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Telling Time to 5 Minutes Games and Activities 2nd Grade
Your students will become experts at telling time to 5 minutes with these fun watches! This time unit for 2nd grade uses individual student watches to get your students up and moving and actively involved in telling time to the nearest five minutes. The unit includes 48 individual watches for you

Also included in: Telling Time 2nd Grade Math Bundle


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It's 'TIME' to Practice! Activities for Telling Time to the Five Minutes
Thank you for your interest in my product! All New Products are Half Price for the First 48 Hours! Be Sure to Follow Me to get Notifications when New Products are Posted! As every teacher knows, our little ones need lots of practice telling time! This product is centered on telling time to the fi

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Telling Time to the Five Minutes Task Cards Freebie
You will love how easy it is to prepare these task cards for your centers, small group work, scoot, read the room, homework, seat work, the possibilities are endless. Your students will enjoy the freedom of task cards while learning and reviewing important skills at the same time! Perfect for review

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Telling Time to Five Minutes MOVE IT! - What Does the Clock Say?
This is the perfect way to review skills and burn some energy! Kids practice telling time then get to do a physical activity, more practice, more exercise. They LOVE it because they get to keep getting up to move! This is perfect for a day when weather does not permit recess or anytime your class

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Telling Time to 5 Minutes Math Stations
Telling Time to 5 Minutes Math Stations that are hands-on and fun to help your students practice telling time to 5 minutes. Roll the Time is my favorite! Students roll dice to determine the time. Their first roll is the number they draw the little hand (hour) pointing to and the second roll is the

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What Does the Clock Say? - A Time to the Five Minutes Scoot Game
This product was created to fit the needs of my classroom and curriculum. Have your students practice time to the five minutes in this fun activity that gets them up and moving around the classroom. This set includes 24 cards where students are to read the analog clock and then record the time on

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Time Bump Freebie! Telling time to 5 minutes
This BUMP game helps students practice telling time within five minutes. This is a variation of the popular BUMP game. Laminate the game board for durability. Cut out the game boards and put them in a bag. Pairs of students each get 8 counters. One student pulls a digital time from the bag and cov

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Telling Time to The Five Minute Activity Pack
This activity pack has three games to review telling time, particularly to the nearest five minute. Included in the packet are: Telling Time Three in a Row Time to the Five Minute Move About (2 Versions) Time to the Five Minute Matching Activity: Matching analog clocks to digital clock time Instru

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Telling Time to 5 Minutes
Practice Telling Time to the nearest five minutes. This pack also dabbles in some word problems and elapsed time. This pack addresses these skillst: • Time Bingo • Pieces to go around your clock • A Matching game to match digital and analog clocks • A game where you combine the hours and minutes

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Rock, Paper, Scissors: Telling Time {5 Minute Increments}
This product is an exciting twist on the "Rock, Paper, Scissors" hand game. It practices telling time in 5 minute increments using analog clock faces and is aligned with Common Core Standards for 2nd grade. There are a total of 24 playing cards. There is also a "cheat sheet" included for the symbols

Also included in: Rock, Paper, Scissors: Telling Time {Bundled}


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Telling Time To The 5 Minutes Worksheets
Telling Time Second Grade is full of activities to practice telling time to the nearest five minutes, using a.m. and p.m. Included: 1. Cut and paste the hands on the clock. 2. Cut and paste the time or clock. 3. Show the hands on each clock. 4. A.M./P.M. 5. Answer the questions about time. 6. Draw

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This Editable Interactive Telling Time PowerPoint Game Show is a perfect way to review telling time to 5 minute intervals with 2nd and 3rd graders. There are 20 questions covering counting telling the time shown on the clock, AM and PM, elapsed time with clocks, elapsed time word problems. The

Also included in: Telling Time 2nd Grade Math Bundle


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TIme Tutor: Resources for Teaching Time to Five Minutes
*Clock and Time Vocabulary Posters *Printables for half hour, quarter hour, and 5 minutes *Foldable Booklet to practice language such as “quarter until” and “quarter past” *What Time of Day Center- A.M. and P.M. *Clock Concentration- Time to Five Minutes *Time Puzzles- Digital, Analog, and Written

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Telling Time 5 Minutes Bingo
32 unique Telling Time to 5 minutes Bingo playing cards and call tokens for times 1:00 through 12:55, in 5-minute intervals.Just print, laminate, cut and you are ready to play.My Telling Time Bingo game aligns with CCSS: 2.MD.7What an engaging way to reinforce telling-time skills!★ Check out my othe

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Second Grade Common Core Math-2.MD.7- Telling Time to 5 Minutes
This is an 8 day unit to teach Second Grade Common Core Math Standard 2.MD.7, telling to five minutes, telling a.m. and p.m. and identifying quarter hours. Students will read clocks, draw hands on clocks and tell if a situation is a.m. or p.m. This unit includes everything you need to teach 2.MD.7

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Telling Time Game Time to the 5 Minutes
Games are a great way for students to practice their math skills! This "Feeding Time At The Zoo" game focuses on telling time to the nearest 5 minutes.This game is for 2 or 3 players but can be easily adapted to independent work. The goal is for students to match their animals' feeding times with th

Also included in: 2nd Grade Math Bundle - Games, Centers, Activities for the Whole Year


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Time-o - telling time to 5 minutes card game
Time-o is a fun way to practice telling time using a card game that many students know and love! Cards are included for ALL times to five minutes, and are broken down into the following categories for easy differentiation:  1. Time to the hour 2. Time to the half hour 3. Time to 15 and 45 minutes

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Telling Time to 5 Minute Intervals PowerPoint Game
Practice telling time to 5 minute intervals with this powerpoint game. Play Name That Time for a fun and interactive way to practice telling time to 5 minute intervals with your students. There are 18 clock faces in the game (it takes about 15-20 minutes to play the game in class).

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Time To the Five Minutes Center Games
Looking to add some excitement to your center time? These highly engaging center games are quick and easy to prep and can be used for a variety of games, concentration, match game, go fish, gin rummy, scoot, read the room, self checking, even perfect for assessments. Once your students play with thi

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Time To The Five Minutes
"I have... Who has..." Time to the five minutes game. Great to use as a whole group or in a small group. After some practice with how these types of games flow, students can lead themselves in groups during centers. This includes a set of 24 cards that make a loop so there is no set start or finish

Also included in: I have... Who has... Time Bundle


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Telling Time to Five Minutes
This resource includes FUN activities and telling time worksheets that will allow your students to practice telling time to the nearest five minutes.❤️ FEEDBACK ON THIS RESOURCE:♥ ♥ "Perfect activities for practicing time."♥ ♥ "This helped my kids so much with telling time."♥ ♥ "Amazing supplementals

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Clock Time Hints - Telling Time to 5 minutes
Help your students tell time to the nearest 5 minutes with words and numbers. Print on cardstock and laminate for durability. Post around your clock for a handy visual for students!

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Telling Time to Five Minutes Interactive PowerPoint
This PowerPoint is a great way to review telling time to five minute increments.There is also a Recording Sheet included for accountability and a sheet for students to write their own riddles. Of course, this could always been done in their math journals as well. Please download the preview prior to

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Telling Time to Five Minutes Worksheet
This is a fun way to practice telling time to five minutes. The students are rewarded with a part of an answer to a riddle for each clock they get right. My students love to get this as homework to help them practice telling time. Clip art is from

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