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VIP's - Very Important Points (Main Idea)
Nonfiction Reading Strategy for Main Idea During or after nonfiction reading, students must find 3 VIP's (Very Important Points). This activity requires students to identify main ideas of a text in a fun way! I have the students 'flag' their VIPs during reading with sticky notes. After compiling

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The Wild About Wolves! Activity Pack
The Wild About Wolves! Activity Pack from Beaker & Book includes activities that address physical characteristics and behaviors of wolves, food chain interactions, and the impact of changes to an ecosystem. In addition, there are several strategies, class activities, and learning games to help s

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Main Idea and Details Nonfiction Reading Unit With Centers
“I love these much more teacher-friendly and student-engaging than that other curriculum out there that can be so overwhelming.” - Candace R.Some people climb Mt. Kilimanjaro. Others run marathons or even ultramarathons. There are people who dog sled in the Iditarod or pull trains with th

Also included in: Reading Units Third Grade Unit Two Bundle


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Main Idea and Supporting Details
*Now part of a Comprehension Strategies Mega-Bundle*SAVE here: Comprehension Strategies Mega-Bundle*Available in DIGITAL version here:Main Idea for Google SlidesIdentifying the Main Idea is such an important skill, but can sometimes be hard for young learners to grasp. This interactive PowerPoint in

Also included in: Comprehension Strategies MEGA-Bundle


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Main Idea and Details for Informational Text
Use these activities for main idea and supporting details to teach how to identify the main topic and retell key details of a text and also how to identify the main topic of a multi paragraph text as well as the focus of specific paragraphs within the text.*If you need a digital version of this reso

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Reading Comprehension Lesson Plans for K-1 {Unit 4: Retelling & Main Idea}
Reading comprehension lessons on retelling, key details, and main idea; supplemental posters and visual aids; graphic organizers; and other materials for your Kindergarten or first grade students!-----This reading comprehension strategies unit is designed to teach students retelling, story elements,

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Main Idea Worksheets | 4 Main Idea Introduction Lessons | BUNDLE
This bundle includes four of my favorite lessons to use for introducing main idea skills. These are not your typical main idea lessons where students have to come up with the main idea and supporting details from reading a passage. Instead, these activities focus on hands-on kinesthetic learning sty


DIGITAL: Main Idea and Supporting Details
**IMPORTANT** This is a resource for use with Google Slides. You will download a PDF with the links to the resources. You will then be prompted to make a copy of each before you make any changes (select pages to assign, etc). Identifying the Main Idea is such an important skill, but can sometimes be

Also included in: Main Idea and Details: DIGITAL + PRINTABLE Bundle


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Teaching Main Idea with The Important Book
The Important Book by Margaret Wise Brown is an excellent book to help students understand main idea. I've included all the documents I've used this week to teach this book to my 2nd grade students. This includes a main idea poster, lesson idea with chocolate chip cookies, bubble maps, writing tem

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Main Idea and Details for Informational Text Digital Version | Distance Learning
Use these digital activities for main idea and supporting details FOR USE WITH GOOGLE SLIDES to teach how to identify the main topic and retell key details of a text and also how to identify the main topic of a multi paragraph text as well as the focus of specific paragraphs within the text.This is

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Theme or Main Idea?
Theme or Main Idea Resource Pack - Do you have students who confuse main idea with theme? Clear up the confusion with this common core aligned, 34 page teaching pack. Posters for Theme, Main Idea, and Comparing Theme and Main Idea are available in a full color, digital format or a print friendly ver

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The Important Book: Resources for Class Books
This product contains fun resources to supplement the book “The Important Book” by Margaret Wise Brown! The Important Book is a great model of three things: Determining ImportanceMain Idea and Details Paragraph OrganizationOne of the best things about this book is how adaptable it is to make a class

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Main Idea Activities
Main Idea Activities contains instructions and materials needed for 5 different activities. They are tons of fun, hands-on, and a perfect continuation to main idea and details mini-lessons! The main idea activities encourage whole class, partner/group, and independent work/critical thinking! If f

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Main Idea and Supporting Details Passages For Third Grade
This main idea resource includes 20 zoo animal themed main idea reading passages in 3 FORMATS. It contains a multiple choice, task card, and writing response format for EACH reading passage. The reading passages provide fun facts and information on common zoo/wild animals. This content will chall

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Elementary Main Idea Packet (SUPER JAM-PACKED!)
*BEST SELLER!* This packet contains TONS of fabulous items to teach and/or enrich your main idea unit. From activities and vocabulary, handouts and posters, to worksheets and assessments, and MORE! There are SOOOO MANY things to do that you can pretty much just sort through them and pick-and-choo

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Main Idea Movie Day: Reading Transformation Pack
Teach main idea and details while having fun! EASILY transform your classroom into a movie theater theme that focuses on the skill of identifying the main idea and details of videos, books, and passages! Your students will take their seats in your pretend movie theater and enjoy two short and wordle

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Main Idea and Details
Help your students identify the main idea and supporting details in the nonfiction texts that they read with these activities and task cards. Anchor chart posters and student reference sheet are informative resources for young readers both during the unit and throughout the school year. With a varie

Also included in: Reading Strategies Nonfiction


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Elementary "The Important Book" Packet
*BEST SELLER!* "The Important Book" is a children's book written by Margaret Wise Brown. *This handy packet contains numerous activities that can be used with this popular children's book. You can pick and choose which activities would best suit your specific classroom needs. This is a great book

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Main Idea Unit
Contents Ideas for introducing Main Idea with bags and objects Ideas for practicing determining the Main Idea with pictures 6 pages of pictures to use with Main Idea bags with a different Main Idea for each page Main Idea Recording Sheet for the picture sets Lesson on using the book The Important Bo

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The Important Book-3 Writing Lessons
I use The Important Book every single year to not only teach main idea and supporting detail, but also to teach the importance and self worth of each student. In this packet you will find three meaningful writing lessons to accompany Margaret Wise Brown's The Important Book. The three writing acti

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Writing a Summary With Main Idea and Important Details - Organizers and Rubric
*Please be aware that my literature packs include this item. If you already have a literature pack, you will not need to purchase this item separately. These organizers will help your students to write well organized summaries of a book or chapter of a book. Well-detailed directions will explain ho

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Main Idea Task Cards - Set 2   Nonfiction Texts Test Prep
Here's Set 2 of my Main Idea Task Cards. Set 1 was a Best Seller, so I decided to create another set. These task cards, just like the first set, are all Nonfiction texts, giving your students practice with reading nonfiction, as well as identifying the main idea of the text and finding supportin

Also included in: Reading Task Card Bundle


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The Important Book - writing activities to make a class book
Using The Important Book by Margaret Wise Brown, your students will create pages for a class book to share with others. These activities can be used as a back to school (get to know you) activity, during the year as a descriptive writing lesson, or at the end of the year to wrap up your amazing yea

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Main Idea Mini Lesson and Graphic Organizers
Use this lesson plan, mentor text suggestions, and PPT sold separately to teach your students how 'careful' readers identify the main idea of the books and articles they read. The main idea table is a great visual that helps students understand the importance of 'supportiing' details. The powerpoi

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