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NOTES BUNDLE - Plate Tectonics *EDITABLE* w/ PowerPoint!
This Plate Tectonics EDITABLE NOTES BUNDLE for Earth Science Regents classes includes: - 15 page guided notes with essential questions, visual aids, and checkpoint questions for students. (Word & PDF) - 15 page answer key for teachers (Word & PDF) - 83 slide PowerPoint Presentation with
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Plate Tectonics
This lesson/presentation provides high interest content and requires students to interpret primary sources – maps and charts, make observations, and explain their thinking. The majority of the information provided in this document is from the story titled SAN FRANCISCO EARTHQUAKE OF 1906 and can be
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Plate Tectonic Bundle
This is an entire unit for plate tectonics. This bundle includes the following: 1. Continental Drift, Earthquake, and Plate Tectonic pictures 2. Lithosphere Lab-Students use the map provided to understand the relationship between plate tectonics and earthquakes and volcanoes. 3. Earthquake Ma
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MS-ESS2-3 Earth’s Systems-Plate Tectonics PowerPoint
MS-ESS2-3 Earth’s Systems-Plate Tectonics PowerPointMAIN IDEA-Distribution of fossils and rocks, continental shapes, and seafloor structures provide evidence of past plate motions. Tectonic processes continually generate new ocean sea floor at ridges and destroy old sea floor at trenches. Maps of an
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Complete World Geography PowerPoint Bundle!
A $40 Value for $32! Includes TEN World Geography Unit PowerPoints. Details below! The Themes of Geography PowerPoint allows students to become more familiar with the Five Themes of Geography and introduces them to core geographical foundations. As such the PowerPoint is broken into: 1. Five Theme
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Earth/Space Lesson II PowerPoint "Seafloor Spreading"
This lesson aligns with the Common Core State Standards (CCSS): "STANDARD 7 - The Earth The teacher understands the dynamic nature of the Earth and recognizes that its features and structures result from natural processes. Knowledge Indicators - The competent science teacher: 7A. understands the st
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Question Exploration: Where are Major Volcanic and Earthquake Zones?
Where are Major Volcanic and Earthquake Zones?This Question Exploration helps students explain the Essential Question: How are earthquake epicenters and volcanic mountain chains related to plate boundaries (the Mid-Atlantic Ridge, the Eurasian-Melanesian Belt, and the Ring of Fire)? Question Explora
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Concept Compare: Earthquakes (Epicenter/Focus; Tidal Waves/Tsunami; P/S Waves)
This Earthquake Concept Comparison contrasts seismic events at epicenter and focus at fault lines; among wind-driven waves, tides,and tsunami; and between body waves (P-waves and S-waves) and surface waves (L-waves and R-waves). Concept Comparison Routines are used help compare and contrast key conc
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