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Landforms, Volcanoes, Earth's Layers, Plate Tectonics - Earth Science Bundle
The earth is fascinating so let’s help children explore and learn more about it! This earth science bundle focuses on 4 of my units dealing with landforms & bodies of water, volcanoes, earth’s layers, and plate tectonics bundled for you to get them all for 20% off. You will find plenty of printa
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Earth's Layers Complete 5E Lesson Plan
Layers of the Earth - Everything you need to teach a unit on the Earth's layers. Each lesson plan follows the 5E model and provides you with the exact tools to teach the concept. All of the guesswork has been removed with this NO PREP lesson.After completing the unit students will be able to build

Also included in: Earth Science 5E Lesson Plans Bundle - Complete Lesson Plans

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Earth's Layers Doodle Notes
Earth’s Layers Doodle Notes These doodle notes teach students about Earth’s 4 Main Layers (Crust, Mantle, Outer Core, Inner Core). Doodle notes help provide visual triggers that improve focus, memory and learning and are useful in helping students visualize science concepts. Doodle notes can

Also included in: Doodle Notes Earth Science Bundle

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Layers of the Earth,  Layered Flap Booklet
Please make sure you always have the most recent version of my products, I update my products all the time! I am a science teacher who is still in the classroom and every time I use one of my lesson plans, I think of new things to add! Please make sure you always have my latest version. Here’s how:-
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Earth's Layers Student-Led Station Lab
Layers of the Earth Station Lab - Students will love you for providing them with a hands-on experience when learning about the Layers of the Earth.The Layers of the Earth station lab is a plug and play unit that is meant to accompany my FREE Mad Science Station Lab Series. Download that start-up gu

Also included in: Earth Science Labs Bundle - Differentiated Science Station Labs

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Science Journal: Earth's Layers
THREE VERSIONS!Updated (1/23/19) with a new look and QR Codes for students to scan (two are videos and one is an informational site about the MOHO line)! Also includes the 2016 Version that has a color cutout! Also includes the oldest (2013) version... this was the original - it takes a little more

Also included in: Bundle: Ultimate Earth Science Bundle

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Peeling Away Earth's Layers Foldable Activity
Students will learn about the 4 major layers of the Earth as they assemble this Earth's layers foldable and answer the conclusion questions. The foldable is designed so that students will slowly pull back each layer to reveal the next layer that is found beneath. It is sized perfectly to save yo
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Layers of the Earth Differentiated Reading Passages for Earth's Layers
In this resource, there is a nonfiction reading passage based on the Earth's layers. The leveled text discusses the crust, mantle, and core of planet Earth. It is differentiated for your high, mid, and lower level students. Guided reading levels are M-P-T. Integrate science content with your reading

Also included in: Science Passages: Nonfiction Texts bundle

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Earths layers PWPT foldable Interactive Notebook notes 5th 6th 7th 8th jr high
This full earth's layers and basic geology lesson, foldable, 16 slide PowerPoint, KWL chart (class starter and exit ticket), student note sheet, and video wrap up was created for upper elementary and middle school students and is great practice to help students to understand the concept of earth's l
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Earth Layers-What is Inside the Earth? Book...color the layers as you learn!
Earth Layers-What is Inside the Earth? Book...color the layers as you learn!Included is information about each layer and a place for students to color the layer. The last page is review questions. Put it together to make a book! Check out these Rock Lessons too!*Rock Observations Book- length &
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Earth's Layers Color by Number - Science Color by Number
This activity requires students to answer 12 questions related to the layers of the Earth. Once finished, students will use the answers to color the corresponding parts of a fun mandala coloring page. I have made sure to include questions that address misconceptions regarding Earth's layers. For exa

Also included in: Layers of the Earth Bundle - Save Over 30%

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Earth's Layers: Planetary Pie 3-D Activity
Are you introducing Earth's layers to your students? Do you need them to become familiar with the terms lithosphere, asthenosphere, mantle, mesosphere, outer core, and inner core? This is a fun little activity that takes about one middle school class period. In it, kids use copies of the page you r
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Middle School Earth Science: Earth Layers & Volcano Model Activities Bundle
This super saver bundle provides a comprehensive collection of Earth and Volcano science activities including 3D Model makers and bingo games. You save 25% on each of these 8 activities when you buy the Earth Science & Volcanic Bundle.*************************************************************
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Earth's Layers... an Edible Activity
This is an edible activity to help students' understanding of the layers of the Earth. Students will love being able to eat Earth's layers! It includes worksheets and writing activities to tie in science and writing curriculum. Includes: *Directions for making Earth S'mores *Worksheet to describ
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Landforms: Earth's Layers and Rocks
Earth's Layers and Rocks Vocabulary Cards, Assessments, Activities & Games Vocabulary Cards – use as a word wall, matching game, sorting activity, "Quiz, Quiz, Trade" game or flashcards. The cards include 30 vocabulary terms, each with a brief description or definition, a visual representation,
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Earth's Layers and Landforms PowerPoint lesson
A Best Seller! This 16 slide highly interactive powerpoint includes the different classifications of Earth's layers. Students will love the custom animations and vibrant photographs. The powerpoint covers landforms, weathering, and erosion among others. It is designed as a lecture, but has several

Also included in: Ultimate Elementary Science PowerPoint Resource bundle

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Plate Tectonics, Continental Drift, and Earth's Layers Review Circuit
This review circuit includes everything you will need to conduct a challenging review of concepts relating to plate tectonics, continental drift, and earth's layers. Simply display the provided posters around your classroom or in a small hallway in a random order, explain to students how to conduct

Also included in: Custom Bundle for Suzanne S.

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Earth's Layers Activity
The students will use this activity to learn about the different layers of the Earth. The lab includes a pre-assessment or a place to list the properties of the Earth's Layers. It then goes into the lab procedures using a Milky Way. Students will cut into a milky way to see how the layers compare
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Earth's Layers: Crust, Mantle, Outer Core, Inner Core
Begin teaching how the Earth's surface is shaped by introducing the layers of the earth. This is a great way to lead into your lessons on volcanoes, earthquakes, uplift, weathering and erosion. This packet includes: * Two worksheets for students to label the layers of the earth * Two posters of
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Earth Layers Close Reading Passage Activities
Make reading fun and engaging with this no prep close reading resource. It includes a nonfiction Earth layers text, poster, vocabulary cards and worksheet activities. It´s great for supporting the common core standards while building academic vocabulary, reading fluency, and reading comprehension sk

Also included in: Thematic Close Reading Passages Mega Bundle

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Project: Earth's Layers
A fun project for students to do to help them learn and understand the layers of the earth! Use project in conjunction with my Earth's Layers Activity and the students will have a guide to use when they make their project!Please rate and comment! I appreciate your business! :-)Buy this in the BUNDLE

Also included in: Bundle: Ultimate Earth Science Bundle

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Inside the Earth, the layers of the Earth reading and questions
An introductory sheet about the earth and its layers. Includes 12 questions after the reading passage. The passage explains the depth, temperature, and properties of each layer. It also makes the comparison of the earths layers to that of an egg. I couldn't find a simple sheet to use so I made this

Also included in: The layers of the Earth Middle school bundle

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Earth's Layers, Earthquakes and Volcanoes - PowerPoint, Notes, and More!
Earth's Layers, Earthquakes, and Volcanoes are an important part of an Earth Science Curriculum, and this PowerPoint Lesson and Guided Notes is the perfect tool to use in order to teach your upper elementary students!This Resource Includes the Following Information:→ Layers of the Earth→ Convergent,
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TEST: Earth Layers Quiz
A quick quiz to check students knowledge and understanding of the layers of the Earth! Let me know what you think! :-) Buy this in the BUNDLE for 20% SAVINGS! EARTH SCIENCE BUNDLE Corresponds to: Science TEKS 6.10A Copyright © Travis Terry. All rights reserved by author. This product is to be us

Also included in: Bundle: Ultimate Earth Science Bundle

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