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GENRE AUDIENCE PURPOSE STYLE: Tools for Teaching Writing
Before undertaking any writing task, students should know and understand what they are planning to write, why they are writing it, to/for whom they are writing it, and the style they should be using. These elements will help them know and understand the correct register for the piece, and will resul

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Teaching Genres in a Small Group
Teach genres in small group by using cue cards that have the a short description and a visual prompt. These cards allow you to briefly hit what genre or genres your group may be reading and since the cards are small and quite handy you can do it on a frequent basis which really enhances students und

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Genre Detective Unit BUNDLE - Teaching Genre - Fiction and Non Fiction included
Stumped by how to teach genre? Look no further than this fun and engaging Genre Detective unit. Save yourself time and trouble while also having your students will enjoy these lessons.The unit covers the following genres of Fiction and Non-fiction:Realistic Fiction, Fantasy, Fairy Tales, Fables, Mys


Teaching Genres
Genre Slideshow of each genre listed below. Each slide has definition and clipart. The slideshow is followed by 10 slides with pictures that quiz the students on the different genres. Blank slides to add your own pictures of easier or harder leveled books. *TEST ADDED *PLUS: 2“Genre Character

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Teaching Genres in Reading PowerPoint
Knowing which genre they're reading helps students better understand what they're reading. Use this presentation to teach the many different genres in reading, and be sure to grab the accompanying guided notes! Genres include fiction, poetry, non-fiction, and more! ◼◼◼◼◼◼◼◼◼◼◼◼◼◼◼◼◼◼◼◼ I've got ot

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Genre Resource for Teaching Theme - The Theme Anchor Chart Kit
Anchor chart kits are designed to help you create anchor charts quickly with students without the worry of omitting key information. This kit includes the anchor chart pieces for key academic vocabulary & visuals, a few anchor chart skeletons, and a picture of a sample anchor chart. I print o

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Genre Posters-  Teaching Genres Made Easy!
Teaching genres is now easy! This product is a 14 page PDF document to teach all of the major genres. Each page includes a student-friendly definition of the genre, along with examples. These are perfect to print and post on your wall when teaching genres. The included genres are as follows:

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Teaching Genres Guided Notes
This guided notes handout goes along with my Teaching Genres in Reading PowerPoint presentation. Look for it in my store! The "answer key" is the PowerPoint itself! ◼◼◼◼◼◼◼◼◼◼◼◼◼◼◼◼◼◼◼◼ I've got other similar products that will come in handy for you! Don't miss these: Teaching Genres in Reading P

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Teaching Genres
Genre Slideshow (white background) of each genre listed below. Each slide has definition and clipart. The slideshow is followed by 10 slides with pictures that quiz the students on the different genres. Blank slide to add your own pictures and duplicate as many times as you like of easier or har

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Teaching Reading Genres Bundle
Teaching Reading Genres Bundle Here is a must have resource for teaching genres in your classroom. Included in the bundle is: -a 20 slide presentation on the different genres -teacher directions on how to use interactive notebook with students -blank interactive notebook page for students to fill o

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1st Grade Reading Cross Genres Charts & Teaching Points
New to teaching? Can't draw? Have to put up charts to appease your principal? This pack is for you! This includes everything that you will need to teach 1st Grade Reading Unit 7, "Reading Cross Genres". It teaches how to differentiate and navigate across fiction, nonfiction and poetry. Students

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Writing Genre POETIC Teaching Resource Bumper Pack for Understanding Poetry
Writing and understanding poetry can be challenging for students, particularly when their knowledge of figurative language or parts of speech is yet to be consolidated. With this structured lesson guide, you and your students can enjoy an inquiry into this exciting genre and experience success with

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Compare & Contrast Genres - Playlist and Teaching Notes
Would you like to see more of Wisewire’s educational resources in your school? Help your administrator register your school to get started (it’s easy and free). Earn a $50 coupon while you’re at it (available to use in the Wisewire Marketplace). Register Your SchoolOur playlists are “no prep” Common

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Teaching Theme by Comparision with Genre Lecture PPT Real Life Examples
Teach Theme by comparing it to genre. Use examples like Star Wars and the Simpsons to help students identify theme. Click HERE for Readings with Questions!

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Teaching Literary Genres with Posters (9 genres) drawings on an iphone template!
This is a great lesson to teach Book Genres to students by using the printable posters. Students then draw a picture of each genre and then decide what genre they like the best and why. The set includes the following genres for posters to print out: Mystery, Science Fiction, Fantasy, Biography, R

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Teaching Genre: MAPS Graphic Organizer
The MAPS method can be used any time you are introducing a new genre to your students. It can be applied to any type of text that conveys meaning, and helps students analyze different facets of a genre that cause one to differ from the next. This is an especially fun resource to introduce using so

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The Pullman Porters - Teaching Critical Thinking with Multiple texts and genres
A Common Core aligned unit that integrates multiple genres, requires students to integrate ideas across multiple texts and integrates writing into daily lessons. Have you been looking for a unit that isn’t activity based, but requires students to identify key ideas and synthesize those ideas when e

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Sylvester and the Magic Pebble: Teaching the Genre of Fantasy
After reading the book Sylvester and the Magic Pebble, you can use this simple assessment to determine how well your students understand the genre of fantasy, authors purpose, vocabulary, and sequence of events. This assessment does come with a Key.

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Spanish Teaching Resources. Battleships Game/  Lotto: describing film genres
This battleships game (which can also be used as a lotto grid) helps students to practise their pronunciation of adjectives describing school subjects and teachers. It also practises adjectival agreements. I use this to reinforce new vocabulary and grammatical structures. Expressions: No) Me gust

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Are you looking for tips about how to teach your students about the differences between fiction and non-fiction? Do you need help teaching your students what the word "genre" means? I can help with that! In my newest video, I share with you a fun and engaging lesson to teach your students not only w


Duration: 8:46

Genre Task Cards with Digital Boom Cards Option  Distance Learning
Use these 32 multiple choice genre cards to help your students learn to identify the different literary genres. Each card features a short passage and a multiple choice question. The following eight genres are included and each genre is featured on four different cards throughout the set: biographyr

Also included in: Reading Strategies Task Card Bundle 648 reading skills cards


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Reading Genre Posters and Mini Anchor Charts
These genre mini anchor charts are a great addition to your interactive reader's notebook. Each anchor chart provides students with a student friendly definition of each genre, characteristics of the genre, the author's purpose of the genre, and examples of texts that fall in that genre category. I

Also included in: Reading Poster Bundle


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Genres: A Bundle of Activities
This bundle contains multiple resources for teaching your students about 14 of the most common literary genres. Students will be introduced to the various genres, and then have many opportunities to identify the genre of a literary piece or description. It includes a variety of unique and engaging a


Book Reports with Project Choice Boards for 7 Genres Distance Learning
This resource includes everything you need to implement an independent literary genre program with your students. Seven different genres are included (historical fiction, mystery, science fiction, fantasy, realistic fiction, informational, and biography).~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

Also included in: Reading Mega Bundle - 600+ Pages for Comprehension, Guided & Independent Reading


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