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Earth's Systems - Processes that Shape the Earth - FOURTH Grade **NGSS Aligned**
COMPLETE Unit NO PREP!! Processes that Shape the Earth - Fourth Grade NGSS - Earth's Systems. ***************************************************************************************************- This unit can also be purchased as part of a bundle for 20% discount:4th Grade Science Entire Year: Next

Also included in: 4th Grade Science Entire Year: Next Generation Science Standards BUNDLE { NGSS }

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Earth's Systems Unit Bundle
Save 35% by purchasing ALL my NGSS aligned Earth's Systems teaching materials!This is a GROWING bundle. PLEASE READ:• The price of this bundle will increase as additional materials are added. • This product includes FREE downloads of ALL future Earth's Systems products.Important Notes:• Download a F
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Earth Systems Unit: Layers of the Earth and Tectonic Plates Unit
Earth Systems UnitLayers of Earth / Tectonic Plates (Faults, Folds, Mountains, Volcanoes, Earthquakes)This ONLY covers the first two sections (6.E.2.1 and 6.E.2.2), which is the layers of the earth as well as tectonic plates. The unit covers: 1. Layers of the Earth and their properties 2. Tectoni

Also included in: NC Science Bundle- Entire Year - All Standards- Powerpoint and Word Wall

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NGSS 5th Grade Earth Systems Bundle
Save your time and engage your students with this NGSS-aligned 5th grade unit! It covers three NGSS 5th grade Earth Systems standards using phenomena and hands on experiences! NOTE: There are SO many topics that you can cover about Earth's systems. I chose to focus in detail on water-related phenome
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Processes that Shape the Earth {Earth's Systems} BUNDLE
Processes that Shape the EarthThis Earth Science / Earth’s Systems Unit addresses the second grade Next Generation Science Standards. It focuses on processes that change the Earth's surface.In the unit are four sections:ESS1.C: How the Earth Changes (Compare & Contrast)ESS2.A: Wind and Water Ch
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Crash Course Kids,  Earth’s Systems
Learn about Earth's Spheres, Landforms, Weather, Climate, and more!Point and Click for instant Earth and Space Science Mini-Lessons with Game-Based Assessment using Quizizz and Kahoot!• This PDF document includes organized hyperlinks to educational video content and digital interactive quizzes. Opt

Also included in: Crash Course Kids, Science - The Complete Series, Bundle

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2nd Grade NGSS - Earth's Systems (2-ESS1-1, 2-ESS2-1, 2-ESS2-2, 2-ESS2-3)
This is a Science unit I created using the 2nd Grade Next Generation Science Standards for Earth's Systems. Included are several activities and experiments to cover all 4 ESS standards. 2-ESS1-1: The students will watch videos, sort "event cards" and create a poster to demonstrate their understand
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Earth's System Interactive Notebook Unit
About this ProductThis differentiated unit is composed of interactive notebook lessons organized into chapters. Each chapter includes:• An overview with photos of the completed INB activity• One page of input notes (differentiated when necessary)• At least one INB activity (key included)• A 4-5 ques

Also included in: Earth's Systems Unit Bundle

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Earth's Systems Sphere Interaction NGSS 5-ESS2-1
This resource is aligned with 5th grade NGSS 5-ESS2-1. Develop a model using an example to describe ways the geosphere, biosphere, hydrosphere, and/or atmosphere interact. This resource is also aligned with CCSS for 5th grade Reading Informational Text and Writing.This unit explore the Earth’s Four

Also included in: 5th Grade HUGE NGSS Bundle At 20% Savings

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NGS 5-ESS2-1 Earth's Systems Interact: The 4 "Spheres"
Visit Suzanne's Classroom Store! The resources are designed to enrich or supplement your current curriculum.This product's focus is on the interactions and interconnections among Earth's Systems: the Geosphere, Biosphere, Hydrosphere, and Atmosphere. It proves supplemental materials for Next Gener

Also included in: BUNDLE! Earth's Systems Interact: The Four Spheres

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2nd Grade Science Curriculum Unit 4: Earth's Systems
A Note About Pricing! Save BIG when you purchase the BUNDLE2nd Grade Science Curriculum Thanks so much for viewing my 2nd Grade Science Curriculum units bundled. 2nd Grade Science Curriculum is an engaging science curriculum with young learners in mind! 2nd Grade Science Curriculum is standards
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Earth System Science for Middle School NGSS Bundle Save 20%
Students will be engaged in hands-on labs and close reading passages to learn about Earth Systems and how they continually change our planet. This bundle is a collection of resources designed to teach middle school Earth Science from the Earth Systems NGSS strand. It is aligned with both NGSS for Mi
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Earth's Systems MS ESS2 Doodle Note NGSS Vocabulary Glossary
This set of middle school NGSS doodle notes reviews the core ideas listed in the EARTH SCIENCE Next Generation Science Standards (MS ESS2 Earth's Systems) for grade 6-8. It serves as an interactive glossary where students respond to each term with a short task to improve memory. They are great fo

Also included in: NGSS Earth and Space (MS-ESS) Doodle Note Bundle

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Earth's Systems Mega Bundle Pack
This Earth’s Systems Bundle Pack will make teaching Next Generation Science Standards engaging and effortless! This pack includes an Earth’s Systems Interactive Notebook, Earth’s Systems Task Cards, Earth’s Systems Writing Prompts, and Earth’s Systems Science Stations. Interactive Notebook: After
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Earth's Systems Survival Challenge Simulation
The purpose of this 8-10 day project is to allow students to investigate Earth’s spheres through an interactive simulation on one of Earth’s islands. Students will begin the simulation by choosing an island. They must research the island type they will be “stranded” on to create a diorama that model
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Earth's Systems Reading Passages
**Aligns to 5th Grade NGSS** This product includes 7 reading passages related to Earth’s Systems. These passages can be used at a science center or a literacy center to integrate science and ELA. These passages also could be used in guided reading, as a close read, or as a homework assignment. I ha
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NGSS - MS ESS2 Earth's Systems - Complete Resource Package
Each resource inside this bundle was handpicked to cover all aspects of the MS-ESS2 NGSS (MS-ESS2-1 to MS-ESS2-6). The resources found inside will ensure your students fulfill each requirement of the standard and keep them interested and engaged throughout. A description of how each standard is cove
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Earth Systems Unit: Rock Cycle and Soil Unit
Earth Systems Unit Rock Cycle / Minerals / Soil / Soil Conservation The three power points included have over 400 slides covering the second two sections of the Earth Systems Unit. This ONLY covers the second two sections (6.E.2.3 and 6.E.2.4), which covers the rock cycle and soil. The Topics a

Also included in: NC Science Bundle- Entire Year - All Standards- Powerpoint and Word Wall

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Fifth Grade NGSS  ESS2-1, ESS2-2, and ESS3-1:  Earth's Systems and Human Impact
This resource includes everything you need to teach the fifth-grade NGSS Earth's Systems and Earth and Human Activity standards! Students will learn about the geosphere, biosphere, hydrosphere, and the atmosphere. They will learn about how the spheres interact with each other. Then they will learn

Also included in: Fifth Grade NGSS Bundle for the Whole Year

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Introduction to Earth's Systems
This lesson is an introduction to help students build knowledge of each system so that they can apply the vocabulary and components of each system properly when we start to model the interaction between systems in upcoming lessons. This resource leads up to the NGSS Performance Expectation of: 5-ESS

Also included in: NGSS 5th Grade Earth Systems Bundle

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Earth’s Systems (NGSS)
This presentation was made to help students realize that the Earth is divided into systems and that those systems interact. It follows the Next Generation Science Standards (5-ESS2-1; 5-ESS2-2; 5-ESS3-1). It makes students think about science by defining some simple classroom experiments and quest

Also included in: Elementary Science Bundle!

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Earth's Systems PowerPoint, Notes & Exam
About this Product:All items in this product are 100% EDITABLE and DIFFERENTIATED. The product includes:• PowerPoint Presentation (107 differentiated slides)• Scaffolded Notes (differentiated and modified/completed notes included)• Summative Examination (differentiated and answer key included)Import

Also included in: Earth's Systems Unit Bundle

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Second Grade NGSS 2-ESS1 Earth's Place in the Universe and ESS2 Earth's Systems
These second grade science lesson plans include everything you need to teach the second grade NGSS 2-ESS1 Earth's Place in the Universe and 2-ESS2 Earth's Systems.. What others are saying about our science units:"Brilliant and comprehensive resource! Thank you!""This is a great resource and very w

Also included in: NGSS Kindergarten to Third Grade Units Mega Bundle

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Earth’s Systems Worksheets
This product is a series of Worksheets about Earth's Systems: 1. Interpretation + Key; 2. Connections + Key; 3. Four Spheres + Key; 4. Graphic Organizer + Key; 5. System Features + Key; 6. Deforestation + Key; 7. Water Cycle + Key; 8. Interactions + Key; 9. Geosphere + Key; 10. Rock Cycle + Key; 11
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