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Don’t Flip! Study Skills Flip Book As teachers, we know that strong study skills are an essential ingredient to success in school and in life. Yet, some of our students still think it’s enough to simply show up! It just doesn’t work that way. Fortunately, the Don’t Flip! Study Skills Flip Book is
This is a Learning Styles Lesson that includes a learning styles inventory and study tips for visual, auditory, and kinesthetic learners. It is intended to be used with older elementary or middle school students. This packet is designed to provide you with everything needed to help students realize
Study Tips and Test Tips Flip Books are together in one pdf, and they're discounted 20%! This resource combines two resources, the Don’t Flip! Test Tip Flip Book and More and Study Skills and Tips Don’t Flip Flip Book. Read the following descriptions for more information: Don’t Flip! Study Skill
This middle or high school art activity is a great way to introduce, and reinforce, the drawing and shading basics.  This worksheet is an in depth study of shading with cross hatch lines. On the front of the worksheet are examples of: ➢A cross hatching line value scale ➢Different cross hatching lin
Fun game for students to play in small groups while reviewing academic success tips. Students learn from each other and formulate a goal at the end of the lesson. Game format follows "Family Feud" style. Fun way to review ways to improve academic performance, organization, and study skills. Can
Use this detailed book study as your students read The Tipping Point by Malcolm Gladwell. This Book Study Includes: Pre-reading Questions Vocabulary List Chapter Directed Notes Chapter Questions Post-reading Evaluation
This is a Learning Styles Lesson that includes a monster learning styles inventory and study tips for visual, auditory, and kinesthetic learners. Once students identify their learning style, give them a handout with study tips specifically for their style of learning. Students will demonstrate under
This is a test taking tips and strategies unit. Want to teach your students better test taking strategies? If yes, this is the unit for you! #DistanceLearningTpT ♥ Resource Details/What You Will Receive You will receive: ✔test taking tips (Microsoft Word file; editable)- 4 pages ✔test taking tips
These four handouts are a great addition to any study skills instruction. Use them as anticipation guides, lecture outlines, or summaries. Each handout is one page, and the following pages are included:5 Tips: Studying at Home5 Tips: Taking Notes in Class5 Tips: Preparing for a Test5 Tips: Organizin
Rockin’ the Regents - Hot Tips for Students. The strategies in this packet have helped students who entered high school reading years below grade level pass the Common Core English Regents with scores at the College Ready level. These printables and writing templates are a great supplement to your
This is a collection of many of my general sheets I've created that relate to the AP English Literature and Composition Exam (especially the essays). Everything is also up to date with the 2019 changes. The resources in this collection include:- Detailed "Tips" sheets for all three essays- Succinc
Novel Study - If your students are answering comprehension questions for a novel or short story unit these classroom posters are a great reference. These 10 posters remind students how to best answer comprehension questions - each poster has a tip and an example of how to use the tip. I found tha
This resource lists 20 study skills intended to help students succeed in school. It is especially helpful for students taking math since math courses are unlike other courses. To pass most other subjects, a student must read, understand, and then recall the subject matter. However, to pass math, an
Do your students struggle with HOW to study? Use this tip sheet as a tool to teach them what specific study methods they can use! Have your students try each of these study methods or a combination of all of them to maximize their understanding in any class!
Spanish Verbs Quiz, Study Guide and Study Tips - 76 -AR/ER/IR Verbs - Challenge your students and watch them rise to the occasion and learn 76 common infinitive verbs in a short amount of time! This item contains: 1. Teacher Instruction Sheet giving many tips and strategies to share with students
This is a nice study guide for students preparing for the IB French SL or HL exam. Includes grammar basics, tips for attacking comprehension questions, text types in a nutshell, and other test specifics. I have found that my students feel they need to have a piece of paper that tells them what they
Two sizes of a word cloud sheet with tips for students to study Spanish! Teachers can include the 8.5x11” size for students to glue into their notebooks or use as a cover for their beginning-of-the-year packet. The larger 18x24” is perfect for teachers to use in their classrooms and on bulletin boa
Grab your FREE Word Study handbook to get all the info on how I implement WTW into my word study routines. Learn more about the activities and schedules that I've used in my classroom for years. I've developed a 7-day cycle system and differentiation strategies that really work for my students. I've
Beginning in third grade, students need to be explicitly taught how to study for tests. Parents don't always know how to help their children study, and some do not remember how they studied. Oftentimes students have the misconception that studying is simply reading the information related to the up
This PowerPoint covers the topic of being organized. It will explain the purpose and reasons to be organized. There are many tips and hints including 10 steps to become more organized. This PowerPoint can be used for almost any age from upper elementary to adults.
Post these test-taking pennants on your bulletin board to remind your students how to study. Displaying all year will reinforce best test-taking practices. Print on colorful cardstock to add a pop of color to your classroom. What's Included?28 Banners to help students with test-taking strategies6 Ge
Tools for improving comprehension and building vocabulary. Perfect for all subjects. 30 page packet includes:--Variety of vocabulary charts, including guess and check; phrase and definition; and word, definition and visual--dictionary use chart with word, part of speech, language of origin and
This lesson teaches methods for taking notes. It gives reasons for taking good notes, templates for different methods, and tips for knowing what to write. It is suitable for upper elementary grades through developmental college instruction.Please follow me at: Patti's Pages
I'm always telling my students to study their math facts at home. In fact, sometimes I beg them to. It occurred to me that my students might not actually know HOW to study them, so I created this list of ideas for them. I'm going to go over it with them during class. I'm also going to give it to pa

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