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Tectonic Plate Puzzles
With this activity, students will use a simple paper plate and the attached world map to model and label the major tectonic plates on Earth. Students will cut their maps and make puzzles for their partners to put together. While they are assembling their puzzles, they can manipulate the pieces to si
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Plate Tectonics, Pangaea, and Continental Drift LAB (Lots of FUN!!!)
Meet the ULTIMATE Super Continent! PANGAEA! Come experience an in depth tutorial and analysis of Pangaea, its before, and its after. A variety of fun and engaging pedagogical strategies (some you have probably never seen before) including: -Puzzle construction: colorful with differentiated symb
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Plate Tectonics LAB:  Yummy!  Eat Your Boundaries (Graham Crackers and Fluff)
EAT YOUR PLATES AND YOUR ASTHENOSPHERE! Graham cracker based plate tectonic boundaries lab. A dynamic tutorial on plate boundaries and model manipulation that kids LOVE! You can eat it too! Loaded with COLOR and IMAGES! This is a can’t miss lab! You can use the images provided OR use actual
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TASK CARDS - Plate Tectonics
These 24 task cards are GREAT for individual, small group, or full class review for Earth Science Regents students. These have been so helpful for my special education and ELL students! My task cards require students to explain processes, draw diagrams, interpret pictures, graphs and diagrams, and
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Plate Tectonics: Earthquake Epicenter LAB (Kids LOVE this one!)
PROCEEDS BENEFIT "REACH INC."-EMPOWERING ADULTS WITH DISABILITIES -Southern Science Specialists - Chapel Hill, North Carolina- Modified earthquake epicenter lab in which students use data from 3 seismograph stations to determine the location of the earthquake epicenter. F
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NOTES BUNDLE - Plate Tectonics *EDITABLE* w/ PowerPoint!
This Plate Tectonics EDITABLE NOTES BUNDLE for Earth Science Regents classes includes: - 15 page guided notes with essential questions, visual aids, and checkpoint questions for students. (Word & PDF) - 15 page answer key for teachers (Word & PDF) - 83 slide PowerPoint Presentation with
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Plate Tectonics:  Earthquakes and Volcanoes (Modified Activity)
PROCEEDS BENEFIT "REACH INC."-EMPOWERING ADULTS WITH DISABILITIES -Southern Science Specialists - Chapel Hill, North Carolina- Connection to how 90% of earthquakes and volcanic eruptions occur on or near plate tectonic boundaries. Students trace the major and minor plate bo
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