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These summer articulation packets are perfect for maintaining your students' progress and working on articulation carryover. These summer speech therapy homework activities are full of print and go worksheets that come with editable calendars and parent letters! You can adapt them to fit all of your
Do you want to send home a speech therapy packet for your students to do over the summer to improve generalization and parent involvement?! Terrific this is the Bundle for you! There is something for everyone on your caseload with an Articulation Bundle, a Language Bundle, and a Social Pragmatics Bu
This product is designed to provide your articulation students with quick and easy articulation practice over the summer. It targets initial and final K, G, F, V, Sh, Ch, Th, L, R, S and initial blends. #DistanceLearningTptCreate a fun lap book in your therapy session and then send it home for summ
Giving articulation homework over the summer is a great way to maintain progress students made during the school year! This packet allows students to continue to practice their sounds over the summer. ******************************************************************************** This includes 8
This product includes 11-page homework packets for the following phonemes: /f/, /v/, /g/, /k/, /s/, /z/, /l/, /r/, “j”, “sh,” “ch,” “th,” /s/ blends, /l/ blends, and /r/ blends. They are no prep, print-and-go packets. These would be great to send home over the summer so students can keep their spe
This is the ultimate Summer Bundle! This bundle includes 8 weeks of articulation, language and fluency homework for students to complete over the summer. It includes: - 6 cover pages for students to color - 3 parent letter (depending on the area you are targeting) - 8 pages of articulation home
Search, find, and color/circle items within the summer scene that contain target sounds plus work on vocabulary. Even your younger nonreaders can work independently to complete these sheets! Contains 1 picture and suggested word list for the following: ⛵Beach ✈️Vacation ⭐4th of July ⛱Pool ☾Catching F
Don't let your students' articulation skills slip over the summer break! These calendars contain 12 weeks of free, fun, and quick activities that your students can complete with their parents to work on improving their communication skills during their time off from school.NOTE: You are more than we
This NO-PREP, literacy- and evidence-based packet includes a parent letter (one for speech, one for language) and 8 evidence- and literacy-based activities each for /k, l, r, s & z/ , /r/ blends, /s/ blends, and multisyllabic words using summer vocabulary. This also works as a no-print resource
Speech Fun for Home - A Summer Themed Packet of Speech Homework Printables for Articulation! 34 colorful homework sheets! This packet includes 13 worksheets targeting single phonemes at the word level, 18 worksheets targeting various phonemes at the phrase level (suggested targets are included on e
ONE PAGE, SEVEN DAYS! Your students will love to color the daily Summer scenes as they practice their sounds. Easy for print-n-go access to send home for carryover. Word lists include all positions of words. Perfect for Summer!This resource includes the following sounds in all positions: CH, SH, TH
Summer Speech Homework GIANT Bundle This is THREE of my Awesome Articulation black-ink only sets bundled. There are a total of 2100 words! 20 words per worksheet. Use for therapy or homework. Each set contains the following phonemes: R, S, L, initial blends for R, S, L, TH, SH, CH, J, K, G, F, T,
This articulation summer calendar packet is easy to send home for summer practice and can be used for ALL speech sounds. There are three months (June, July and August) of 20 activities each month (Monday-Friday). There is no date, so this resource can be used yearly!Primarily directed toward presc
Articulation and language summer homework calendars have daily suggestions for quick and fun activities. If the student completes the entire week of activities, he/she gets to glue a star on the 'I Did My Work' chart! This serves as motivation to do these fun activities. Included: 2 Pages of Arti
Included in the summer articulation packet are initial and final /t/, /d/, /k/, /g/, and /f/. These are the articulation sounds the majority of my caseload is targeting. Each phoneme features 5 different activities - a matching game, BINGO, a board game, a roll and color activity, and a tic tac toe
Help your speech students practice all summer long with this colorful homework packet. You can denote which sound(s) they are working on and circle if the targeted sound(s) should be practiced in isolation, syllables, words, phrases, etc. Speech therapy shouldn't stop at the end of the school year
Months included are: May, June, July, & August This packet also includes a parent information letter to send home with the homework calendars. Each day has a simple activity to promote carryover of articulation skills. Each week the activities are new, but the days of the week follow a pattern:
This bundle is made up of two other products:  My Summer Language Homework Packet (CLICK HERE), and my Summer Articulation Homework Packet (CLICK HERE).  If you purchase this bundle, you will receive both products at a discounted price. Summer Language Homework Packet: This packet was made for summe
These summer speech therapy Boom Cards include interactive articulation activities that are perfect for teletherapy and summer articulation homework packets! There are separate sets for prevocalic R, R- Blends, and vocalic R. Assign these to your students in Boom Learning to make summer packets a br
SUMMER ARTICULATION HOMEWORK PACKET - 43 printable pages These articulation printables are no prep! All target words incorporate summer vocabulary to allow students to practice their speech sounds in new words and to learn more about the season! A long list of speech sound targets are included in th
These summer speech therapy Boom Cards include interactive articulation activities that are perfect for therapy sessions and summer articulation homework practice! There are four different vocalic R activities included, along with parent and SLP instructions. There are also helpful instructions for
These summer speech therapy Boom Cards include interactive articulation activities that are perfect for therapy sessions and summer articulation homework practice! There are four different prevocalic R activities included, along with parent and SLP instructions. There are also helpful instructions f
These summer /s/ articulation activities can be used for speech therapy sessions and for digital summer speech packets. There are parent and SLP instructions included. There are also instructions for how to assign decks to students for summer practice once you set up your own classroom and roster. T
This is a helpful resource to make copies (easily in black and white) for parents of your kids on your caseload for the summer or weekly homework, email to a parent to print out and have their child color the pictures as they practice their targets, and/or use in teletherapy with the colored pen pdf

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