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8 stations-8 problems at each station! Students choose 2 problems at each station to complete! You can also choose to do just one problem per station and a separate student answer sheet is included if you choose to do so! Station A: Solve by graphing Equations in y = mx + b form Station B: So
This is a double-sided worksheet with 12 practice problems covering Solving systems of Linear Equations by the Elimination Method. The front 6 questions are designed for the beginner or first day of solving by the elimination method as no multiplication is needed to solve any of the problems - only
A rigorous 60 MINUTE activity. HASSLE-FREE Math Game { Students Self Check Answers } This game has 48 questions, covering all aspects of solving by elimination. It is easily differentiated since there are 4 levels of questions, as well it is editable, so you can tailor it for your class. This reso
This is a set of 3 solving systems of equations by elimination RIDDLE worksheets.Worksheet 1: Elimination requires only addition or subtraction.Worksheet 2: Students must use multiplication on one equation to solve. Includes one infinite and one no solution.Worksheet 3: Students must use multipl
This drag & drop activity for use with Google Slides is great for distance learning or one-to-one classrooms!Students will solve 11 systems of equations by the elimination method. The correct answer is at the top of one of the rectangles. Once they find that rectangle, they drag & drop it in
This set of solving systems by elimination problems comes complete with 11 examples of solving systems by elimination, broken up into three levels of difficulty (examples where no multiplication, one multiplication, or two multiplications are required to solve). Buyer's Note (Read Before You Buy): I
In this connect 4 game, students will practice solving systems of equations using elimination. The types of systems included are: **10 equations - no multiplying required, just add or subtract**10 equations - multiplying one equation (by something other than -1) is required**10 equations – multiplyi
This is a DIGITAL version of my solving systems of equations by elimination puzzle activity.This Google Slides puzzle, will have students practicing solving systems of equations by elimination. Students will have to solve the system and then click and drag the pieces to match it with the solution on
Students practice solving systems of equations with elimination with these notes. All systems have one variable that will eliminate by adding or subtracting the systems (no multiplication is necessary) A word problem is then used to practice application of the concept. Two versions of the notes are
Twenty task cards to practice solving systems of equations using various methods. Each page has 1 of each type of problem: *Solve by graphing. *Solve by substitution. *Solve by elimination. *Solve by elimination with multiplication. Some answers are "No Solution" or "Infinitely Many Solutions". TEK
When teaching systems of linear equations, demonstrate the basic Elimination method of solving linear systems with this animated PowerPoint. Use this presentation to give students the big picture of the steps of basic elimination before they get bogged down in the numbers. NOTE: This demonstrates
Algebra 1 Notes for the entire school year! 79 lessons ready to go!These are no-prep, print and go notes designed perfectly for binders. Each worksheet is complete with definitions, practice problems, word problems, and more. Each worksheet comes with a fully detailed answer key. The lessons in
This 8-page lesson contains 4 pages of guided notes and 4 pages of HW. Part 1 only requires adding or subtracting (multiplying by -1), while part 2 requires multiplication of any number. It is part of my Systems of Equations Unit * Click the preview for details! Answer key included! * In this less
This is a COMPLETE NO PREP CURRICULUM of 10 UNITS and over 1,000 documents on Algebra 1 content with differentiated Do Nows + Student Writing Prompts and a rubric per lesson, which I use as a class opener. Each unit is composed of 8-12 lessons. Each lesson also comes with a Launch/Exploration, Mini
Looking for simple, clean, NO PREP guided Algebra 1 notes? Here they are! These notes are for the Algebra Chapter of: Systems of Equations and Inequalities These notes include: 1. Solving Systems by Graphing 2. Substitution 3. Elimination with Addition and Subtraction 4. Elimination with M
**UPDATED WITH REMOTE LEARNING OPTION MAY 2020**Things just got weird ... It wasn't anything peculiar at first. Just some misplaced stars here and there, unexplained static on the radio and TV, and the local Urban Legends. But then, one Friday afternoon, it came...A message, played locally on the te
This is a double-sided notes page with 8 systems of linear equations written in standard form that can be used for in-class notes to teach solving systems by the elimination method. The examples are written so that the odds can be teacher led and the evens can be in-class guided practice. Each even
This product is a set of activity sheets for solving systems of equations by ELIMINATION. What's inside: Suggested use for activityUnnumbered student record sheet for flexibility18 activity sheetsAnswer key This product is designed to support differentiation in the classroom. The level of difficul
This review game is a team activity, but encourages each student and each team to participate in solving all of the problems (unlike traditional Jeopardy games, etc). The included rules allow chances for each team to set the pace for their own questions, so slower students will still have time to fi
This set of solving systems by elimination problems comes complete with easy to follow instructions and 5 examples of solving systems by elimination, all in varying levels of difficulty! Students are encouraged to check their work on every problem!Buyer's Note (Read Before You Buy): Instead of encou
Common Core Secondary Math brings you “Fluent in Math: Fluency Checks for the Common Core” The Common Core State Standards in Math (CCSSM) stress fluency with skills and procedures along with conceptual understanding and mathematical applications. Fluency with mathematics at the secondary level
This worksheet was created to give students varying levels of elimination problems to work on. The students might have been introduced to the process already, or it may be used as an introductory worksheet, depending on your class. The worksheet is tiered, with easier problems first with increas
This activity is a good review of understanding how to "Solve System of Equations by Substitution". There are 15 questions provided. From start to end, students will be able to factor out 13 questions of the 15 provided to get to the end of the maze. This maze is "Level 4" maze due to the following
Students will pair up to solve 7 systems of equations by elimination. Even though each student will be solving their own problem, all answers will be the same! Even though solving by elimination may be the best method to use to solve the systems of equations, students may use their preferred method

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