks student to make observations about the function, form and genes of 6 types of specialized cells & stem cells, and then about the job and classes taken by 6 specialized doctors, and general practitioners. After making these observations on their student answer sheets, s
Stem cells are basic cells that can change into any other type of cell that our body needs. Most cells in the body begin as stem cells. Then, they grow into tissue of other body parts. Contents : 5 pages -Text -Exercises -Key The sample contains a complete non-printable preview of the whole
Stem Cell Therapy: The Future of Medicine?. A Reading Comprehension - Disciplinary Literacy - Resource For Everyone. This reading is for a grade 8 and up class. If you're looking for something for younger kids, please Stem Cells - Grade 5-7This resource covers the following topics:- What is stem cel
Students will explore the topics of cancer and stem cells and how they are related to mitosis. They have 5 links and will organize information into graphic organizers and answer questions on content from each link. Objective: We have learned that cancer derives from uncontrolled cell growth. Ea

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