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thanksgiving r articulation

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thanksgiving r articulation

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My students LOVE using mad-libs in speech therapy! This activity is perfect for phonology and articulation students in intermediate grades all the way through middle and high school. In this product, you will find lists of r singleton words in initial and medial positions. This product includes list
This pack contains a fall-themed / Thanksgiving-themed activity for vocalic /r/ practice. Using the turkey visuals students create final vocalic /r/ words by finding matching word onsets. They can then use the word list worksheet to record the words they found and use it as homework practice. CONTE
This FREE Thanksgiving - Fall - Autumn Articulation packet contains S/Z/R word lists/homework pages and a bingo game. The words in the bingo game all have both an S/Z and an R sound so any of the sounds can be targeted. I use the word lists pages all through the month of November by having the stud
Thanksgiving Articulation R GamesThis bundle includes:Tic Tac Toe-Directions-Game Markers-Initial R Game Board-Medial R Game Board-Final R Game BoardGo Fish-12 Initial R Cards-12 Medial R Cards-12 Final R CardsBingo-Directions-Bingo Markers-Bingo Draw Cards-Bingo R Board #1-Bingo R Board #2-Bingo R
Such a fun and motivating articulation game for children of all ages! Get your students in the Thanksgiving spirit with this Thanksgiving themed dice roll. These activities are perfect to keep handy for when you need something quick, with zero preparation. All you need is a dice, and a marker to
Not Grade Specific
This pack contains a fun craft for children to do to help them practice their /r/ sounds and /r/ blends in single words. The following sounds are included: * /r/ - word initial- 12 words (page 5) * Intervocalic /r/ - word medial- 12 words (page 6) * Medial and final ‘ar’- 12 words total (page 7) *
Help Super Speech Turkey practice his best /r, s, l, ch, sh, th/ sounds! Included in this download are... -24 /r/ word cards in initial, medial, and final positions and blends -24 /s/ word cards in initial, medial, and final positions and blends -24 /l/ word cards in initial, medial, and final posi
Practice S, R, S blends and R blends in Speech therapy using these Thanksgiving Find the Turkeys Articulation Boom Learning Cards. They target initial S, R, S blends and R blends. The students practice their sounds while they click on pictures as they look for hidden turkeys. Move the turkey, farmer
These speech therapy distance learning articulation activities are great for virtual or in person interactive speech sessions. They are a perfect no-prep Thanksgiving activity for Fall.  This R and R-blends Thanksgiving bundle contains the following decks: Thanksgiving Feast, Build a Turkey/Feed a T
K - 3rd
Fun Thanksgiving Themed ARTICULATION! Initial, Medial, and Final Pre Vocalic /r/ & Post-Vocalic /r/ Activities ! Each item shown in the preview is the size of a FULL or HALF page in the actual product. Initial, Medial, and Final ( /R/, OR, EAR, IRE, AIR, AR) -50 Turkeys with 6 ( /R/, OR, EAR,
This set of Color-by-Code Thanksgiving R Pages will provide you with opportunities to work on speech therapy, articulation therapy, vocabulary and fine motor skills. These pages provide articulation attempts at the “R” phoneme in the initial, medial and final position. They will also help you reinfo
Not Grade Specific
This no prep, print and go packet is a quick, easy to use packet for getting lots of repetitions of the targeted sounds. This Thanksgiving packet is the perfect themed activity for your /r/ kiddos with no-prep!! :-)This packet includes worksheets targeting:*Prevocalic /R/ - 5 worksheets*/R/-Blends
Two different Thanksgiving turkey activities to target R and R-blends in single words during in person or distance learning. This no prep, Digital activity is sure to please your students! The Feed a Turkey game has the student feed their target word to the giant turkey. The build a Turkey game h
This articulation activity allows your students to practice their target phoneme while helping turkeys search for their words during distance learning or in person speech therapy.  This is a great speech therapy game for elementary students. Drag the flashlight around the Boom Card™ to search fro t
This no prep, no print, digital articulation activity allows your students to practice their target phoneme while feeding guests at Thanksgiving during distance learning or in person speech therapy.  The student will move the food to the guest's mouth to feed them and then say the target word they r
This activity targets /r/ phoneme in all positions (initial, medial, and final) within the November (Thanksgiving) theme. This Bingo game also works on word association skills by combining the pictures with the descriptions. You can adapt the activity to meet the needs of your students or clients.
What a great way to make practicing articulation fun for kids in November!!!! This download provides therapists with an entertaining and motivating activity to use with their school aged students while targeting the development of articulation. Students play the game trying to complete a Thanksgivi
Use as: -Coloring activity to target Initial R and R blends-Cut out each turkey, hide around room, and have child find each turkey and practice sounds!- Laminate, and have child cross out turkeys with a dry erase marker as he/she says each word.
PreK - 8th
This packet includes articulation cards for initial, medial, and final /r/. Create a fun turkey hat while practicing the target /r/ sound!If you found this product useful please consider leaving feedback!Thank you!Emily1, 2, speech!onetwospeech@gmail.com
Speech-giving is active and fun game, perfect for speech therapy articulation drills. This download includes a deck of playing cards for initial, medial, and final positions. -These cards are sized to a normal deck of playing cards which fits great into small stackable crayon boxes found at dollar
A festive and fun word search that focuses on holiday words and commonly used vocabulary. Comes with word searches for:Initial /r/r-blendsvocalic /r/Answer keys are also provided. Customizable trial count, great for homework packets.
K - 7th
This NO-PREP, PRINT AND GO Thanksgiving Activity is perfect for targeting the R sound in speech therapy. It includes R-words in the Initial, Medial, and Final word positions, as well as R-blends and Vocalic R for a total of 100 R-words! This is a simple, fun way to include the Thanksgiving holiday i
A festive and fun articulation word scramble that focuses on holiday words and commonly used seasonal vocabulary.Comes with words scrambles for:/r/ "sh" and "ch"/s,z/Voiced/Unvoiced "th" /l/Answer keys are also provided.Customizable trial count, great for homework packets.
K - 8th
This product contains 4 board games for practice with /r/ and /r/-blends. Each game board contains 24 words addressing the target sound in the specified position (initial, medial, final). These open-ended games can be used for articulation practice at the word, phrase, sentence, or conversational le

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