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Back to School Activities First Week of School Activities Get to Know You Ideas
Beginning of the Year Activities (20 team-building games, ice breakers, get-to-know-you ideas, and more. Are you wondering how you will build classroom community during the first weeks of school? Take the guesswork out with 20 fresh back-to-school activities! This resource has a variety of team-bu

Also included in: Back to School Activities Team Building First Week of School Activities BUNDLE

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The Thank You Book  Book Unit
The Thank You Book By Mo Willems Color and trace B is for bat trace F is for friends trace C is for cat trace W is for whale trace S is for squirrels trace E is for elephant trace Alphabet practice upper and lowercase Trace the lines Matching –color-cut-glue Circle and color what is smallest C
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Thank You, Mary A. Delaney! Women Inventors Series
Let's recognize women for their outstanding contributions through inventions. Some inventions make our lives easier, and some make life more fun! Your students will love learning about the woman who invented a vital item for our precious canines---the retractable leash! Included is a great passage t
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Combining Like Terms Activity Bundle
This collection of activities will get students practicing combining variables and integers. They will get to combine like terms and have fun at the same time. Supports 6th grade, 7th grade, and 8th grade math standards: CCSS 7.EE.A.1, CCSS 8.EE.C.7, 6.EE.A.3, 6.EE.A.4, TEKS 7.7A, TEKS 8.8A. Inc
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Keeping Score with Common Core #1 - Thank you to my Followers - Please Open
Thank you for following the Dollar Store Teacher - I really appreciate it! Please open .... it comes with some free pieces and some special event dates (available to everyone). If you are not a store 'follower' ... I would like to say thank you for stopping by - I really appreciate it and please c
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STEM Bins®
The original STEM Bins® and STEAM Bins™INCLUDES A FULL STEAM VERSION, SPANISH VERSION, AND FRENCH VERSION!!!Want to see my STEM Bins® up close and personal?! Watch the following video! (UPPER GRADE SUPPLEMENTS WERE ADDED AFTER THIS RECORDING.)★STEM BINS VIDEOCheck out my all new STEM Bins® suppleme
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KinderMath™ Kindergarten Math Curriculum Units BUNDLED
KinderMath Curriculum: a kindergarten comprehensive math curriculumSAVE BIG WITH THE BUNDLE! This listing is ALL of my KinderMath units BUNDLED into one easy download! You will get units 1-15 in this one download! Units 1-14 sell for $10 each and unit 15 sells for $5. That is a total of $145! Yo
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Counting Stews and Brews™️ BUNDLE Year Long for Preschool, Pre-K, & Kinder
Counting brews and stews are a FUN, hands on way to develop counting concepts and skills with preschool, pre-k, tk, and kindergarten students!-----Please note you will need to find and collect various manipulatives for these activities. Many ideas and options for each “ingredient” is included. Most
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Question of the Day Bundle for Preschool, Pre-K, and Kindergarten
The Question of the Day gets students learning the minute they walk in the door when you make question of the day part of the routine! You can use it as part of their morning routine, at morning meeting, at circle time, or as a transition activity. Included are seven different pattern sentences (212
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The {Grades 2-4} Early Finisher Board™: The Complete 40 Weeks
NEW! Get your board up and running with inspiration from hundreds of other teachers! Join our Early Finisher Board private FB group here. There is so much great conversation and sharing going on in there. Hope you'll join us!! JOIN HERE. ************************************************* Keep readi

Also included in: The Early Finisher Board™ Combo Pack BUNDLE {Grades 1 and 2-4 versions}

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Assessments and Student Portfolios BUNDLE for Preschool, Pre-K, & Kinder
Need to track and assess your student’s skills and keep student portfolios in an easy and manageable way in your preschool, pre-k, or kindergarten classroom? This is it! Everything you need is in this pack (it’s over 500 pages and includes TONS of EDITABLE pieces)! Just print, assess, track on their
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Second Grade Number Talks (DIGITAL and Printable) - A Yearlong Program
Do you want to teach number talks in your second-grade classroom but feel overwhelmed with the thought of planning a math talk lesson each day? If so, this is the product for you. This yearlong Number Talks Program (180 lessons) is specifically designed for second grade and guaranteed to get your st
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First Grade Centers Math and ELA - 1st Grade Year Long Bundle
⭐❤️TPT BEST SELLER❤️⭐Over 200 Centers! Stations and Centers in Kindergarten through 3rd grade are a staple in most classrooms. Whether you use them on a grand scale daily during guided reading or you use them once or twice a week as a supplemental learning activity, having good quality activities for
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STEM Challenge Boat Building
The Build a Boat STEM Challenge is a runaway hit with my students. They cheer when they see Boats on our agenda and your students will too! There is just something about building that boat and holding your breath to see if it will float (it will) and then counting weights into it to see how long it

Also included in: Building Fun STEM Challenge 6-Pack Bundle

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Dramatic Play Bundle for Preschool, Pre-K, and Kindergarten
Dramatic Play MEGA Bundle includes 23 themes including Home Living, Space Station, Ice Cream Shop, Bakery, Grocery Store, Ice Skating Rink, Birthday Party, Farm, Pet Store, Aquarium, Camping, Pizza Shop, Vet (aka Animal Hospital), Auto Shop, Zoo, Pumpkin Patch, Fire Station, Construction Site, Dinos
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Preschool, Pre-K, and Kindergarten Curriculum BUNDLE
Are you ready for an amazing school year? I’ve got all the printables you need to have a successful school year.Everything in the store is included in this HUGE Curriculum pack: Assessments, Student Portfolios, Character Education, Math and Literacy Centers, Dramatic Play Themes, STEM I Can Build ch
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Kindergarten Centers Math and ELA -- Year Long BUNDLE
⭐TPT BEST SELLER⭐Over 200 Centers! Stations and Centers in Kindergarten through 3rd grade are a staple in most classrooms. Whether you use them on a grand scale daily during guided reading or you use them once or twice a week as a supplemental learning activity, having good quality activities for yo
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Second Grade Centers Math and ELA -- 2nd Grade Year Long BUNDLE
⭐❤️TPT BEST SELLER❤️⭐Over 200 Centers! Stations and Centers in Kindergarten through 3rd grade are a staple in most classrooms. Whether you use them on a grand scale daily during guided reading or you use them once or twice a week as a supplemental learning activity, having good quality activities for
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End of the Year Classroom Camp Out  {A Week-Long Unit}
This end-of-the-year "Classroom Camp Out" is a fun and engaging week-long unit that integrates reading, writing, word study, math, science, and social studies... so you can feel good about having fun (in really smart ways) right up to the end of the school year! It's 110 pages packed with ideas for
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Emergency Sub Plans | Substitute Binder Cover | NO PREP
SUBSTITUTE TEACHER ACTIVITIES BUNDLE for GRADES 1-5Print and Go Sub Plans ~ Reading ~ Writing ~ Word Study ~ Math and ScienceThese REUSABLE activities are great for everyday use too!This Bundle includes all of the materials from these FIVE grade level resources. It is ideal for multiage teachers, s
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STEM I Can Build Cards, Books, and Anchor Charts
I Can Build books and anchor charts are a fun way to get students thinking of all the things they can build and engineer! It is an easy and manageable way to add STEM to your classroom with real photographs! Blocks and manipulatives gives students the opportunity to be creative, problem solve, deve

Also included in: STEM I Can Build Cards, Books, and Anchor Charts BUNDLE

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Theme Math and Literacy Centers BUNDLE for Preschool, Pre-K, TK, & Kindergarten
Theme Centers (math and literacy) is a bundle that has 22 themed math and literacy center packs! Each theme is loaded with fun, hands-on activities to help your students build math and literacy concepts! Each themed center pack has at least 5 math centers, 5 literacy centers, vocabulary words (uppe
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Fly your Fractions! (Fraction Kite)
✻ THANK YOU FOR MAKING THIS A BEST SELLER! ✻These colorful fraction kites will brighten up your classroom and bulletin boards while reinforcing concepts of fractions! Students will gain understanding of part whole relationships and how to represent fractions using numerators and denominators. ✻
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The First Week of First Grade - Back to School
Are you a new 1st grade teacher or do you just need some fresh and new ideas for the first week of 1st grade? This First Week of First Grade includes everything you need to have a successful first week of first grade. What does this product include?You will find the following resources and more.We
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