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I've created five ten-question multiple choice quizzes for books 1-5, 6-10, 11-15, 16-20, and 21-24. An answer key is included. Please do not purchase this unless you are teaching from Gareth Hinds's graphic novel version of The Odyssey. Please look at the preview for the quiz for chapters 1-5.
This handout has a map for students to trace Odysseus' journey home. On the back, there is space for students to write a one sentence summary of what happens at each location. Finally, there is a short multiple choice quiz that you can give related to each place Odysseus travels. The file is a P
Odyssey Quiz Books 11-12: Odysseus encounters several well-known challenges: he journeys to the underworld, passes the Sirens, Skylla, Charybdis, and the sun god, Helios. This is a multiple choice quiz and key, useful as a reading check and springboard for discussion.
These Odyssey quizzes follow parts 1, 2, and 3 and includes keys. Quizzes cover vocabulary, multiple choice plot questions, and 1-2 short answer questions regarding theme, character development, etc.
Odyssey Quiz Book 21: Penelope sets up the challenge of the bow and the axes for Odysseus and the suitors. This is a multiple choice quiz and key, useful as a reading check and springboard for discussion.
In need of unique supplementary materials for Homer's classic Greek epic, The Odyssey?Included in this 4 page document are a printable character matching quiz and a separate ten question short answer quiz from Homer's The Odyssey, Including Odysseus, Penelope, Poseidon, Athena- 20 characters in all
This product includes:Book 1 Quiz (12 Questions) with Answer KeyBook 2 Quiz (12 Questions) with Answer KeyBook 3 Quiz (12 Questions) with Answer KeyBook 4 Quiz (12 Questions) with Answer KeyBook 5 Quiz (12 Questions) with Answer KeyBook 6 Quiz (12 Questions) with Answer KeyBooks 7-8 Quiz (12 Questio
This is a short answer quiz focused on chapters 11 and 12 of The Odyssey. It covers Odysseus' journey to the Land of the Dead, The Sirens, Scylla, Charybdis and the Island of the Sun. The questions were designed for students to stretch their higher order thinking skills. One question asks students t
This quiz includes Multiple Choice, True or False, and 2 Short Answer questions. It covers basic ancient Greek culture, the definition and characteristics of an epic, characterization of Odysseus, and the basic plotline of Books 1 and 9.
These quizzes are designed to be used with the adapted Puffin Classics version of "The Odyssey" by Geraldine McCaughrean. It's a great way to assess special education students.
26 slides in length! Available for Google Slides OR PowerPoint. This presentation includes 5 quizzes on The Odyssey and a key for each quiz; it includes 6 different written response topics that ideally are used for longer responses; and it includes an annotation guide for student reading of the ep
21 multiple choice questions and one short answer. Good for a reading quiz.
This 12-question quiz is recall of introductory information about The Odyssey, Greek Mythology, and the Epic Hero. I often let the students use their lecture notes on this quiz, as motivation for paying attention in class. An answer key is included on the second page of the document.
158 questions and answers about the book Tales From the Odyssey - Part 1 by Mary Pope Osborne.
Includes 25 question quizzes in 3 sections and a 100 question comprehensive test.Questions taken from the textbook version split into 3 sections. 25 questions and 2 bonus questions in each section. ANSWER SHEET INCLUDED. Some questions have two responses, so I give them a point for each correct answ
A short 10 question quiz designed to make students think about WHY they answered with the answer they chose. It also forces them to look back into the text itself. I usually give it to students after they have used a specific reading strategy to read the chapter of the cyclops from The Odyssey. The
This is a short answer quiz based on Books 9 and 10 in the Odyssey. It covers the Lotus Eaters, the Cyclops and Circe. Questions are all based on Blooms, designed to challenge students' critical thinking skills. Works with mythology units.
This bundle for "The Odyssey" has 35 multiple choice questions and study cards. Each question has three possible answers and is in an editable format. You should be able to use these as quizzes or part of a larger test. This "The Odyssey" mini unit contains:Multiple Choice QuizzesUse the quizzes as
These quizzes are designed to be used with the adapted Puffin Classics version of "The Odyssey" by Geraldine McCaughrean. It's a great way to assess special education students on their vocabulary knowledge.
This reading quiz is based on "The Cyclops" section from Homer's The Odyssey. It has 7 short answer questions. Answer key included.
This 20 question, scantron ready quiz has 2 parts: Multiple Choice (10 q) and Matching (10 q); Part 1 covers general background knowledge about the Odyssey as an epic, and Part 2 matches quotations to examples of figurative language, such as simile, epic simile, epithet, pun, alliteration, contrast,
Vocabulary, comprehension and analysis questions based on part two of The Odyssey. 25 multiple choice questions and two short answer questions.
Seventeen pages of questions to assess student understanding of the events of THE ODYSSEY. Quizzes are divided by Books of the epic, with almost each book covered. Can be printed and given as written quizzes, used as a reading guide or worksheet while reading, or used as the basis of oral assessment
This is a 42 point short answer quiz over Books 6-12 of Homer's epic poem, The Odyssey. Key is included.*I also have a Books 9-12 Quiz and KEY in my store as well. I teach general and honors, and I did not do the whole epic with my general students, whereas I did with my honors students.

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