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Teaching Prefixes and Suffixes - Word Game Challenge Included
Breaking down words can be difficult for students, but this resource makes it easy! Keep students engaged with kinesthetic activities and a Word Game Challenge.
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Prefixes and Suffixes, Plus Roots No-Prep Printables
These 40 ready-to-use worksheets (with answer keys) are designed to help your students use affixes correctly and to understand new words by looking at affixes and word roots. This resource is correlated with Common Core Standards for grades 3-5 (standards included, see preview).This resource is div

Also included in: ELA No-Prep Printables Bundle, grammar and vocabulary for review, test prep etc

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Greek and Latin Root Words, Prefixes, & Suffixes Interactive Notebook Vocabulary
Root Words, Prefixes, and Suffixes - Greek and Latin Roots Vocabulary Interactive Notebook and Vocabulary ActivitiesThis Interactive Vocabulary Notebook is full of dynamic activities for teaching Greek and Latin roots, prefixes, and suffixes. Please see the preview file for a list of the specific ro

Also included in: Greek and Latin Roots MEGA BUNDLE

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Prefix and Suffix of the Week
Make learning about prefixes and suffixes part of your daily instruction! Improve your students' vocabulary with this Prefix and Suffix of the Week product! ************************************************************************** This product teaches students the meaning of 35 of the most commo

Also included in: Word of the Day Bundle

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Prefix and Suffix Reading Passages: The Bundle
Prefix and Suffix Reading Comprehension Passages and Questions: THE BUNDLE HOW CAN THESE PREFIX AND SUFFIX READING PASSAGES BE USED? Whole Group Small Group Independent Morning Work Homework Stations Intervention ESL Special Education Setting Homeschool Parents OPTIONS ON HOW TO DO THESE READI
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Greek and Latin Roots, Prefixes, Suffixes Ultimate Bundle
Greek and Latin Roots, Prefixes, Suffixes... This bundle has it all!This Ultimate Vocabulary Bundle contains everything you could possibly need to teach Greek and Latin roots, prefixes, and suffixes. Printables, definition sorts, memory/concentration games, word walls, assessments, sketch notes, int
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Prefixes and Suffixes Puzzles
Prefixes and Suffixes Puzzles - practice prefixes and suffixes with these fun word puzzles where students match the word to the correct prefix or suffix to build words and complete the puzzles! Click on the green PREVIEW button to check out some more of the prefix and suffix puzzles! Students take
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Prefixes & Suffixes: An Interactive Working with Words Extravaganza
These interactive printables are perfect for teaching or reinforcing prefixes, suffixes, and root words. Prefixes addressed {re-, un-, pre-, dis-, mis-, de-} Suffixes addressed {-er (a person who), -er (more), -est, -ful, -less, -ed} 1. Trace it/Color it – Students trace or color words based on th

Also included in: Interactive Working with Words BUNDLE

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Prefixes and Suffixes Word Work Interactive Notebook
**Update August 2014** Additions have been made as of August 2014 to the Word Work Interactive Notebook for Prefixes and Suffixes. The additions were made in order to compliment the Month-by-Month Word Study from Prefixes, Suffixes, & Roots. For a step-by-step resources for teaching the prefi

Also included in: Word Work Bundle (Prefixes, Suffixes, & Roots)

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Greek & Latin Roots-prefix & suffix-Common Core Aligned Vocabulary -Olympians
Here's what teachers are saying about Reading Olympians! "The GREATEST thing I have ever found to teach Root Words! Honestly, this has done wonders in helping my kiddos understand, use and FIND prefixes, suffixes, and other root words! They LOVE that it is based on Greek Mythology (Thanks Percy Jac
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Prefixes and Suffixes Charts
Prefixes and Suffixes Charts in both color and black & white for your students to reference (great for writing notebooks/folders!) and use. Students can color in the prefixes and suffixes in the black & white version to personalize it. If you would like me to change any of the descriptions
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Greek and Latin Roots, Prefixes, & Suffixes Printables: Unit 1
Greek and Latin Roots Worksheets & TestsPractice & Assess Vocabulary: Greek and; Latin Roots, Prefixes, and SuffixesThis pack includes ONLY Unit 1 (Weeks 1-6). Looking to purchase all Units 1-6? Buy the complete bundle here.This Practice & Assess pack for Greek and Latin Roots Vocabulary
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Prefixes, Suffixes, and Root Words
Introduce your students to base words, prefixes, and suffixes using this set of base words & affixes for beginners practice sheets! Set of 11 practice sheets (with three anchor charts!) introduces students to the concept of base words being words we can add word parts to (prefixes and suffixes

Also included in: Grammar for Beginners Bundle

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Prefix and Suffix Activities
Prefix and Suffix activities for: Un, Re, Pre, Dis, and Less, Ful, Ion, and Able This is a BUNDLE unit of these two packs: >>>>Prefix Activities! <<<< >>>>Suffix Activities!<<<< This unit was designed to help teach, engage, and assess students on ei
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Prefixes and Suffixes PowerPoints, Worksheets, and Task Cards Mega Bundle
This will make it super easy to teach suffixes and prefixes! This comprehensive mega bundle consists of four individual products that are jam-packed with interactive slideshows, printables, crafts for your bulletin board, and task cards. The prefix slideshow consists of 77 slides and six printables
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Prefixes and Suffixes, Greek and Latin Roots - Bundle
Prefixes and Suffixes, Greek and Latin Roots - Bundle: If you need common core activities for Greek and Latin Roots, this might be just right for your kiddos! This is actually five of my products bundled together to give you sixteen activities in one pack. It has five packs of cards: (1) Prefix c
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Prefixes and Suffixes Interactive Notebook
Teach prefixes and suffixes in a meaningful and engaging way! Your students will love learning affixes with this hands-on resource. Included are 25 Interactive Notebook activities that will help your students understand the meaning of several words related to over 85 different affixes. Each affix a

Also included in: Greek and Latin Roots, Prefixes, Suffixes Ultimate Bundle

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Prefix and Suffix Unit
Take a little time each day to teach your students about prefixes and suffixes! My students began to look forward to our daily prefix/suffix time, so I have revised the unit and put together all of my resources for you to use with your students as well! Included in this 60 page unit: ☑ Mini-Lesson
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Prefix and Suffix Reading Passages ~ All-in-One
All-in-One Prefix and Suffix Reading Passages ADD-ON Pack! Help your students practice reading words with prefixes and suffixes within controlled text with these All-in-One Reading Passages. Additionally, students will practice fluency, vocabulary, comprehension, and using words (with the target sk

Also included in: Phonics Reading Comprehension Passages & Questions Add-On BUNDLE

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Prefixes, Suffixes, and Roots Task Card Bundle
Save money with this discounted bundle of 7 Prefix, Suffix, and Word Root Task Cards! There are 224 task cards altogether! These sets are Common Core aligned with standards listed. All have challenge cards, student answer sheets, and answer keys. Please see the product links above or in the free pre
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Prefix and Suffix Game for Literacy Centers: U-Know {Vocabulary Game}
Prefixes and suffixes are important for you to teach and for students to learn to help figure out meaning of new words! Let them practice with this fun and engaging game that will make the skill of defining them something students WANT to do! Works great for literacy centers or small group. Studen

Also included in: Literacy Games Mini Bundle 1: U-Know ELA Games

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Prefixes and Suffixes Games Bundle
Looking for some fun, low-prep games to help your students practice identifying, defining, and using common prefixes and suffixes? This Prefixes and Suffixes Games Bundle contains 12 games to help students practice their prefixes and suffixes! Get this Prefixes and Suffixes Games Bundle and SAVE $$
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Suffixes Posters and Picture Cards for Center Activities
Suffixes posters (119!) and also 119 picture center activity cards that are great visuals to help your students understand suffixes. You don't want to teach prefixes and suffixes without these high-quality visual representations of suffixes! These were made to go with my Prefixes Posters and Picture
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Greek and Latin Roots, Prefixes, and Suffixes Printables: Unit 2
Greek and Latin Roots Worksheets and TestsPractice & Assess Vocabulary: Greek and Latin Roots, Prefixes, and SuffixesThis pack includes ONLY Unit 2 (Weeks 7-12). Looking to purchase all Units 1-6? Buy the complete bundle here.This Practice & Assess pack for Greek & Latin Roots Vocabulary
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