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NEW: July 2020- Digital activity for Google Slides added 3/12/19- New activities have been added!Did you know that students who are taught nonfiction text structure are better able to understand the material as well as the author's message? I have explicitly taught text structure to my third grade
Distance Learning Lesson Plans - Text structures can be difficult to learn so why not start building a foundation from the first day of school. This product is a comprehensive unit that includes lesson plans, PowerPoints and posters. The unit covers the following text structures:• Description•
Nonfiction Text Structure Poster Set and Foldable product contains 5 posters for nonfiction text structures: Description Problem and Solution Cause and Effect Order and Sequence Compare and Contrast It also contains a foldable (both labeled and blank) with instructions and notes for writing in f
Do you know how you are going to teach your students about the five non-fiction text structures? I struggled to teach this concept to my students the first year I taught fourth grade. I didn't know how to clearly communicate the important features or differences between each text structure. Fast for
These posters help students learn all about the text structures found in informational texts. They are student friendly, ready to print text feature posters. Mini posters are included for your students interactive reading notebook, as well as a scavenger hunt template. Each anchor chart gives an exp
Text Structure Posters: Use these posters to introduce your students to the five major informational text structures: It addresses the following five text structures: → Sequence → Compare and Contrast → Cause and Effect → Problem and Solution → Description Each nonfiction text structure includes
Text Structures: Need some classroom posters for non-fiction text structures? This file contains 5 posters with a definition and a correlating illustration. Posters included are: description compare and contrast cause and effect sequence problem and solution
Owl Themed Nonfiction Text Structures Packet The Common Core Standards require students in 4th and 5th grade to recognize and understand nonfiction text structures: ➜Sequence ➜Cause/Effect ➜Problem/Solution ➜Compare/Contrast/ and ➜Description ✱✱✱✱✱✱✱✱✱✱✱✱✱✱✱✱✱✱✱✱✱✱✱✱✱✱✱✱✱✱✱✱✱✱✱✱✱✱✱✱✱✱ This packet
This file includes 5 posters for teaching nonfiction text structures. Sequence Description Compare and Contrast Cause and Effect Problem and Solution Each poster contains the text structure title, a brief definition, a text example, a graphic organizer example, and signal words. File includes 5
Text Features and Text Structure Posters BUNDLE - COMMON CORE ALIGNEDThis product is a BUNDLE of my Text Features and Text Structure Posters products, and includes over 290 slides!INCLUDED IN THE TEXT FEATURE PRODUCT ARE:~A set of 30 Text and Electronic Features Posters ~Title Posters (Text Feature
Help your students learn the 5 text structures and key words with these colorful posters with a black and white polka dot theme! This packet contains 5 text structure posters with definitions and key words: -Description -Compare & Contrast -Sequence -Problem & Solution -Cause & Effect
**Updated June 2020! Includes a Google Classroom Digital Copy**FIVE nonfiction text structure postersCause and effect * Compare and contrast * Problem and solution * Description * Sequence Each poster includes: -a section to describe/define the text structure-a short reading passage-graphic organize
Help your students connect to the text with these these text structure posters, sorting task cards, and graphic organizers. The posters, center activities, and graphic organizers are centered around the rainforest for engaging discussion. Text Features: ★ Cause and Effect★ Compare and Contrast★ Des
This packet includes 6 Text Structure Posters to use as a teaching tool for introducing and reinforcing the most common text structure types. Each poster provides a section on how the author might craft the text, different ways the reader might organize the text information on a graphic organizer
What is included? This resource was created for use in my classroom to support my increased use of informational text in both reading and writing. I have been explicitly teaching my students about these text structures, about the signal words that can help them understand written texts—and help th
This product features 6 different posters to help your students understand the five types of informational (nonfiction) text structures. Each poster includes a definition, an example paragraph, a question to ask yourself, and signal words to look for. In addition, a poster summarizing all five of th
This is two separate listings combined for your benefit. In this package deal you will receive: 5 Posters displaying the five types of text features on bright, two toned, polka dot paper along with the 14 page teaching packet including a quiz w/ answers. This text structure product is aligned wi
5 Text Structure Posters for the Classroom: • Description • Sequence • Cause and Effect • Problem and Solution • Compare and Contrast Each nonfiction text structure poster includes a brief description with an illustrated graphic organizer. Printing Options: • Color • Black and White Check out
Great Text Structures Poster with symbols and keywords for 5 different text structures- Description, Sequence, Compare & Contrast, Cause & Effect, Problem/Solution.
These are brightly colored text structure posters made with polkadot paper. They are the five most common structures: Main Idea, Cause & Effect, Problem/Solution, Compare & Contrast, and Sequential -They are brightly colored with two sheets of paper on each poster (see preview or sample)
Here are the 5 Text Structure Posters for your classroom! These vibrant posters-Description, Compare & Contrast, Cause & Effect, SequenceProblem & Solution- will look fantastic over your white board or on a bulletin board. ☆How would you like 5 English Language Arts & Classroom Res
This first page of this product is a full-page poster of the 6 text structure types, including key words that readers might see in these types of texts. Main Idea/Details Description Cause/Effect Compare/Contrast Sequence/Time Problem/Solution The second page contains 3 identical bookmarks for stu
Everything you need to help students understand informational text structures! This includes classroom posters detailing each structure with meaning and key words to look for, a set of graphic organizers to use with each type of text structure, and a student flip book for students to complete. Ins
Nonfiction Text Structure Posters Set This all new Nonfiction Text Structures Poster Set includes the following terms: description cause and effect order and sequence problem and solution compare and contrast Three versions of these posters are included: Full color with background, ink saver wit

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