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Prefixes and Suffixes Puzzles - practice prefixes and suffixes with these fun word puzzles where students match the word to the correct prefix or suffix to build words and complete the puzzles! If you need fun grammar activities that engage ALL your learners, these are it! The pictures provide wonde
NOTE: This is a discounted, BUNDLED pack of my three morphology puzzle packs! The 100 puzzles and activities included in this bundle are the same as the ones in the individual units listed below:40 Greek and Latin Root Puzzles*40 puzzles*4 Accountability Options 30 Prefix Puzzles*30 puzzles*5 Accoun
Are you looking for an engaging and fun way for students to practice reading and spelling words with suffixes -ed and -ing (e.g. sprinting, fishing, sprinted, fished)?! Look no further! These Digital Word Puzzles are engaging, fun, and provide hands-on practice with reading and spelling one-syllable
While I explicitly teach suffixes through our vocabulary program, my 5th graders still need more practice. I created these 30 suffix puzzles to use during the ‘Word Work’ section of literacy centers. I choose 5-6 puzzles for students to practice each week.Included in this resource…Notes to the Teach
Your students will be highly motivated to practice prefixes and suffixes as they earn pieces to build a high-interest jigsaw puzzle! Each correct answer will unlock a new puzzle piece! Upon completion, the full puzzle image of a skateboard dog will be revealed.The Digital Jigsaw has 16 pieces, with
Review some of the most common prefixes & suffixes in a fun and engaging way with these DIGITAL puzzles. Great for independent or partner work, early finishers, or even during distance learning. Works on any browser, on any device with an internet connection!Be sure to watch the video preview to
SPANISH! There are 26 prefixes and 24 suffixes included in this product that doubles as a fun and interactive puzzle.There is one (1) puzzle piece for the following three components: (1) the prefix/suffix with word examples, (2) the definition, and (3) a sentence example. Therefore, you will have 78
Prefixes and Suffixes Fill in and Find Word Search Puzzles These FUN Word Search Puzzles with a twist are great to incorporate into your normal spelling and vocabulary routines! Students will look at pictures, fill in the missing prefixes, suffixes, and/or other letters, and find each word in the p
REVIEW Prefix and Suffix Activities: writing and puzzlesPrefix and suffix activities provide practice sessions including root words, sentence writing, and crossword puzzles. PREFIXES and SUFFIXES TASK CARDS 96 cards using 192 words with prefixes or suffixes. {Grades 4-5-6}"Always something EXTRA" t
Are you looking for an engaging, hands-on resource to support your grammar instruction? This set of suffix matching puzzles might be the perfect fit. You and your students will love grammar puzzles! WHAT'S INSIDE?Print, laminate, and cut these suffix matching puzzles. Each word, beginning with a com
This file contains 12 mini Prefix Puzzles. The puzzles all have 3 pieces; one with a prefix printed on it, one with a base word, and a third with the meaning of the base word with the prefix added to it. The aim of the activity is for your students to work out which base words go with which prefix,
Prefixes and suffixes are important for students to learn to help figure out meaning in new words. Great for vocabulary building! These puzzles will help your students practice identifying meaning of prefixes and suffixes. I printed all suffix puzzles on one color paper and all prefix puzzles on
400+ Word Puzzles! 46 Prefixes and Suffixes! These prefix and suffix puzzles are perfect for literacy centers! Students will build their vocabulary while learning how a prefix or suffix changes the meaning of the base word. Mix and match the puzzles to fit your lesson sequence! Affix practice is now
This purchase includes: Prefix word hunt Suffix word hunt Prefix meaning Suffix meaning Prefix puzzle match Suffix puzzle match Prefixes covered: re, dis, mis Suffixes covered: ly, less, ness, ment, able, ful, tion
Included in this Product:This product includes:•3 Black and White Crossword Puzzles•3 Black and White Answer Key PagesHow to Use This ProductThis product includes three different crossword puzzles, sorted by level of difficulty. 1st puzzle focuses on the suffixes: er (someone who), er (comparison of
Welcome to the world of puzzles!! Your students are going to have soooo much fun! Puzzles are a fun, interactive, and rigorous way to review key concepts, units, and essential questions. Differentiation is a snap when you have “easy” and “expert” level puzzles. The students don’t even know they
9th - 12th
Suffix - Suffix Puzzle Activity - Superhero Themed Suffix Puzzles I need a Super Hero to teach my students how a suffix can chance the meaning of a root word. How about you? This set of 24 puzzles might be just the hero you need! Students practice matching puzzle pieces with a word to its defini
Use these suffix worksheets as a fun way to practice and review suffixes and base words. Each of these seven suffix crossword puzzles features one of seven suffixes. The clues are the meaning of a suffix and the base word to reinforce the concept that adding a suffix to a word changes its meaning. E
This is a basic crossword puzzle, using words that contain basic prefixes and suffixes (words include: preview, return, misplace, invisible, disobey, disappear, overweight, recover, unlock, unlike, impolite, defrost). Students must read the clues and then select a word from the word bank that match
Prefix and suffix puzzle pack. This pack includes 2 sets of prefix puzzles and 2 sets of suffix puzzles that are Common Core aligned. I have saved each set into a ZIP file for your convenience. Each set contains 20 color and 20 black and white puzzles, 2 posters, student directions, recording sheets
These cards can be used in a variety of ways: as centers, interactive bulletin board, paired/group practice or whatever you can think of for them. The prefixes and suffixes included are: Prefixes: pre, tri, bi, co, mis, en, re, anti, dis, ex, under, de, hemi, peri Suffixes:..ed,..er,..ly,..y,..less
Weekly suffix crossword puzzles that can be used to accompany the books "Prefixes and Suffixes: Grades 4-8" and "More Prefixes and Suffixes: Grades 4-6". Prefix and root crossword puzzles can also be found in my store. Books can be found online on Amazon here: http://www.amazon.com/More-Prefixes-
This hands on product gives students practice with visualizing and forming new words with 36 puzzle prefixes, suffixes, and root words. The puzzle pieces are color coded to allow students to distinguish between a prefix, root word, and a suffix. There is also a sheet for students to record their new
30 piece puzzle to review 48 of the Prefix and Suffix Cards included in my "Prefix, Suffix, Latin Root, and Greek Root Cards" product. Allows for a quick and easy way to teach/review word parts. Teaching affixes leads to productive vocabulary instruction because students will learn how to connect

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