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I have updated this resource to include a digital Google Slides™ version AND the printable PDF! The printable cut and paste worksheet is perfect for your first and second grade students. There are four versions. One includes heat energy and the other includes thermal energy. There are also two diff
This is a fully digital resource that uses Google Slides. There are 6 interactive activities to review thermal energy, conductors, insulators, conduction, convection and radiation. These can be used as online stations, an activity for early finishers, homework or for review in the classroom.Students
This Thermal Energy and Heat unit is packed full with lesson plans for 3 weeks, labs, printables, and assessments. So what is the relationship between heat and thermal energy? There are many different forms of energy and in third grade, our standards are heat energy, light energy, and sound energy.
This product is a color-by-number activity that allows students to answer various questions relating to the 3 methods of heat transfer (conduction, convection, and radiation). And YES- even secondary students love to color! This product is great for assessing the following standards: TEKS 6.9A In
5th - 9th
Students BUILD an insulating device and then TEST its effectiveness.This project is designed for a heat, thermal energy, and insulators/conductors unit, covering NGSS MS PS3-3: Apply scientific principles to design, construct, and test a device that either minimizes or maximizes thermal energy tran
About this Product:All items in this product are 100% EDITABLE and DIFFERENTIATED. The product includes:• PowerPoint Presentation (69 differentiated slides)• Scaffolded Notes (differentiated and modified/completed notes included)• Summative Examination (differentiated and answer key included)• Copie
These scaffolded Cornell Doodle Notes combine two effective note-taking strategies and can be used to introduce or review the concepts of temperature, heat, and the types of heat transfer: conduction, convection, and radiation. The notes begin by defining temperature and heat to make clear that temp
About this ProductThis differentiated unit is composed of interactive notebook lessons organized into chapters. Each chapter includes:• An overview with photos of the completed INB activity• One page of input notes (differentiated when necessary)• At least one INB activity (key included)• A 4-5 ques
***THIS PRODUCT HAS BEEN UPDATED WITH A GOOGLE SLIDES INTERACTIVE VERSION INCLUDED. REDOWNLOAD IF YOU HAVE IT ALREADY***Nothing like a good criminal investigation to liven up science class! Based off my popular CSI projects, I have created Whodunnits? The Whodunnits plan to focus on single content t
Physical Science standards vary by state for 3rd grade. This unit includes NINE experiments to explore Heat and Thermal Energy - including friction, chemical changes, and burning. Student handout pages include test prep questions to ensure understanding of each lab.****Please do not purchase if yo
Newly updated with 5 Reading Passages on Thermal Energy, Making Heat, Temperature, Heat on the Move, and Conductors and Insulators. Also includes a bonus Google Slide Interactive Notebook. Perfect for distance learning!•Thermal Energy and Making Heat•Question Sheet 1•Temperature•Question Sheet 2•Voc
Do you need a resource to introduce conduction, convection, radiation, thermal energy and heat? This resource contains a PowerPoint with guided notes and an assessment that all tie together. The PowerPoint and assessment are also available in Google Slides which make this a perfect digital resource
This thermal energy unit features eight sets of hands-on science activities, a lab that explores transfer of heat, links to supplementary videos and websites, flash cards, review sheet, and assessment. Exploration can be completed by your third, fourth, or fifth grade students - or presented as demo
Students love these engaging activities. Easy to follow and fun to use and teach with. You don't have to add anything. A distance learning version is also included so you're all set whether you have face to face classes or have to teach remotely. Ready to go with google classroom. This comprehensive
SAVE OVER 25%!Bundle Overview:This unit bundle contains all resources needed for a typical middle school physics unit on thermal energy, heat, and temperature.The bundle contains a unit PPT and corresponding student summary notes, worksheets, lab activities, formative quizzes, review exercises, a PP
Bill Nye: S2E3Heat (energy) video sheet. Very easy for my 6th grade EC classes, it's multiple choice answers. This way they get a chance to watch the video and not spend all of the time on reading and answering the follow along questions. 3 short response questions Define conduction Define conv
In this DIAGRAM science station, students read about thermal energy and complete a diagram showing different ways heat is transferred through convection, radiation, and conduction. Students then answer questions about the diagram within their science journal or on the provided worksheets. Google S
About this Product• This product includes 40 differentiated and tiered task cards that probe low, mid and higher order thinking. • The task cards are formatted to print with an even, white border so to be aesthetically pleasing.• Differentiated answer sheets included• Answer Key includedImportant No
These 24 conduction, convection and radiation task cards can be used in a classroom or digitally for distance learning through Google Forms with no prep and self grading! They can be easily printed, cut and laminated for use in the classroom with a ready-to-print student answer sheet.The link for Go
Great for any Heat Transfer Unit! In this experiment, students explore heat transfer (conduction) through different materials and are introduced to thermal conductors and insulators through thought provoking phenomena.Students first observe metal, wood, and Styrofoam and feel each material and descr
The CHOCOLATE CONDUCTION LAB is newly UPDATED with FREE EXTRAS! This Hands-On, Self-Directed, Action LAB--allows students to explore how HEAT moves by CONDUCTION using chocolate chips, aluminum foil, and a hot plate. NO OPEN FLAME! That’s why I wrote this LAB– I couldn’t believe all the labs wi
This Thermal Energy and Heat bundle is perfect for reviewing topics such as conduction, convection and radiation! The bundle contains a PowerPoint, Guided Notes, Assessment, self-grading task cards, choice board, warm ups and and digital interactive lessons that can all be used with Google slides or
A comprehensive 47-slide PowerPoint that introduces all major topics in a typical middle school / early high school unit on thermal energy. Through text, pictures and animations, this presentation introduces numerous topics.Contents:Temperature vs. thermal energyThermometersExpansion and contractio
This Thermal Energy STEM physical science project helps students apply understanding of heat energy to create an insulator to keep a can of soda cold. The engineering design cycle is use to investigate, plan, create, improve, and evaluate. A science leveled text and Venn-diagrams round out this set!

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