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This pdf includes an error analysis mistake sheet I made specifically for HS math, as well as 2 accompanying item analysis sheets for students to go problem by problem through their work identifying and correcting their errors. This would be appropriate for all levels of high school math and most likely grades 7/8. It is all written in clear, student-friendly language. The mistake sheet can also serve as a poster or part of a bulletin board in your class. These resources help build up a growth m
Not Grade Specific
This worksheet is given to students when they get a test or quiz back. Students can complete their test corrections on this worksheet. The benefit of this worksheet is that it prompts students to reflect on what they may have done to choose the wrong answer and also reflect on how they prepared for the assessment. There is also a spot designated for parent signature. The last page of the pdf has the link to the GOOGLE DOC, which you can make a copy of and make any edits you would like.
6th - 10th
Tired of grading assessments all weekend and then having kids take one look at their grade and not actually digest your feedback? This tool solves that problem. I assign the quiz reflection to students for a homework assignment or a Do Now exercise. You can follow up this activity with a reflective circle to discuss working toward academic goals. This resource is editable in case you want to add more items to the "action plan" section.
6th - 12th
I use this sheet as a way for students to make up missed problems on tests. In my self-contained regular education 8th grade class, I find that if students have the opportunity to make up missed problems, they really learn a lot. I require my students to write the number of the problem they missed, the new correct answer, and explain their mistake.
This reflective worksheet is designed for students who desire to take a test retake after they did poor on a prior test due to not fully understanding the material. The reflective worksheet was designed to be filled out the week the student got their test back. The worksheet has the student examine their test, understand why they received the score they did on their test, identify areas were they did not fully understand the material/misunderstood it, and develop a study plan to come to a better
A few years ago I began attaching this post-test reflection sheet to all of my graded tests. I assigned them as homework for my students to fill out and then get signed by their parents. This was a game-changer. Not only did I begin to get more effort (and therefore more achievement) out of my students, but I also got parents more involved and created one more layer of communication throughout the school year with them (which they seem to really appreciate).If you aren’t already doing something
4th - 12th, Higher Education
When reviewing a summative assessment, students can input the answers they chose for an exam, compare them to the correct answers, and self-reflect on why they chose the answer they did and why it was not the best answer choice. Teachers can also easily see which learning standards students are struggling to comprehend.
1st - 12th
Get to know your students AND help them to understand themselves a little bit more with this personality test reflection. This activity will challenge students to be introspective as they think about their strengths and weaknesses, ability to work with others, approach to school/work, and more! In addition, this online test is great practice at reading, summarizing, evaluation, and reflecting upon information. HALF OFF SEPT. 13 ONLY!I love doing this activity at the start of a new year, because
9th - 12th, Higher Education, Adult Education
Looking for DIGITAL GOOGLE FORMS AND ACTIVITIES for online learning? Click here.Quizzes, Tests, and Thinking Questions -Basic 10 question quiz/ video response form for EVERY episodemultiple choice, T/F, fill in the blank for episodes 1-40-Answer key for each quiz/video response form and test-3 thinking response questions per episode Great to use as discussion questions too.- Additional separate review TESTS provided every 5 quizzes.This is a PDF download but we also have a link to our Google Doc
Ready to make listening comprehension really fun? Then, you’re going to love this set of 12 differentiated listening passages and creative art responses BUNDLE! These listening comprehension passages are easy for teachers and fun for kids. There are 3 sets included that focus on the topics of animals, biomes, and social-emotional learning. This listening comp resource is a collaboration between Art with Jenny K. and Brain Waves Instruction! We’ve combined our expertise to make learning engagin
Quiz, Questions, Tests-One quiz per episode (episodes 1-10) Basic 10 question quiz including multiple choice, T/F, fill in the blank-Answer key for each quiz-3 thinking questions for each episode (paragraph writing)-Episode 1-5 test -Episodes 6-10 testLooking for GOOGLE FORMS QUIZZES? AND Slides activities? See THIS listing. Great for digital learning and easy computer graded quizzes. This product covers episodes 1-10. This is a print PDF resource but we have linked in our Google Doc so that you
Encourage mindfulness in your classroom with these posters and activities!Create a calm, thoughtful, and mindful classroom environment with these mindfulness quotes poster set and reflection activities. Posters are perfect to encourage your students to be mindful in day-to-day activities and test setting environments, too. Display these motivational quotes and sayings on your classroom walls and bulletin boards. These posters are perfect to kick-start discussions in your classroom and use as cla
Testing season is upon us. These stories review test-taking strategies and test prep tips. Prepare students mentally, emotionally, and physically by reviewing stories about positive and negative test preparation choices. Are some of your students nervous about the big test? These social stories will reduce your students' anxiety, stress, and nerves. This resource is a reflective approach to reviewing test-taking strategies.It includes 12 fictional stories about students who make a combination o
The pack from my new 5th Grade Science Test Prep product line has 20 multiple choice task cards that ask students to show their understanding of the reflection and refraction of light. These rigorous questions require students to analyze and interpret information to construct reasonable explanations.Designed with 5th Grade Science STAAR in mind, these versatile test prep task cards are perfect for review games!Light Test Prep Task Cards Includes:• 20 rigorous task cards about reflection and refr
Give your students some testing motivation this standardized testing season or anytime throughout the school year!Create a calm classroom environment as students prep for testing season (or any season) with these motivational quote posters, bulletin board letters, reflections, coloring pages, and bookmarks.These pages are perfect to encourage your students to work hard and not give up during in day to day activities and test setting environments, too. Display these motivational quotes and saying
Do you wish there was a way to make your English learners’ ACCESS scores more, well, accessible for them to understand? I did too, and after frantically drawing countless number lines, emojis, and test strategy reminders all over my whiteboard each year before testing, I finally decided to create this resource to help me more intentionally and holistically support students in getting ready for test day. *********************************************************************************************
Not Grade Specific
These five communication tools make it easy to consistently share student progress about math understanding with families. All text on this resource is fully editable using PowerPoint or Google Slides. When using a workshop approach for teaching and learning, one of the greatest challenges is finding an easy way to consistently communicate student progress with families. In a workshop classroom, the deeper learning students are engaged in builds on itself. Often, student understanding is not sho
3rd - 6th
Provide your students with a structured way to identify math test errors, make corrections, and set goals for improvement. This packet is great to use for conferences. It will help hold students accountable for reviewing material before retaking a test as well as helping them monitor their progress in reducing common math error types. Included in this packet:· Teacher instructions and ideas for use· Test Correction and Reflection form that includes error analysis · Optional Running Reflection fo
Turn test taking days into motivating and positive experiences for your students! Get them engaged and EXCITED to show all that they know!This football-themed resource provides meaningful and fun ways to encourage your students and let them know that you are cheering them on.Included in this resource:-Game day door/window letter (content specific letters and a generic testing letter)-GAME DAY letters-Motivating table tents (3 varieties)-Pre-Game Jitters think sheet-Post-Game Reflection workshee
Not Grade Specific
Have an end of the year party to celebrate the last day of school through this set of digital activities! This resource is a compilation of links to stories, games, and other activities which have all been placed into an easy-to-use presentation file that can be used for both distance learning and face-to-face classes. There are two versions of the presentation; one is the original version, and the other has been altered to make it more appropriate for younger learners (different story, craft, a
How do you think your students would do if they had to take THE U.S. Naturalization Test (a.k.a. the Citizenship Test)? How do THEY think they would do?Nearly half of Americans can’t define the Bill of Rights. Three-fourths don’t know why we fought in the Cold War. And 6% don’t even know when Independence Day is. Yikes!Have them citizenship-ready by the time they leave your classroom with this simple 4-part test kit that works seamlessly into any US History or Civics course.This is the perfect f
This two-day activity has students taking an adapted Myers-Briggs test to discover their personality type. Then, using a Business Insider article, students will be assigned a job based on their personality types, similar to what happens in Lois Lowry's The Giver. Finally, students will write about whether or not they agree with the results of the test and if they think they would enjoy the job assigned to them. Generally speaking, I have found the results to be incredibly accurate (often to t
6th - 12th
Use this editable test as either a diagnostic tool to determine student needs or as an end of the year cumulative assessment to determine student progress. The exam tests students over the basic concepts of the scientific method, measurement, physical science, genetics, the human body, and earth and space science. There are ten questions in each category. Please click on the preview for a detailed look at the concepts covered in the exam.The following documents are all included in this resource:
Extend 3rd grade Second Step lessons to support Social Emotional Learning with these reflective writing prompts!This resource can be used in addition to the 21 Second Step lessons from the 3rd grade curriculum. Each reflective prompt follows the 21 lessons from the Second Step curriculum.Two lesson prompts are on each page. You will also receive two different versions of the reflection sheets! Print the sheet with space where students can reflect and draw a picture to go along with their reflect

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