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sun rotation

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sun rotation

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Looking for engaging ways to help students with rotation and revolution? This bundle of activities gives multiple methods for students to learn and apply this challenging content related to the patterns we observe in the Earth-Moon-Sun system. Students can read about it using the reading passage and
Help your students think critically about how the Earth, Sun, and Moon impact our daily lives! This hands-on manipulative requires students to identify components of the Sun-Earth-Moon system and explain how the components interact with one another and how their movements impact phenomenon on Earth.
This product was created to cover the British Columbia Science Grade 4 curriculum - Earth’s axis, rotation, and orbit – The effects of the positions of the sun, moon, and Earth. These sheets were made for cross-curricular connections between language and science. The worksheets contain a reading fol
Need to help your students understand the vocabulary related to rotation and revolution in the Earth-Moon-Sun system? This interactive vocabulary activity, which can be a digital or printable, helps them build and review the vocabulary needed to understand these concepts. These vocabulary dominoes h
This is a zip file that contains the following items: 1. A PowerPoint covering the Earth, Sun, and Moon. It includes rotation and revolution of the Earth and moon. 2. A homework or independent assessment over the information 3. Answer Key 4. Modified Homework or independent assessment over informat
5th - 8th
This detailed PowerPoint helps explain the difference between what causes day and night and the seasons.
This bundle includes two interactive note manipulative. The first one is used to show how Earth's rotation causes day and night. This unique manipulative has a view of Earth from above the north pole. This allows the student to see how half of Earth can be light and the other half dark on 2-D manipu
4th - 9th
This guided reading worksheet covers pages 11-13 in the book Earth and Sun. It is all fill in the blank. A great activity for the classroom or homework. Alsoeasy to grade! ANSWER KEY is included. This worksheet is part of a Bundle.
This is a great way for students to observe and learn about the Earth's rotation around the Sun. It is a quick observation sheet where students can go outside and write down on their paper where the sun is in the sky in the morning. They then do it again in the afternoon. This is a great way to
1st - 2nd
Students will use the template to create an orbit model of the earth, sun and moon.Instructions are as follows: 1. Colour in and draw patterns on the the Earth, sun and moon.2. Cut out the 2 rectangles.3. Make a hole where the black dots are.4. Use paper fasteners to attach the short strip to the ba
Not Grade Specific
This Powerpoint will guide instruction on the moon, the sun, and the rotation and revolution of the earth. It includes links to videos and other sites for further exploration. STANDARDS: SC. Recognize that a galaxy consists of gas, dust, and many stars, including many objects orbiting the
A quick practice worksheet for students to demonstrate their understanding of concepts of rotation vs revolution, elliptical orbits, and seasons of the Sun Earth Moon system. NGSS Aligned Answer Key Included MS-ESS1-1. Develop and use a model of the Earth-sun-moon system to describe the cyclic pa
5th - 12th
This is a powerpoint that can be used to teach a unit on the Sun, the Earth and the Moon. Concepts include: movement (rotation and revolution), the phases of the moon, characteristics of sun, Earth and moon as well as the seasons. Videos are embedded in this presentation from youtube and help to a
2nd - 5th
I have, Who has? is an engaging vocabulary activity. These cards have been made for my 5th grade Science class but are appropriate for many other grades. Included are 17 terms and definitions related to Sun, Earth, Moon, rotation, and revolution. Simply print, laminate, and cut. This is a fun review
Use this flip book as an independent task or scaffold as a teacher mini lesson. It is a 2 for 1 lesson, covers science standards and ELA standards
Great for fulfilling 4th grade science requirements for NJ APA. Identify the sun, moon, Earth, revolution, and rotation by matching the definition to the picture.
NJCCCS 5.9.4A1 Observe patterns that result from the Earth's position relative to the sun and rotation of the Earth on its axis. This worksheet with color photos is a fill in the blank style activity with a word box.
Color and cut out images. Put them together using brass fasteners according to the directions and you will have a model of how the Earth orbits the sun and how the moon orbits the Earth.
This is a power point on the stars, sun, and earth's rotation.
Overview: This full unit has everything you need to teach your students about the sun, Earth, and moon. Students will learn about the location of the sun, moon, and Earth in our solar system, rotation vs. revolution, phases of the moon, and more! Resources include a teacher guide, hands-on students
Please make sure you always have the most recent version of my products, I update my products all the time! I am a science teacher who is still in the classroom and every time I use one of my lesson plans, I think of new things to add! Please make sure you always have my latest version. Here’s how:-
1st - 2nd
These differentiated solar system reading passages are a must have for working on reading informational text with your students! They cover everything students need to know about the planets, the sun, and the moon! The Solar System Cooperative Learning project is similar to literature circles in tha
This Google Slides Presentation is filled with activities and informational slides to supplement your unit on Earth's Movement in Space. Students will learn about Earth's rotation and revolution, what causes night and day and the seasons, and how the forces of gravity and inertia hold the solar syst
Sun, Earth, and Moon Circuit. Engage your students with this Around the Room Sun, Earth, and Moon Circuit Activity. This activity contains 20 questions and answers. Circuits are great for review and rotations to get your students up and moving! This resource now comes with a Google Slides versio

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