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structures and functions of organisms

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structures and functions of organisms

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This unit encompasses NC Essential Standards 7.L.1.1, 1.2, 1.3, 1.4 and 7.L.2.1, 2.2 and 2.3. Fun activities and videos are included to enhance your science Lessons.
This file contains a vocabulary review/enrichment activity where students analyze four science words or phrases related to the Structures and Functions of Living Organisms (Body Systems) 5th Grade Science Essential Standards . Students choose one word from a list of four to get rid of and provide a
Structure & Function: How Organisms Live, Behave, Reproduce, Grow Science Stations for Fourth Grade Next Generation Science Standards include 8 different science stations where students deepen their understanding of internal and external structures and functions of plants and animals that suppor
Mitosis PowerPoint. This 53 slide EDITABLE Interactive PowerPoint with the accompanying 8 pages of student and teachers notes is the perfect solution to teaching mitosis and the cell cycle in an engaging and effective way. This lesson is thoughtfully designed to lead students through all the steps
Adaptations in a Snap Adaptations: Science in a Snap is geared to help primary scientists develop skills and learn about the external characteristics that help plants and animals survive. Are you in need of quick and quality science notebook lessons that help you address the standards in a short p
The structure of life differentiated inquiry labs bundle is a collection of hands-on labs that focuses on the structure of life topics for middle school science. Each topic contains three complete labs that are differentiated for all of your students. \BUNDLE AND SAVE $$:Buy the complete inquiry la
These activities introduce the idea of classification of animals. It starts with a team brainstorm session of vertebrate animals. Next, students research the characteristics scientists use to classify the 5 vertebrate groups. The third lesson has students branch out to invertebrate animals. They are
Cells, Tissues, Organs and Systems This unit covers the following terms as they relate to plants and animals: Group 1 Group 2 cell cell membrane tissue cell wall organ nucleus system mitochondria skeletal system vacuoles muscular system chloroplasts
4th - 7th
In this DIAGRAM science station, students read about the human heart. They fill in a diagram of the heart and then answer questions about the diagram within their science journals or on the included worksheets.This DIAGRAM station is also available in a larger bundle of 8 stations at a discount.#Di
Comprehensive, yet Concise Notes on Ecosystems ****Excellent 5th Grade Science STAAR Study Guide**** 3 pages of Student Friendly notes on Reporting Category 4: Organisms and Environments. Use these notes with your students to help them recall key concepts and investigations done in your Ecosyste
Are you looking for online learning resources for science class? orDo you need to add more quality resources to your 5th grade science curriculum?Expand your Digital Library using this Interactive distance learning activity:DRAG ● DROP ●EXPLAINThis is the perfect tool or resource for distance learni
Have your students always wondered what those white stringy things are inside of the egg when they make an omelet? Well, now they will not only know their name (chalaza), but they will also be able to explain what their function is!Students will label the parts of an egg and make observations about
Need an effective way to review students on structures and functions in animals and plants that help them survive in their environment? This "I Spy" activity allows students to evaluate many different pairs of organisms to identify and compare structures and functions (adaptations) that help them su
This game uses life science vocabulary related to organisms, their structures and functions, the flow of energy, food webs, inherited traits, learned behaviors, life cycles, and more. Print up to 24 unique bingo cards and 30 calling cards and start playing. A vocabulary page and quiz are also includ
Get all three products! Three animal adaptions science books plus all of the activities to prepare your students for the Next Generation Science Standard of structure and function. All organisms have inherited traits and external parts. Your students will learn how animals use their beaks, tails,
In this Structure and Function science station, students play a game. They can play a video game, a board game, do a crossword puzzle or a word search. All games focus on the structure and function of plants and animals. Students then answer questions about the video games within their science jou
In this EXPLORE science station, read about and structures and functions of leaves in order to explore photosynthesis. Students then answer questions about the exploration activity within their science journals or on the included worksheets.This EXPLORE station is also available in a larger bundle
Have the kids build and learn about the structure of plants. The kiddos will know what each part does by answering questions and choosing whether a statement is true or false regarding plants. Perfect for a review on your science unit about plants.Includes one worksheets which students will cut and
2nd - 3rd
This digital interactive notebook is perfect for teaching students about structures of plants and animals and their functions, inherited traits, acquired traits, learned behaviors, instincts, and life cycles. It includes both a student version and a teacher answer key. It is ready to be assigned, no
This interactive set of task cards covers all readiness and supporting TEKS for Reporting Category 4: Organisms and Environments for 5th Grade Science. This set includes 40 task cards and 2 versions of the student recording sheet - full size and interactive notebook size (answer key also provided).
In this SORT science station, read about plants and organisms that are commonly mistaken as plants. They sort organisms into their kingdoms. Students then answer questions about the sorting activity within their science journals or on the included worksheets.This SORT station is also available in a
Use this resource for reviewing or assessing your students' understanding of various structures and functions that characterize the major groups of organisms. Choose which version, out of 4, works best for you and your students. Assign it for classwork, homework, or as an emergency sub plan. Chec
8th - 11th
This unit covers the following terms as they relate to living organisms: organism needs nutrients structure function adaptations behavior basic life processes reproduction energy photosynthesis offspring inherited traits learned behaviors instinctive behaviors competition life cycle metamorphosis s
Structures and Functions of Animals- Physical Traits of Rainforest Animals (with AUDIO)In this activity, students will explore internal/ external structures (and their functions) of rainforest animals. On each card, students will see:- an animal (caption included with AUDIO)- 3 Structures (with AUDI

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