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Here, you will find all of the handouts and resources you need to teach your students how to draw and shade a basic forms Still Life. What's included:-a Different Shading Techniques poster (shows different shading techniques, Hatching, Cross-Hatching, Smooth Shading, Stipple, etc.)-a Different Shad
This Apple Still Life project download, based on the artwork of Paul Cezanne, is meant for young elementary students. The Powerpoint shows step-by-step how to create this project with illustrations, text, animation, and teacher notes. See the preview to view a finished example or go to my online gal
These art projects can be completed from home for distance learning and only requires students to have a pencil, paper, (optional materials include crayon, colored pencils or paints). Upload the lesson to the google classroom and students can complete the lesson completely independently. Students ca
This art project can be completed from home for distance learning and only requires students to have a pencil, paper, ( optional materials include crayon, colored pencils, or paints). Upload the lesson to the google classroom and students can complete the lesson completely independently. Students ca
If your students love to paint, these delightful mixed media projects are perfect for your art lesson library.I love using bold, bright colors of tempera paint splashed on paper. These 3 art lessons, inspired by the artist Henri Matisse, are simple, successful and fun.Project 1 - Room with Patterns
Beginning with a PowerPoint, students will learn about the often colorful patterned artwork of the Southwestern Native Americans and see how it still influences art in the region today. Then students will learn about the climate of the region and the vegetation that can grow there.Then they will dra
Frida Kahlo Fruit Still Lifes will introduce students to the colorful world of still lIfes. Children will learn about the artist Frida Kahlo and create a beautiful, vibrant mixed media still life with tempera paints, painted paper and chalk pastels. Plus they will gain an understanding of basic art
This contour drawing lesson focuses on the use of line, shape, and negative space. Students make a simple viewfinder which they use for close observation of details in common objects. They draw selected objects in close-up view, creating interesting compositions with drawings that extend off the pag
Integrate art and science with this observation drawing still life lesson designed to help students develop and refine their observation skills. Students learn to look closely at lines and shapes and the spatial relationship of objects to each other. It focuses on secondary colors and requires stude
This PowerPoint features a short drawing exercise for contour line drawing and overlapping practice. There are three slides the students will draw from. One slide shows a complete image of a toy in the foreground. The next slide introduces a new toy that is overlapped by the first. The third sli
This is an easy-to-use PDF presentation that introduces students to a work of art by famous artist, Paul Cezanne. Image slides with narrative text help students analyze the work of art to begin thinking about the basic elements of art and principles of design. After looking at the artwork, step-by
Connect art and science with these two observation-rich lessons that help students develop and refine their observation skills with two different still life treatments. Each lesson in this bundle is also available individually.Lessons included are:Still Life Observation Drawingteaches students to lo
*Also available in the Everything Art Bundle* These three handouts are perfect for the elementary and middle school art room. Keep in sketchbooks or enlarge on whiteboard, even print out as posters! All the info a student needs to understand a portrait, a landscape, a still life and how to create ea
This package includes a thorough tutorial video so you'll know exactly how to teach this to your kids, written out teacher instructions with visuals, and a PowerPoint presentation!I am SO in love with this project!!I've done this lesson extremely successfully with a number of 2nd grade classes - so
This Power-point presentation includes 104 slides and even more images to help your students learn how to draw a still life in reverse (white on black). How to do this with both scratchboard and using white colored pencil on black paper are addressed. The presentation begins with “What is a still
This lesson, makes a very nice all school project it introduces drawing from still life. The lesson uses VTS (Visual thinking strategies) to help the student analyze the work of Georgia O'Keefe. The Elements of Art and Principals of design are used to help the student to create a still life using sm
This is a 16 page PowerPoint on Still Lives. It defines what a still life is. It describes what composition is (open and closed), the steps to creating a good composition, balance (symmetrical and assymetrical), sighting and has sighting exercises, foreshortning, and shading. This is a great Powe
Paul Cezanne Clip Art: Explore art history with you budding art students using this sparkly pack of clipart. Create your own Post-Impressionist, Paul Cezanne-inspired still-life digitally. Teach your students about static versus dynamic composition techniques. Don't have an interactive whiteboard? S
This is a fun project for students to experiment expressively. Students draw a still-life drawing using contour lines to emphasize form. Next, watercolor markers are used arbitrarily, then painted with water.
One of my many 4-color, step-by-step art lessons. This art lesson is perfect for any elementary art room or classroom. It features 4-color step-by-step drawing, photos, includes everything that any teacher would need to teach this lesson. Based on the artist Howie Green and his pop art style. Subjec
This Powerpoint (also includes a PDF version of the same thing) shows artwork from several artists that have used stuffed animals as a theme in their work. Including still life paintings of stuffed animals, installations, photography and sculpture. Questions to describe and analyze accompany many
This is a COMPLETE unit to use with your middle or early high school aged students. All you have to do is add the supplies, everything else is planned out for you. This unit can easily be used as a distance learning unit too! It has a PDF student packet you can send them to work through and a sli
This isn't your ordinary "recycling" art lesson....this one is absolutely BEAUTIFUL and perfect for teaching lots of art concepts to students! Another art lesson from my book that shows you step-by-step on how to create a group still life recycling art piece. Perfect for auctioning, displaying, etc
I use this smartboard file as a game and/or review to help students understand the concept of subject matter in art. It has 3 categories: 1. Still Life 2. Portrait 3. Landscape There are pictures of famous artists' art that they have to drag and place under the correct heading. Then they need to

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