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suffixes less ful ous

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suffixes less ful ous

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Go under the sea with suffixes! Your students will love this suffixes unit that covers the following affixes: -ous, -ful and -less. I've included: a poem with 2 related activities3 student workpagesfoldablesa partner game with a recording sheetposters for each suffixsuffixes assessment Common Core S
Help students learn about suffixes less, ful and ous with these engaging task cards! As a supplement to the Journeys ELA curriculum for 3rd grade, these cards cover the vocabulary skill in Unit 3, Lesson 11. (These cards will help students prepare for the vocabulary portion of the weekly test.) You
2nd - 4th
A great space themed board game for reviewing suffixes. -ous, -ive, -ly, -ful, and -less Students will orally use different words in a sentence to advance to the next space. Great for centers! Aligned with Core Knowledge
Have your students practice writing sentences, matching suffixes, and defining words with suffixes -less, -ous, and -ful.
2nd - 4th
This product is a memory matching game for the suffixes -ful, -ous, and -less. There is an answer sheet for students to check their own work.
2nd - 4th
Find Someone Who for practice or review of the suffixes ous, ful and less. Great for cooperative learning and interactive practice.
Studying affixes is part of building strong morphological understanding of the English language. It is part of building a solid reading foundation. The Literacy Nest is the decodable text source for a wide variety of text to support your students with a systematic, sequential progression. This resou
Prefixes and suffixes are important for you to teach and for students to learn to help figure out meaning of new words! Let them practice with this fun and engaging game that will make the skill of defining them something students WANT to do! Works great for literacy centers or small group. Studen
Prefixes and Suffixes These activities cover the following prefixes and suffixes: in, un, mis, pre, dis, re, non, mid, im, bi, inter, pro, anti, ex, under, sub, ly, er, est, er/or, ed, ful, less, able/ible, ion, ment, ness, ous Includes: • a brief 1 page explanation of prefixes and suffixes • 16
PLEASE READ: This bundle contains secure PDF documents of 4 of my vocabulary and word work products. If you purchased my Common Prefixes, Common Roots I and II, or Common Suffixes product (links above), this product contains the exact SAME files. You will also receive my freebie Word Train vocabular
This PowerPoint presentation introduces eight suffixes to your students in a fun and engaging way. The prefixes -able, -ion, -er, -ful, -less, -ly, -ous, -ible are introduced on individual slides and then there are 5 practice slides. The PowerPoint presentation has a clickable menu slide so you
This bundle includes 16 documents for mini-lessons on prefixes, roots, and suffixes. Word parts studied include: un-, re-, non-, en-/em-, dis-, mis-, ir-/il-/im-/in-, sub-, over-, auto-, -tract-, -pend-, -dict-, -gress-, -ject-, -scribe-, -ly, -ous, -ion, -ful, -ness, and -less. The bundle
Prefixes and Suffixes Study Guide/Review Sheet. Provides a meaning and example for common prefixes and suffixes like: bi-, dis-, extra-, im-, inter-, mis-, multi-, non-, re-, un-, uni-, -able, -al, -en, -ful, -ish, -ity, -less, -ly, -ness, -ous, -y. PDF
This resource for Google Classroom has everything you need to teach the prefixes dis-, im-, in-, mis-, non-, pre-, re-, and un-. You'll have a Google Slides presentation, interactive student practice slides, task card slides, and two Google Forms quizzes.This zip file has two pdf files. One has th
Prefixes, Suffixes and Roots Students are introduced by PowerPoint to 9 commonly used prefixes in addition to 10 commonly used suffixes. Each prefix and suffix has example words that are supported by colorful graphics. This PowerPoint also includes a section on root words and how they're paired toge
24 different prefixes and suffixes! All four prefix/suffix task sets bundled plus the prefix and suffix word wall set, for a huge prefix and suffix set to use year round! Save Money with this bundle! Use as a learning station game or as a word wall Includes 12 suffixes. Each suffix has 4 word car
The master suffix list contains 12 weeks of commonly used suffixes. The suffixes can be used as a supplement to any vocabulary (or spelling) program you have. I add one suffix or suffix group to each lesson in my regular vocabulary program. Once a suffix is introduced, students can be tested on that
This bundle has everything you need to teach these 8 prefixes to your students; -able, -ion, -er, -ful, -less, -ly, -ous, -ible. You'll have a PowerPoint presentation, teaching charts, task cards, center activities, and something for your interactive notebooks.The PowerPoint presentation introduc
SUFFIXES Students are introduced by PowerPoint to 10 commonly used suffixes. Each suffix has example words that are supported by colorful graphics. The PowerPoint goes over the rules "Final E", "Changing y to i" and "doubling consonants" when applying suffixes. There are 6 quizzes that go directly a
This grammar puzzle would be perfect for literacy centres, a whole class warm-up or small-group revision!This resource includes:11 suffixes including its meaning + what part of speech it turns the root word into: -ful, -ous, -less, -ly, -able/-ible, -er/-or, -ness, -ment, -en, -al, -ion88 root words
This products contains 48 anchor charts to illustrate the concepts of suffixes and prefixes.There are two general anchor charts (as seen on the cover of the product) explaining the concepts, and 46 individual anchor charts for each of the following:- suffix: -or, -er (x2), -ion, -ity, -ment, -ness,
Not Grade Specific
*Use them as anchor charts to display on your bulletin board. *Place students in groups and have them fill the letters with the meaning of the suffix, words with the suffix and illustrations that will help them remember it. *Print several pages on one page and each student can write their own note
While I explicitly teach suffixes through our vocabulary program, my 5th graders still need more practice. I created these 30 suffix puzzles to use during the ‘Word Work’ section of literacy centers. I choose 5-6 puzzles for students to practice each week.Included in this resource…Notes to the Teach
Suffix Cards with Definitions Illustrations and Examples. Use these Illustrated Suffix Cards to keep your students engaged in hands-on activities that introduce the definition of each suffix and examples of words that take on the meaning of the suffix when it is applied to them. Over two dozen of th

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