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⭐ 27 Boom Digital Cards added to provide interactive practice.***************************************************************************************************Have your students research the eight phases of the moon with this resource that features flipbook templates both in print and digital (Goo
Moon Phases: This moon phases flip book is an engaging activity allowing students to create their own 'movie' of the moon phases. Moon Phases Flip Book Contents: 1. Completed version: students cut and assemble 2. Incomplete version: students shade in the Moon phase, then cut and assemble 3. Blan
Physical Characteristics of the Sun, Earth and Moon Flipbook is an activity that I use in my classroom to pull together, in one place, all of the physical characteristics the students have learn about these three objects over the past few days of research. They then use it with a Venn diagram to com
2 Fun activities to explore the landing on the moon.PLEASE view the preview to see all that is included.1 Wheel children decorate, cut and put together with a split pin/paper fastenerincludes simple information who 3 astronauts were, date of launch and landing, lunar module name.The flip book has a
This is a flip book, by Sara Ipatenco, that provides simple facts about the different phases of the moon. Each page gives basic information about a phase of the moon and then asks 3 comprehension questions for students to answer. The moon phases included are: full, gibbous, half, crescent, and new m
Excellent resource! Students may use this interactive flip book as a note taking guide, study guide, interactive display, or as a picture dictionary. The possibilities are endless! Easily adapted to fit your classroom needs!
This engaging Phases of the Moon Interactive Flip Book is an organized student resource that is load with critical thinking stems and questions which makes students really think. It can be used as a stand alone resource or for interactive notebooks. It can be used for so many things...note taking as
This flip book on characteristics of the Moon is a great addition to your astronomy unit. Students will cut out the 5 pages, staple together, answer the questions, and can glue into interactive notebooks.You might also be interested in:The Moon PowerpointMoon Phases PowerpointAstronomy Writing Promp
Students will learn about the phases of the moon with this four page flip book! Page 1 - CoverPage 2 - Information about what "phase of the moon" means, with an optional find & highlight word list!Page 3 - Information on the eight phases of the moon!Page 4 - Blank spaces for students to glue th
This product includes three different flip book templates to use for differentiation. Students enjoy creating these flip books. It is a great visual to use to review.
Students can use this 5-page Sun & Moon Flip Book to read and write about the Sun & Moon! These are easy for students to assemble themselves; simply along the bottom line and glue across the top space.This is part of my Solar System Unit!
I love creating flip books - a fun way to show movement using pages with gradually changing images. This flip book is one of many I've included in my store:a bouncing ball, clocks that show the hours, a jumping jack, phases of the moon, geologic plates changing over time, and a shape changing from
Your students will learn about the planets and their moons, comets, asteroids and meteors in this 82 page Solar System Unit. The packet has everything you need to teach your 1st - 3rd graders (struggling 3rd grade readers) about our Solar System. Display the colorful posters and word wall, work th
Moon Phases: This Moon Phases Activities bundle includes a Flip Book, Oreo Moon Phases, Wheel Dial & and Cootie Catcher/ Fortune Teller! This bundle includes all four of my Phases of the Moon activities and allows students to learn while having fun! All these lessons sell individually for $12
Integrate Science and ELA and get your students engaged with informational text by teaching 3 units on the Sun, Moon and the Earth! The materials in this unit are interactive and utilize multimodal strategies to increase student engagement and outcomes. Each of the 3 week-long units integrate techno
Space, the final frontier....and a topic many of us teach! This is the complete set of the space products in my store. There is also a bonus file for you, a moon vocabulary flipbook! Please take a look at each product above to see what is included. I hope you enjoy this item. If you have any qu
Day and Night sky flip booklet is differentiated and it includes 4 versions of the booklets- One where students can trace the sentence, one where students can trace the word, one where students can write the words, and one where students can write their own sentence. You decide which one students fi
Third grade students are learning about countries around the World. This fun, engaging, and interactive activity asks students to create an EASY flip book while learning about Thanksgiving (and similar holidays and traditions) from around the world. This is also available in the Ultimate Thanksgiv
This activity takes the basic idea of a flipbook to show changes of moon phases due to the position of the Moon, and adds in the changes in tide ranges and types into one flipbook. I recommend using this flipbook after students have learned about the Moon's position and how it effects the phase on E
The students will create a flipbook that shows the positions of the sun, earth and moon during the phases of the moon. The students will shade in and label the phases of the moon. The lesson plan, student pages and answer key are included in this digital file. I created this lesson for my student
Looking for a little fun and engagement while teaching Moon Phases to your students?  Well, this might just be the resource for you!! This unit includes two different highly visual PowerPoint slideshows with real pictures.  Both PowerPoints are designed with vivid colorful graphic to catch your stud
This product was created for the 2012 2nd grade Journeys series. Each week, when a new story is introduced, my students make a vocabulary flipbook. They would write the word on the front of the flap, then on the inside they would write the definition and then the sentence from the glossary. It wo
This resource follows the Imagine It program for the third grade story: The Moon Seems to Change.This pack includes:Building Background WorksheetSound Spelling: SuffixesSpelling List Activities (3)Vocabulary Focus WallSpelling Focus WallLarger Spelling Words (for word wall or pocket chart)Vocabulary
I created this book to help my students with moon phases, eclipses, and tides. You will find cutouts for the title page, five landscape oriented pages, and glue-ons for the pages. I have also included an answer sheet and a student example. Moon Phases - Shade in dark sides of moon and Earth - Write

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