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Bring some FUN into your classroom with this Subject and Predicate Scoot game! This activity tests your students' knowledge of simple subjects and predicates and can be used in so many ways in your 2nd grade or 3rd grade classroom and beyond! This can be used as a review game, skill practice or even
**This product has been fully updated as of 6/15/15!!! Please check the preview file for more information.** Are you looking for an easy and fun way to introduce or review simple and complete subjects and predicates? This 35 page pack includes materials that will help 2nd-4th grade students unders
This assessment requires students to identify both a subject and a predicate within a sentence. It is designed for students who have been exposed to subjects and predicates, and are ready for more complex sentences. The test can be modified to do complete or simple sentences.
This product is for use with Google™ Drive and Google™ Classroom! If your students have Google™ accounts with Drive, then this digital resource is just right for you! You will get two assessments in Google Forms, Quiz A and B, each with 10 questions. They are self-checking and students can see the
This assessment contains 10 multiple choice simple and compound subject and predicate questions. An Answer Key is included.
This simple and practical product teaches BIG CONTENT with LESS TIME!This product is a Google Drive file containing: 10 interactive Google Slides A PDF containing answers and worksheets to copy Google Forms TestThis product is used to accommodate lessons taught daily i
Do you need an Assessment or review sheet to go with your assessment? This activity will be great for you and your classroom. This assessment is an overall review that focuses on sentence structure, finding the simple and complete subject and predicate, complete, fragment, run-on and combing sente
Subject and Predicate Assessment. Used with Grade 2 Harcourt Journeys Unit 1 Lesson 1 Henry and Mudge (L.2.1f: Produce, expand, and rearrange complete simple and compound sentences.) Fonts used for Bubble Letters: 123Testing
1st - 3rd
This can be used as a quiz or a test to assess your students understanding of subject and predicate. It is 20 questions long and requires students to determine if the group of words states the subject or predicate. In addition, they are required to read sentences and circle the subject and underli
Assess your students on sentence types and their ability to identify subjects and predicates with this assessment. Advanced students may create their own sentence in the bonus section. A review sheet is also included in this .zip file to make sure your students are ready for the assessment!
1st - 5th
Brief assessment for testing student knowledge of simple and compound subjects and predicates.
3rd - 10th
A subject and predicate assessment that can be used for general education or special education students.
This is a great quick assessment or homework assignment for students to complete on subjects and predicates.
3rd - 5th
Find 4th Grade Grammar Exit Ticket Bundle here!Find all 4th Grade Grammar Assessment Exit Tickets here!These 8 quick practice sheets are the perfect entrance slip, exit ticket, bell ringer, or quick grammar practice for 4th grade!Students will be able to...-identify and write sentence subjects-ident
Students have to identify both the simple and complete subject and predicate in various sentences. Also includes writing about what they learned.
2nd - 6th
Find out if your students understand the basics of writing. Included are assessments for nouns, proper nouns, complete sentences, grammar, punctuation, layout, and subject and predicate. Also, discover what your students know about editing for spelling and punctuation with a focus on homonyms. Final
3rd - 4th
Students will benefit from this brief assessment gauging their learning of Subject and Predicate!
1st - 12th, Higher Education, Adult Education
This is a 22 question assessment on subject and predicate.
Subjects (Simple, Compound, and Complete) & Predicates (Simple, Compound, and Complete)
4th - 12th, Higher Education, Adult Education
Assesses simple and complete subject and predicate.
2nd - 4th
If your students enjoy bright colors, animation, and interactive activities, then they'll love this subject & predicate pack. Included is a highly visual and interactive PPT that consists of 49 slides, jam-packed with engaging activities. The combination of colorful graphics, sound clips, animat
Mentor Sentences are a FUN and ENGAGING way to teach students about grammar and writing! They model awesome sentences by favorite authors. I love using these in my classroom, and I am so excited to share them with you! Please check out our FREE Mentor Sentence lesson here: Mentor Sentence Freebie {T
Subjects and Predicates CAN be fun! Packed with unique memory aids, fresh practice sentences, tons of animations, and interactive features to keep your students engaged, “Subjects and Predicates: Sentence Structure Lesson #1” is a PowerPoint-based lesson designed to teach students to identify the su
This grammar includes a mini lesson, student notebook activity, writing activity, task cards and an assessment. This unit is geared towards helping students to identify and write subjects and predicates in sentences. Complete subjects and predicates are used in these lessons.The activities are desig

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