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This is so much fun for 2nd-6th graders! This activity/handout follows the classic "Naked Egg" experiment of submerging an egg in vinegar for 24 hours and observing how it loses it's shell. I have created a clear experiment handout that follows the scientific method and scientific inquiry process.
Can you remove an egg shell and still keep the egg intact? Have the students find out with this simple and fun experiment. Students will keep track of their observations through the use of the Scientist Log provided. Students will go through the scientific process as they come up with a hypothesi
Have a little fun while learning chemistry! What student wouldn’t be engaged in the learning process involving a raw egg?! This pack contains all the information you need: student lab booklet, teacher instructions, and photographs are all included. Using simple, inexpensive materials, you can eng
Need to find a fun way to assess your students knowledge about physical and chemical changes from afar? Look no further. *the lab takes three days. Included in lab: Vocabulary Review Anatomy of an EggA problem to investigateOpportunity to make a hypothesisDirections for the lab with pictures of the
Great science intro activity! Page 1 is a great follow-up to learning what science really is. I take a picture of each of my kiddos in a science apron and safety goggles borrowed from our high school to glue in the box, but they can draw themselves as a scientist too! We learn vocabulary words "o
The students are amazed by seeing a "naked egg"! I can tell you how to make this "eggsperiment" amazing! *Cells *The process of Osmosis *Cell parts/The Cell membrane
STEM EXPERIMENT STEM is the general trend for science activities in today's courses. STEM activities can be implemented at any time throughout the course. It is not content specific, but requires scientific knowledge and critical thinking skills to complete. STEM activities focus on real-world
A three day lab where students explore what affects acid (or acid rain) can have on a natural product (an egg). Students are amazed how after three days, the acid (vinegar) has completely dissolved the outer shell of the egg!!! Lab can be taken further by placing the shell-less egg into water to w
Students will love this at-home osmosis lab! The supplies are low-cost and can be found at any grocery store. Perfect for online classes/digital learning. Even at home, students will truly appreciate the opportunity to conduct a lab and engage in hands-on learning!In this lab they will observe os
This page accompanies the vinegar and egg experiment. Students will follow the scientific method to predict, observe, and hypothesize.
This STEM project has students designing a safe landing for an unprotected egg dropped from 6 feet. Uniqueness of materials is factored in the scoring.
Student pairs experience the iterative engineering design process as they design, build, test and improve catching devices to prevent a "naked" egg from breaking when dropped from increasing heights. To support their design work, they learn about materials properties, energy types and conservation o
This is Steve Spangler's Naked Egg Experiment. Our students really enjoyed this activity and it was the perfect experiment to do before Easter break.
Class: Date: Name: PLANTS – UNIT REVIEW The Plant Kingdom AUTOTROPHS EUKARYOTES GAMETOPHYTE NONVASCULAR NUTRIENTS REPRODUCE SPOROPHYTE VASCULAR WALLS WATER Nearly all plants are (1) . All plants are (2) that contain many cells, all of which aresurrounded by cell (3
Here comes Peter Cotton Tail hopping down the bunny trail... or wait, is it? The Easter Bunny has disguised himself so that kids won't spot him putting out Easter baskets and hiding Easter eggs. All in png format, these fun clips come with black line masters and can be used in your personal and comm
Response booklet to 5 egg science/stem experiments! Naked egg, Bouncy Egg, Egg Drop, Float or Sink, and Egg Strength Test. Also a reflection page. You can choose to use as many or as few of the pages as you wish! 2 per page to minimize amount of copies. A blank page is included to use however you wo
This is a follow along science experiment pack for the Naked Egg science experiment. This fun companion activity will help reinforce the science concepts behind the Naked Egg experiment.
This unit is based on science inquiry to help students explore the 3 states of matter. The unit comes with a Science booklet for each child to use throughout the unit. The unit includes the following projects: Scientists Can/Have/Need Graphic Organizer Solids - 3 exploratory activities to determine
In this lab, you will be using a giant cell—an egg with the shell removed, a “naked” egg. The naked egg will represent a cell and its cell membrane.
This pack includes 535 high quality transparent color pngs and 535 high quality transparent line art pngs, featuring the following clipart for all your phonics and spelling needs: A abacus alien alligator ambulance anchor angel angry ankle ant-eater antelope ant a apple apron armadillo armchair arm
My new Vowel Posters are a part of our Teaching Vowels to Little Ones packet. I've had some requests to upload the posters separately...so I created a file with just the posters! If you've already purchased my Teaching Vowels to Little Ones, you do not need to purchase this packet. This packet inc
Reinforce characteristics and concepts related to chemical and physical changes with these 8 hands-on lab activities or experiments. Each activity will detail one or both of the changes. Students will make observations and demonstrate their knowledge by making predictions and answering comprehension
This quick and easy science experiment can be set up in a matter of minutes! The actual process is a few days, but it gives kids plenty of time for observation and to see the scientific method play out. Everything you need to launch experiment writing in your classroom and hook your kids immediately
Engage your class exciting hands-on science experiments this May! These kindergarten science experiments can also be used as pre-k science experiments and also first grade science experiments. This resource contains four different science experiments - some seasonal and some evergreen. Each experi

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