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Diphthong No Prep Printables (Phonics Worksheets for oi, oy, ou, ow & more)
These no prep printables are very comprehensive. These are great for improving phonics skills, spelling, grammar, reading comprehension, and writing with diphthongs. Additionally, they are set up to move from foundational knowledge to higher order thinking while covering different phonics skills. Th
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Orton-Gillingham Phonics AU AW Word Work and Multisensory Activities
This multisensory phonics and word work pack has everything you need to teach the vowel teams, AU and AW and the accompanying, spelling generalization. It uses a systematic, multisensory approach and is compatible with Orton-Gillingham and other reading interventions. What is included? -basic and a
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Awesome Astronauts! au, aw Literacy Centers
Here are 5 different au, aw activities to use in your word work center. Activities include: -Read the Room (sort au, aw words and not au, aw words) -ABC Order (put au, aw words in abc order to the second and third letter) -Rhyme Time (match rhyming au, aw words) -Word Scramble (unscramble au, a
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Fluency Passage for vowel digraphs -au and -aw
A fluency passage for the following vowel digraphs -au and -aw This includes a fluency passage, comprehension questions, a chart activity, and a writing activity. ***I found a typo after I uploaded it on 2/22/15, but it is fixed as of 2/23/15.
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AU & AW Vowel Team Stories Intervention RTI
If your students need more fun stories to practice with the sounds of AU and AW these decodable stories will help. Suitable for extra practice an Orton Gillingham program. Sight Words Targeted in these stories (August, daughter, laugh) Great for RTI groups. 10 stories in black and white and color.

Also included in: Orton Gillingham Decodable Texts Bundle (Dyslexia/RTI) Level 2

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AU AW No Prep Phonics Pack
This no prep phonics pack has plenty of activities to help your student practice reading and writing words with the au/aw sound. Please provide feedback! This 33 page pack includes: Writing words Drawing words Matching words to pictures Writing rhyming words Reading Comprehension Sentences Memory Ma
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May NO PREP Math and Literacy (1st Grade)
This May NO PREP Packet for 1st Grade is FILLED with hands-on, engaging and FUN resources that cover core skills for 1st Grade! The activities in this packet can be use for group work , centers, small groups, homework and more! The BEST part is that there is NO PREP! NO costly colored ink, NO lami

Also included in: Monthly NO PREP Packets THE BUNDLE (1st Grade)

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Take a Reading Journey Grade 2 - Unit 5 NO PREP Printable BUNDLE (Lessons 21-25)
Journey into reading with this NO PREP packet of literacy printables that can be used in so many ways. You can use it for reading and writing centers during rotations, as formative classroom assessment, enrichment for your gifted students, or even RTI for your students that need a little something e
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Challenge Phonics BUNDLE Digraphs Vowel Diphthongs Long Vowels worksheets
This challenge phonics bundle will focus on the specific phonics sounds while using more challenging words to engage your audience of 2nd and 3rd graders (Can also be used for your high-flying 1st graders). I have chosen words that are richer in VOCABULARY content and have MULTIPLE syllables! No mo
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Phonics Picture Helpers Writing Paper for the Entire Year
Phonics Picture Helpers Writing Paper for the Entire Year - each sheet focuses on a particular phonics sound (short a, the digraph CH, etc.) and has pictures with the spelling of word on the side of the writing sheet to both help students spell the words, practice the phonics skill you're currently
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Orton Gillingham Decodable Texts Bundle (Dyslexia/RTI) Level 2
If you are looking for some quality decodable reading practice to assist you in your Orton Gilligham teaching. Here are over 140 stories for you to use. Here are the activities that correspond to these. Complete with comprehension checks and cloze passage. Follow the scope and sequence below and the
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Journeys 1st Grade The New Friend
These supplemental pages provide extra practice to go along with Journeys First Grade, Unit 5; Lesson 25, "The New Friend." The engaging activities provide a chance for independent practice while you are working with small groups or for you to use as assessment. Future supplemental workbooks will

Also included in: Journeys 2nd Semester First Grade Print-and-Go Mega Bundle Units 4, 5, and 6

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Diphthongs Fluency Passages | Diphthongs Activities
Fluency Passages: These are Diphthongs Fluency Reading Comprehension Passages for Kindergarten and First Grade Students Features• Phonics Based Fluency Passages• Recording and Accountability Graph• Comprehension Questions -Text Dependent and higher level • Comprehension QuestionsDiphthongsauawoioyo
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Challenge Phonics Vowel DIPHTHONGS - Vowel teams worksheets
Are you tired of teaching phonics with simple words like boil, soup, food? I have created vowel team worksheets that will focus on vowel pairs (au, aw, oo, oo, oy, oi, ow, ou, ui) while using more challenging words to engage your audience of 2nd and 3rd graders (Can also be used for your high-flyin

Also included in: Challenge Phonics BUNDLE Digraphs Vowel Diphthongs Long Vowels worksheets

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From Seed to Plant Second Grade NO PREP Supplemental Printables
Check out these full unit and year long bundles below! Whole Year Bundle Unit One Unit Two Unit Three Unit Four Unit Five Unit Six Journey into reading with this NO PREP packet of literacy printables that can be used in so many ways. You can use it for reading and writing centers during rota

Also included in: Take a Reading Journey Grade 2 - Whole Year NO PREP Printable BUNDLE (1-30)

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Phonics Reading Passages- R Controlled & Ambiguous Vowels {Comprehension Minis}
This pack includes 13 original reading passages featuring r controlled vowels & ambiguous vowels Patterns included are: -ar -er -ir -ur -or -ou -ow (as in cow) -oo (as in book) -oo (as in moon) -au -aw -oi -oy Two different versions of each passage are included! Version 1: --4 key words with p
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The Royal Kingdom Diphthong oi, oy Literacy Centers
Here are 5 different oy, oi activities to use in your word work center. Activities include: -Read the Room (sort oi, oy words and not au, aw words) -ABC Order (put oi, oy words in abc order to the second and third letter) -Rhyme Time (match rhyming oi, oy words) -Word Scramble (unscramble oi, o
32 Ratings

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R-Controlled Vowels Writing and Diphthongs Writing Worksheets
This writing resource was designed to provide students with opportunities to practice the r-controlled vowels and diphthongs spelling patterns they have been taught. As students learn a new r-controlled vowel or diphthong spelling pattern in isolation, they need to have opportunities to apply them i

Also included in: Phonics Writing Worksheets Bundle

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AW/ AU Word Work Phonics Packet
Practice the /aw/ sound with these phonics activities! Includes: - 2 Silly stories to hunt for aw and au words - Spell it activity - Word sort - Word Search Please visit my store for more phonics packets including: -all word family /oo/ ee/ ea -ight ew/ue ay/ai bossy R ow/ ou oy/oi wr- sh/
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Word Hunt:Within Words 33: aw and au vowel patterns
Word Hunts are part of the program Words their Way, but the actual word hunts were not provided. They are a great way to help teach spelling patterns and give children a follow up activity to accompany any spelling pattern taught in class. This word hunt focuses on the spelling patterns au and aw vo
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Dipthongs Mini Books
Are you looking for a fun and targeted way to practice dipthong words? This set contains six double-sided mini-books to practice dipthong words. The books work great for RTI and Intervention groups. They also work well as an introductory activity, a review of skills, for tutoring, at a center, or

Also included in: Phonics Mini Books Bundle

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Journeys 1st Grade Unit 5 Word Work Bundle | 2014 or 2017
Great for Literacy Stations, ELA Centers, and Daily 5 Rotations! Great for Sub Plans too! This bundle aligns with Journeys 1st Grade Unit 5 Common Core, 2014 or 2017 version. These printables include high frequency, spelling, and vocabulary word cards with bulletin board headers, early finishers tas
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Alexander Graham Bell Phonics & Grammar:
This quiz is aligned with Scott Foresman's Reading Street story Alexander Graham Bell. It covers the phonics skills of au, aw, and short e (ea), and the grammar skill of using me and I correctly in a sentence.
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From Seed to Plant (Journeys Unit 5 Lesson 25) Supplemental Worksheets
This engaging supplemental unit is meant to accompany the HMH Journeys 2nd Grade, Unit 5, Lesson 25. In this packet I have included: Posters for the Essential Question, Genre, Reading Strategy, and Text Features Text features sheet Anticipation guide for From Seed to Plant Text Evidence questions
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