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Subtraction with Regrouping Notes
This resource teaches students, step-by-step, how to subtract multi-digit numbers. Great for introducing, re-teaching, or reviewing subtraction!

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Slide into Math:  2 Digit Addition and Subtraction With Regrouping
Are you looking to incorporate a little bit of technology into your math block? These Power Point slides can be used in Power Point or by saving them to Google Slides. Display the slides through your projector, or print the questions out to use as an activity. There are SIX Power Points included

Also included in: Slide into Math: The BUNDLE of Word Problem PowerPoints


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Guided Math Addition & Subtraction (WITH Regrouping)  - Grade 2
Guided Math activities - Guided Math Addition & Subtracting (With Regrouping) - Grade 2 This Guided Math Addition & Subtracting (With Regrouping) Guided Math Resource includes EVERYTHING you will need to quickly and efficiently implement Guided Math in your 2nd grade classroom. It is comple

Also included in: Second Grade Guided Math Curriculum Bundle


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Subtraction with Regrouping PowerPoint
Introduce or review subtraction with regrouping with this 61-slide PowerPoint! It is designed to teach your students how to solve 2-digit and 3-digit subtraction problems. A companion handout is included so that you have the option of having your students work through each problem as you progress th

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Double Digit Subtraction with Regrouping
I created this product to help my second graders with 2-digit subtraction with regrouping. This product includes: - a simple 5 step task analysis sheet for subtracting 2-digit numbers with regrouping (includes diagrams for each step). This page can be printed and hung on a bulletin board, or it ca

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Adding and Subtracting with Regrouping (Project Based Learning-Movie Theme)
This packet is great for students to practice adding and subtracting with regrouping. There are two levels in this packet: level one only goes up to 3 digits and level 2 goes up to 6 digits. This will make DI a breeze! There are 4 activities to practice which all use real movie data/numbers (list

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Solve It Strips: Double-Digit Addition and Subtraction WITH REGROUPING
SAVE BIG AND GET THE SOLVE IT STRIPS BUNDLE! Solve It Strips are a FUN, hands-on, NO PREP, math extension activity that keeps students engaged! These can be used as a math center, an early-finisher activity, with a parent-led math group, or as a mini-assessment. Solve It Strips also make fun home p

Also included in: Solve It Strips BUNDLE! Hands-On Math Puzzles (Primary Edition)


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Resources For Teaching 3-Digit Addition & Subtraction With Regrouping
*BEST SELLER!* Are you teaching 3-digit addition or subtraction with regrouping? Does your unit need a boost, new ideas, or additional resources? This packet includes a lesson plan, posters, worksheets, and more! =================================================== *COMMENTS FROM PURCHASERS: "I r

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Penguin Problems: 2 and 3 digit addition and subtraction with regrouping
Pete and Penny Penguin need help solving their Penguin Problems. This winter word problem set contains several differentiated options. You can mix and match the questions and recording sheets to suit your needs. These are great for an assessment, math center, small group practice, walk around, or

Also included in: Word Problem Bundle: 10 Task Card Centers


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2nd Grade Math Game | Subtraction within 1,000 | Subtraction with Regrouping
I CAN Math Games are the perfect way to make math fun! This 2nd Grade Math Game focuses on Subtraction within 1,000, and provides students with practice in the form of multiple choice or short answer questions. QR codes (optional) make this game even more interactive as students get immediate feedb

Also included in: 2nd Grade Math Centers | 2nd Grade Math Games BUNDLE


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Addition and Subtraction with Regrouping
Addition and Subtraction with regrouping feature in this 2 game pack. Each game requires players to add or subtract 2 or 3 digit numbers and record the equation they have made. A counter is placed on the answer on the game board. The first player to get three counters in a row is the winner.Lillypad

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Subtraction with Regrouping I Have...Who Has? Game!
This is a game with 23 cards that goes with the format of "I Have...Who Has?". It is great for review of skills, remediation, extra practice, or for a math lesson taught by a sub. The game starts with 2-digit numbers minus 1-digit, and then gets progressively harder. A great review for the kids,

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Subtraction Coloring Sheets For 2nd Grade, Subtracting With Regrouping Activity
Subtraction (Regrouping) Mystery Pictures. These are coloring activity sheets for 2nd grade math centers on subtracting two and three-digit numbers with regrouping.Note: There are two versions in this product. You may choose the version that matches your preference. Version 1: Separate questionnaire

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2 Digit Subtraction With Regrouping | 2 Digit Subtraction Without Regrouping
2 Digit Subtraction Worksheets (With and without regrouping) Worksheets Printables 2 Digit Subtraction Worksheets - Use these printable worksheets to help your 1st, 2nd, and 3rd grade classroom or home school students get some extra practice. These work great to just print and go! No prep! Great fo

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Let's Learn About 2-Digit Subtraction With Regrouping! (PowerPoint)
Have fun and incorporate technology into your lessons by downloading this PowerPoint lesson on 2-Digit Subtraction With Regrouping. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ *POWERPOINT INCLUDES: "Subtraction Vocabulary" "There Are Many Ways

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2 Digit Subtraction with Regrouping
2 Digit Subtraction with Regrouping Math Game Want to add a little fun into your day? Then this war game is just what you need. What I like about this game is that your students get so absorbed in the game, that they forget that they are really practicing their math skills. The 2 DIGIT SUBTRACT

Also included in: Set 2 Review Math


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Double Digit Subtraction with Regrouping Center Strips
This resource contains 24 double digit subtraction with regrouping strips. On each strip, the students must solve a subtraction fact. There is a recording sheet for the students to place their answer. There are two versions of this activity. The first version contains just subtraction problems (wi

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Subtraction with Regrouping Across Zeros: 8-Page Lesson Packet & Quiz, 4.NBT.4
This 8-page lesson packet covers the insanely tricky concept of regrouping (unbundling, borrowing, etc.) when zeros are involved. And best of all it requires NO PREP! Just PRINT and TEACH.What's included? ✔ Instructional Guide✔ Teacher Lead Problem-Set✔ Partner Practice✔ 3-page Independent Practice

Also included in: Subtraction with Regrouping, 5-Day Lesson Bundle + Quizzes, Great for Tutoring!


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Monster Math: Not-So-Scary Subtraction! {3-Digit Subtraction With Regrouping}
A fun way to make 3-digit subtraction with regrouping not-so-scary! This packet includes many interactive opportunities to practice 3-digit subtraction with regrouping. Included are posters with chants to help remember how to regroup, sorting activities, scoot, and a color by number page! Table o

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2nd Grade 3 Digit Subtraction With Regrouping Coloring Sheets, Mystery Pictures
These are printable worksheets on 3-Digit Subtraction with regrouping. It's a fun coloring activity that your students will love! To uncover the mystery pictures, they must correctly answer all the problems. Afterwards, they have to match their answers to the choices provided and then color the squ

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Place Value Frames for Addition and Subtraction Regrouping Practice
Students often need extra practice with the important skill of adding and subtracting 2, 3, and/or 4 digit numbers with and without regrouping. Look no further than this activity for a fun, hands-on activity that can be easily differentiated to meet the diverse needs of all of your students. NOTE:

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Earth Day Math Mystery Jokes **Addition & Subtraction with Regrouping**
Happy Earth Day! Help your students celebrate the occasion and practice double-digit addition & subtraction with regrouping with these Earth Day Math Mystery Jokes. Included in this unit are five “Earth Day Mystery Joke” printables and full answer keys. To complete the activity, students should

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Double-Digit and Triple-Digit Subtraction (Regrouping)
Quickly assess student understanding of the concept you taught in whole group instruction with these farm and jungle animal themed "Subtraction With and Without Regrouping Quick Checks!" Designed to be completed by the student in a time efficient manner (3-5 minutes), these quick checks will allow

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2nd Grade Subtracting With Regrouping, Double Digit Subtraction Color By Number
These are fun coloring worksheets on two-digits subtraction with regrouping. It's is a mystery picture activity that's great for quick assessment, practice, or homework. To uncover the mystery pictures, they must correctly answer all the problems. Afterwards, they have to match their answers to

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