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A set of 32 multiple choice story elements task cards (with recording two record sheet options and an answer key) to help your students improve their identification of common story elements. Story elements covered are:CharacterSettingProblemSolutionTheme4 extra task cards at the end challenge stude
16 DIFFERENTIATED Half-Page Story Elements Task Cards! Each task card includes an original short story as well as open-ended question prompts for each story element including Characters, Setting, Problem, Key Events, and Solution.This resource includes the following formatting options:Half page tas
Motivate your students with these SELF-CHECKING 'Clip and Flip' cards! Included are 8 short story cards and 40 question cards, which are perfect for helping students to identify the five main plot elements in text: exposition, rising action, climax, falling action, and resolution.This activity is s
Create a beautiful visual word wall in your classroom to support your students in becoming strong fiction readers! Student-friendly definitions with supporting visuals are shown on each of the 42 fiction vocabulary terms. This comes in 3 background color options, including a black background (as pic
A set of 32 task cards for making inferences about story elements. There are two identical sets of cards: one set with guiding questions and one set without. Challenge your students to make inferences about story elements including setting, characters, problems, and solutions! You can buy these
Use these 32 multiple choice Story Elements task cards to increase your students’ understanding of the building blocks that make up a story. Each card features a short passage that focuses on one of the following five story elements: setting, character, conflict, resolution, theme. While some of the
Use these 32 multiple choice Story Elements task cards to increase your students’ understanding of the building blocks that make up a story. Each card features a short passage that focuses on one of the following four story elements: setting, character, problem, solution. The terms problem and solut
A set of 24 task cards which require students to think critically about specific story elements in their texts. These cards work with any book, but may require some pre-teaching or explanation based on the level of your students. **These cards are meant to enrich and extend ordinary thinking abo
Use Boom Cards Text Structures & Powerpoint to compare story elements and text features, giving students a clear idea of what to look for when reading fiction and nonfiction texts. It was designed to help readers understand the importance of text structure and how it differs in non-fiction and f
This Story Elements Board Game contains 30 game cards and a game board to help students practice identifying the story element (character, setting, problem, solution, or theme) being described in a piece of text. This story elements game works great as a pair/group activity, or for use in literacy
This set of thirty task cards helps students to really understand the meaning of characterization and use close reading to identify character traits. The activities include: Choosing character traits from a word bankChoosing character traits – multiple choiceDescribing a pictured characterWriting a
These 3 sets of 72 story elements task cards are great to use for reinforcing understanding of the story elements of problem, solution, setting, and character, as well as challenging your early finishers.Task card sets include multiple choice and free response answers. -Set 1 includes multiple choic
This set of literary element response task cards are perfect to get your students responding to any fiction reading material. Each of the 28 different cards have writing prompts that are designed to get the students responding to the literature that they are reading. Within this task card set are
Your students will absolutely adore this set of 32 festive, holiday themed Story Elements Task Cards. They will be engaged in meaningful review of story elements such as characters, settings, problems, and solutions. 12 Multiple Choice Cards to help students improve identification of the various s
This resource takes a deep dive into story elements for students to get a thorough understanding not only with the basics of the elements, but also character changes, setting descriptions, the differences between conflict and problem, and what may happen next. It is a complete unit with explicit tea
Story Elements / Literary Elements - Digital Task Cards for Google DriveThis set of Story Elements Digital Task Cards provides paperless practice understanding the basic elements in literary text. There are six complete passages that students will view on their mobile devices or the teacher can proj
Great practice for learning about main characters, setting, conflict, & resolution of story. Game: 30 story cards, an anchor chart, game board, and answer key Each story card asks: 1. Who is the main character? 2. What is the setting? 3. What is the conflict? 4. What is the resolution? Stude
These 28 digital task cards feature short fairy tale texts and options for students to choose whether the identified story element is characters, setting, problem, or solution. Boom Cards are fun, self-checking, and playable on computers, iPads, Chrome Books, Kindle Fires, mobile phones, and other d
This resource contains the DIGITAL version of my story elements task cards. Two formats are included: Google Forms and Google Slides! This set of 24 multiple choice questions is designed to provide students an opportunity to practice identifying characters, settings, problems, solutions, and plot el
This resource contains 24 task cards that focus on a variety of story elements. After reading each short story, students will answer multiple choice questions about the story's characters, setting, problem, resolution, rising action, climax, and/or falling action. This resource includes FOUR reading
This product includes anchor charts that will help students remember the key story elements (title, author, illustrator, setting, characters, plot, problem, solution) when addressing the reading standards for literature. Questions cards are also included so that the story elements can be reinforced
Support beginning readers in building the foundation of reading comprehension with story elements and retelling cards. Students build content vocabulary knowledge with the use of scaffolded story elements cards, as well as, practice their retelling skills with story picture cards from three fairy ta
These task cards are a great way for students to have fun while improving their skills with understanding the different types of story elements.This activity has students reading 16 short passages to each other and then asked to identify the story element that best fits the passage. A recording she
An understanding of STORY ELEMENTS is crucial for your students to be sucessful in the school. This set contains 80 task cards for using STORY ELEMENTS to identify and understand different types of story elements and posters based on the story of “Alice in Wonderland”Task card sets include free r

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