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This powerpoint presentation is a guide to teach a lesson on Supply and Demand. Not only will your students learn these basic economic principles, but they will have fun doing it! This lesson is designed to engage your students in a way that they will never forget the laws of supply and demand!
Supply and demand ready to use lesson! This is an all in one resource to use to teach the concept of supply and demand, written in kid friendly language. This complete lesson includes: -Engaging 13 slide PowerPoint presentation explaining supply and demand that includes whole group practice -Suppl
This is a whole lesson on Supply and Demand (Lesson 2). This is the second lesson combining the two coming after individual lessons looking at factors influencing both. There is a lot of material to cover and it is often a subject that students find conceptually difficult so there are two lessons av
This Supply & Demand Lesson a comprehensive lesson to encompass your entire classroom period. Complete with not only the Lesson Plan, this also includes an Introductory Activity, Body of Lesson, Reinforcement Activity and an Evaluation Tool. Yes! A total of 5 pages of material to meet all your c
This is a whole lesson on Supply and Demand (Lesson 1). This is the first lesson after individual lessons looking at factors influencing both demand and supply. This is often a subject that students find conceptually difficult but is so vital to the rest of the course. Therefore, there is also a sec
An engaging, digital resource that explores the effects of supply & demand on the market! The guided, 5-E lesson includes fill-in notes, an "Economics on TV" analysis & evaluate activity. Students love watching clips from popular TV shows in school! You love that they are learning all about
Supply and Demand Economic Full Lesson plan set! Relates to TEKS and I.B. curriculum. Ensures several activities, graphic organizer ideas, critical thinking warm up questions, exit tickets, objective, assignments, vocabulary, and materials are ALL INCLUDED!
Project our software onto your wall and conduct the liveliest, most intriguing lessons ever! Our online lessons stream directly into your classroom. Scarcity and Supply & Demand made EASY and FUN in a format kids will love. Clear, simple, and complete lesson plans make you expert in economics
Little Social Studies Thinkers  is a complete Social Studies curriculum specifically for First Grade.  It's everything you need to introduce, teach, practice, and assess your students.  It is cross-referenced and aligned to the main topics of many 1st grade Social Studies Standards. ________________
Introduce your students to the basic economic concepts of money, wants/ needs, goods/ services, consumers/ producers, and supply/ demand. 5 days of lesson plans and extension activities are included. **************************************************************************************************
Teach your students about Supply and Demand. This resource is compatible for use with your Google Classroom™ or for distance learning. The passage in this versatile resource combines social studies and reading informational text in one convenient lesson. It’s easy for teachers and fun for kids! Thi
This complete unit plan bundles together my six full lesson plans on supply and demand, and it comes with the accompanying unit materials. The unit focuses on the principles of supply and demand, and it introduces students to the related concepts of price ceilings, price floors, and the elasticity
Little Social Studies Thinkers  is a complete social studies curriculum specifically for primary.  It's everything you need to introduce, teach, practice, and assess your primary friends.  It incorporates many state standards for 1st grade. This curriculum was completely researched, designed, and c
Let me introduce myself- I'm Mrs. P and student engagement is my thing. I'm all about teaching the supply and demand unit with creativity, low prep, and (super) high engagement. "This unit would have been really boring but the way you teach makes it interesting" a student wrote to me this past semes
Teach your students about supply and demand using a fun, interactive lesson that they will be able to relate to! There are 7 stations where students will need to read the prompts and decide whether supplies are in high or low demand. Students will also need to think if they should price their item h
Candy Bar Supply and Demand ActivityPurposeThrough this hands on activity students will learn the importance of preparing and giving a sales pitch, as well as, how supply and demand impacts the economy and the products produced. This activity can be used as an attention grabber at the beginning of
What’s in this packet? Lemonade Stand lesson plan pp. 3-4--This lesson plan links in with an online resource. As many or as few of the forms below can be incorporated. Lemonade Stand Calculation Sheet p. 5--Students can track their progress in the Lemonade Stand simulation. Optional: Make multi
Supply and DemandEquilibrium, Surplus, Shortage, Price Ceiling, and Price Floor (Economics Made Easy)With these materials, students will be able to apply what they have learned about the law of supply and law of demand in the past lessons. The materials will effectively
All of these activities, PowerPoints, and tests were revised Dec. 2012. 1. Introductory "hook" for the unit: Calvin and Hobbes cartoon about supply and demand 2. Supply and demand video clips (12 total, each about 4 min.) 3. PPT: Change in Demand vs. Change in QD 4. Story of Stuff student hando
This fun and interactive economics bundle has everything you need to teach supply and demand in one place! The activities and instructional materials should be more than enough to get you through the unit in two weeks. There is also an assessment to help you track your students' growth!Included in
The Law of Supply and Important Factors that Change Supply (Economics Made Easy)This is a follow up to the materials covering demand. The concepts have been simplified, scaffold, and learning enhanced with the u
This economics lesson covers the Virginia state Standards of Learning in line with the 2nd grade social studies curriculum. The lesson comes in a Smartboard file and a PDF file (with altered directions) so it can be utilized by teachers without Smartboard access. The 6 slides include explanations an
Do your students need practice determining factors that increase supply or demand? This activity requires students to read a scenario and decide if supply or demand would be increased. Then, students will glue boxes in the correct column. Answer key included. Have fun teaching!
This is a great lesson to introduce Supply and Demand!I use this with my middle school students year after year. It is an engaging lesson using two things they love - candy and soda. By the end of this lesson they really have an understanding of the Laws of Supply and Demand and how they work. They

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