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BONUS: DIGITAL VERSION NOW INCLUDED! The digital version of this escape room uses Google Forms™. This provides you with the option to use this escape room for distance learning, or even on devices in the classroom. SEE ALL REAL-LIFE MATH PROJECTS AND ESCAPE ROOMS HERE.SEE THE FULL "LOST IN THE WOODS ESCAPE ROOM TOUR" ON YOUTUBE HERE.You were out for an evening canoe ride when you hit a rock and got a small hole in your boat! Despite your best efforts, you couldn’t stop your boat from sinking. Yo
4th - 6th
The Team Building Escape Room will take students on a “treasure hunt” around the classroom! This SUPER FUN Back to School activity has students decode fun puzzles using teamwork and critical thinking while trying to beat the clock.This is the perfect resource for back to school activities, team building, end of year, ice breakers or any time! This team activity can be used in any subject area!The Team Building Escape Room has students walking around the classroom solving puzzles. Students come u
NO PREP DIGITAL ESCAPE ROOM - Build TeamworkPERFECT FOR EVERY CLASSROOMEscape rooms help cultivate a GROWTH MINDSET by nurturing problem-solving and critical thinking skills. Having done so many breakout and escape rooms in my own class, I can tell you that it's really easy to spot a child that is stuck in a fixed mindset. They will do one of two things; act like they are too cool for school and not participate or they will just quit. This is great information for a teacher because now you know
3rd - 12th, Higher Education, Staff
Create a community of learners who value teamwork with this sports classroom theme bundle! This 100% editable, printable, and digital sports decor bundle is great for both lower and upper elementary teachers who work with kindergarten, 1st, 2nd, 3rd, 4th, or 5th-grade students. Tons of resources are included like sports classroom decorations for wall displays, bulletin boards, and door decor, as well as organization resources like editable labels and teacher binder covers. Get the full list of w
"Saving Sam" is a fun, simple lab that will get your students to start "thinking like scientists". Students are given a job: save Sam the worm. To find a solution, students will have to work together and communicate. This activity requires less than 5 minutes of teacher set-up and minimal materials (a cup, a round gummy candy, and a gummy worm for each pair of students). This packet includes a teacher guide, including pictures of the activity, and leveled directions and worksheets. It includes
Before tasking students to complete rigorous engineering design challenges, educators should start with Stage 1 STEM activities. Click here to learn more about the Stages of STEM.Stage 1 STEM activities are perfect icebreakers and team challenges to promote collaboration, teamwork, communication, and problem solving. They lay a criticalfoundation for more intensive STEM challenges. Working as a team, students will learn lessons in communication, innovation, hidden assumptions, and creativity tha
This activity demonstrates the difficulties that arise when a medical professional or other professional must give instructions verbally without the assistance of anything in writing. This is an essential ability in the medical field or any field that requires relaying of instructions or orders. health science, medical, anatomy, communication disorders, speech therapy, homeschool, high school, middle school, medical terminology, pharmacology, leadership, teamwork, first day, icebreakers, intro
4th - 12th, Higher Education, Adult Education
8 LESSONS to build SOCIAL-EMOTIONAL LEARNING skills and IMPROVE GROUP WORK! Collaboration and Teamwork are NOT the same things! Your students may be working worked in groups but that doesn’t mean they’re working well. Students need to recognize there are different teamwork styles (collaboration, coordination, and cooperation). Teach fun, meaningful, and transferrable skills that students need to succeed in the 21st Century: at school, in relationships, at work, and in life! Want to see exactly w
Teamwork. Objectives: Students will be able to:• Explain the importance of having strong teamwork skills in the workplace. • Identify key teamwork skills.• Describe the barriers that hinder the forming of a strong team.• Explain how you can become a successful team player.• Apply teamwork skills in a practical manner.The worksheets for this lesson is in Google Doc format and PDF format.Included 1.Detailed Lesson Plan2. Analysis of a Fable, "The Four Oxen and the Lion"3.Teamwork Brainstorming Cha
Save Fred - Back to School - Team building STEM Activity - Teamwork - CommunityBegin the year with this team building project. This packet has a challenge for students to save the gummy worm Fred from drowning. It's great for a back to school or team building activity! You will need to purchase gummy worms, gummy life savers, paper clips, and a cup in order to do this activity. Teachers can assess students ability to work together, complete a project, reflect on the lesson.This packet includes:-
1st - 8th
Easily introduce and explicitly teach your students all about TEAMWORK with this character education resource! This resource is also part of a character education bundle. This growing bundle will eventually have at least 10 different character ed traits included. Click here to invest in the growing bundle and save big!! WHAT'S INCLUDED:→ Class Discussion Display Slides introducing the topic of Teamwork→ Activities Identifying what Teamwork IS and is NOTdisplay chart on slides for whole class di
Teach your students about communicating, identifying their strengths, asking questions, and solving problems collectively with these activities that take moments to complete, but will build relationships and classroom community for the whole school year. The activities can be done in any order and can be used throughout the year or as a way to get to know your new classroom full of students.This unit is part of our Year Long Bundle which includes all our health and wellness units for grades four
Want to introduce STEM to your classroom? Here are 45 of our favorite basic (Stage 1) STEM challenges that are low-cost and low-prep for any classroom! Activities are perfect as back to school icebreakers or games that introduce STEM while getting students moving, communicating, and working in teams! **Includes distance learning icebreaker games and activities**BACKGROUNDBefore tasking students to complete rigorous engineering design challenges, educators should start with Stage 1 STEM activitie
PreK - 12th, Higher Education, Adult Education, Staff
The Team Building 2 Escape Room will take students on a “Speedway” around the classroom! This SUPER FUN Back to School activity has students decode fun puzzles using teamwork and critical thinking while trying to beat the clock. This is the perfect resource for back to school activities, team building, end of year, ice breakers or any time! This team activity can be used in any subject and multiple grade levels! The Team Building Escape Room has students walking around the classroom solving
A fun, LOW PREP, escape lesson that will help students understand how important it is to be able to work as a team. The challenges require teams to actively communicate and cooperate with one another to decode, unscramble, sort, and search as they discover how team-building activities makes them a better individual. There is also a bonus activity for teams who complete all challenges before time is up. Students will walk away In addition, this resource comes with:Lesson Overview with ASCA Minds

Also included in: Escape Room Bundle

This is a class activity that has students put their leadership and teamwork skills to practice! Students absolutely love this product because it has them get out of their seats and compete, all while learning! This product comes with full teacher instructions, 2 videos to show how the activity works, and a student reflection worksheet. Everything can be editable by you. This is perfect for any classroom! *******************************************************************************************
Your video gamers will LOVE this packet since it appeals to a topic they find intrinsically motivating! Great for students with autism spectrum disorder, weaknesses in executive function, social communication--basically ALL our students. Individual or group (teamwork); it gets them talking! Print & Go, multi-session packet! Students receive a company letter from Flexible Video Gamers, Inc. asking them to design a 4-level game for their character Galaxy Captain Orion (narrative skills!).
3rd - 8th
This science task is geared toward helping the intermediate level student develop key STEM science/engineering “thinking skills” that will help build the foundation for more complicated scientific learning. As new science standards are implemented, “engineering” plays a prominent role—even at the elementary level!This lesson can be done in one class period or stretched out over 2 if you wish to allow the students to go back and revisit their towers. If you do, use the “extension” page to recor
This resource is a four-part PowerPoint lesson that includes suggestions for: • Teacher Input • Active Engagement • Independent Practice • Closure & Extension Ideas Also Included: • Several read-aloud suggestions. • Individual writing prompt activity in which students are asked to write about what the life skill means to them, self-evaluate and set an intention or goal. You may be interested in buying this lesson as a bundle at a discounted price here: Build Community: Life Skills to Encou
This is a 13-page slideshow that teaches the importance of working together as a team to achieve a common goal. The slideshow has students memorize sets of numbers as an individual, a group, and then as a team. Groups can earn points throughout this activity. The last slide will have your students reflecting on what they learned.This is all ready to go for you as a teacher. After this activity, you can maybe find a short video on the internet about teamwork or cooperation.Included in this is:-13
The Importance of Being a Good SportSPORTSMANSHIPThis lesson focuses on teaching students the importance of being a good sport in school, at work, and other organizations. It also helps students identify the characteristics of a good sport and a poor sport. It a great lesson for teaching teamwork skills. This lesson is in a google doc format and PDF format.Students will be able to:· Identify behaviors of good sportsmanship.· Determine the difference between good and poor sportsmanship.· Explain
Looking to build strong critical thinking abilities, and a good way to practice team building?This mini-unit sets up a hypothetical dilemma and asks students to offer solutions based on their own reasoning and problem-solving skills. The unit begins with a scenario of nuclear war and requires students to make decisions which may affect the survival of humans on Earth. Also included is a second scenario in which students decide the uses and importance of the few items they can salvage from a cr
This is a bundle of all 5 of my Teamwork STEM Challenges! The perfect collaborative activities to do in order to build teamwork, challenge your students, and have your students work through the engineering process. Students will work together in groups to complete the challenges below! Included are:Saving Sam STEMThe Tower STEMPaper Chain STEMCard Building STEMBalloon Rocket STEMThese activities are perfect to start doing during back to school time after teaching your students how to work in gr
Looking for a no-prep resource to cover the core content on the Cold War while also practicing primary source analysis skills?This bundled set includes 8-pages of handouts providing an assortment of quotes and images for students to analyze with guiding questions for a better understanding of the economic, political, cultural, and changes of the Cold War. Includes a wrap-up question on each in which students make comparisons to our modern America.Primary Source Analysis Worksheet Topics:Beginnin
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