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Distance Learning: Transcontinental Railroad PowerPoint (with Guided Notes)
This Transcontinental Railroad PowerPoint Lesson is the perfect addition to your Westward Expansion Unit! This lesson includes guided notes that students can use to follow along while you teach. The Guided Notes come in both a printable and digital version for use with Google Classroom.It includes 6

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TRANSCONTINENTAL RAILROAD - Reading Passages and Enrichment Activities
This product contains 8 one-page reading passages covering The Transcontinental Railroad Workers, Life on the Job, Central Pacific Railroad, Union Pacific Railroad, Promontory Summit, Dangers of the Job and more. Perfect for SUBSTITUTE TEACHERS, enrichment learning, homeschool or co-ops!The buildin

Also included in: WILD WEST LIFE: BUNDLE 2 - Reading Passages and Classroom Activities, Bingo


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Transcontinental Railroad Activity | Primary Sources DBQ | Distance Learning
A comprehensive resource for getting your students up, moving, and thinking critically about the transcontinental railroad! Students begin the lesson by working with the vocabulary necessary for understanding the six transcontinental railroad primary source documents. Next, students rotate through

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American West Gallery Walk (Transcontinental Railroad, Homestead Act, Dawes Act)
Students will learn about significant people and events in the American West (1862-1895). The gallery walk contains 12 documents and 33 questions. I have included an answer key. Please message me if you have any questions. *This is a great activity to get students out of their seats and moving! *Edi

Also included in: Westward Expansion Unit Bundle


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Paired Texts: Transcontinental Railroad (Design a Job Flyer Assessment)
This product is great when studying The Transcontinental Railroad and/or Westward Expansion. Several standards from 3rd to 5th grade are covered. Included: -Teacher directions of how to use in the classroom -2 page Transcontinental Railroad reading passage -Transcontinental Railroad reading passage

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Transcontinental Railroad Unit Close Reading Game Activities
Permission to use with Google Classroom.We make social studies come alive for students! Our engaging and original text covers all the key players and events that make the race to finish the Transcontinental Railroad so exciting and so important an influence on American history. Complete unit is read

Also included in: Transcontinental Railroad Unit Bundle Reading Art Games Activity


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9 Reading passages cover the Transcontinental Railroad, The Central Pacific Railroad, The Union Pacific Railroad, The Workers, Life on the Job, Promontory Summit, and More. This product is great for Social Studies (History) and Language Arts (Reading Comprehension). Perfect for use by substitute

Also included in: Wild, Wild West Reading Comprehension - MEGA BUNDLE DISTANCE LEARNING


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Transcontinental Railroad Internet Scavenger Hunt WebQuest Activity
This internet scavenger hunt directs students to a website. Students will use the website about the Louisiana Purchase to answer questions provided on the worksheets. This is an awesome way to incorporate technology into your classroom! Includes: - 3 page internet scavenger hunt - answer key This

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Transcontinental Railroad (Westward Expansion) - Webquest with Key
Transcontinental Railroad (Westward Expansion) - Webquest with Key - This 6 page document contains a webquest and teachers key related to the basics of the Transcontinental Railroad in America. It contains 20 questions from the website. Your students will learn about the history of the

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Transcontinental Railroad 3D PowerPoint
This amazing, fun lesson includes a dynamic, visually engaging powerpoint with over 20 3D images that will captivate your students! It tells the amazing story of the building of the First Transcontinental Railroad from the Homestead Act through the hammering of the Golden Spike at Promontory Point,

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Transcontinental Railroad Webquest (Route and Timeline)
Transcontinental Railroad Webquest (Route and Timeline)Students will gain knowledge about the building of the Transcontinental Railroad by completing a map and timeline webquest on the Central Pacific and Union Pacific. The Transcontinental Railroad Webquest uses an amazing website created by Linda

Also included in: California Lesson Plan Collection Bundle


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TRANSCONTINENTAL RAILROAD - Reading Comprehension, Activities, Bingo
9 Reading Passages covers the Building of the Transcontinental Railroad, the Union Pacific and Central Pacific Railroads, Emigrant Workers, Life on the Job, Promontory Point and more. Includes one comprehension worksheet for each reading passage. Classroom and enrichment activities keep students en

Also included in: WILD WEST LIFE - Reading Passages & Comprehension, Activities & Games


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Transcontinental Railroad Board Game
Kids love games! Our board games are perfect for centers or for small groups. Each game reinforces unit concepts in a lively, fast-paced format. Rules are easy to learn. If your students have ever played Sorry! or Chutes & Ladders, they will be familiar with the layouts. What you get: a digital

Also included in: California History Game Board Bundle


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Transcontinental Railroad Lesson Plan Collection
This great lesson plan collection includes 6 lesson plans that cover the importance of the Transcontinental Railroad. My students especially enjoy the Transcontinental Webquest and writing activity. Depending on how you use the lesson plans you will have activities for 3 to 5 class periods. Answer s

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The Building of the Transcontinental Railroad - Video Guide
For the first time, America stretches from sea to shining sea! Charlie Brown reveals the incredible story of how work crews defied rivers and mountains to link East with West. Great supplemental video for any unit dealing with the building of the transcontinental railroad. This 12 question video gui

Also included in: This Is America, Charlie Brown: Complete Guides for Every Episode (Bundle)


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History in Action - Transcontinental Railroad Simulation - Westward Expansion
Studying westward expansion? Here's a great activity for you to complete with your students or grade level! Students are deeply engaged as they complete the building of the transcontinental railroad as railroad workers. Students get task cards, worker profiles, and some even experience the hardshi

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Create a Transcontinental Railroad Poster
This is a 3 slide powerpoint presentation I use in class after discussing and reading about the Transcontinental Railroad. I have the students create their own poster to show what it would look like if they were living in this time. The first slide gives the directions and sets up the activity, th

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Transcontinental Railroad Timeline
This hand-out is a cut and paste activity. Students cut descriptions out and paste them to corresponding images and dates. This file includes information about The Big Four, Theodore Judah, Samuel Morse, Central Pacific, and Pony Express. It covers California History/Social Studies Standards 4.4.

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Transcontinental Railroad Crossword
Transcontinental Railroad Crossword Transcontinental Railroad Vocabulary Comprehension American Railroad A simple, easy, engaging resource for my westward expansion unit. My students love them this year and it keeps them engaged, yet productive! Key Words Included: railroad-Louisiana Purchase-Tho

Also included in: Social Studies (History & Government) Vocabulary Crossword Puzzle Bundle


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Transcontinental Railroad PowerPoint Presentation
Objective: To examine the creation of the transcontinental railroad.Key Terms and People:Transcontinental RailroadCentral Pacific RailroadUnion Pacific RailroadPromontory Point, UTChinese LaborersMultimedia:Video - Transcontinental Railroad (3:27)

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Transcontinental Railroad Game
This game can be used for the whole class or can be an exciting center. It works great to wrap up a unit on the Transcontinental Railroad, or as a review later in the year. The game allows students to actively engage with how life would have been for different people affected by the building of the

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Transcontinental Railroad and Chinese and Irish Immigration
Students will read and answer questions about the building of the Transcontinental Railroad, the Chinese and Irish immigrant labor, and the Land of Opportunity vs. Protectionism. Students will analyze primary source photographs and political cartoons and work with data to color code sources of immig

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Readers Theater for The Building of the Transcontinental Railroad
Your students will love this approach to history! This 27 page reader's theater is specifically created to meet the Georgia Performance Standards for 5th grade, but can be used by others who want to show change over time in their social studies curriculum. I've made two versions; one as the full c

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Transcontinental Railroad 1869 Primary Source Worksheet
This worksheet allows students to use a primary source document to learn about the completion of the Transcontinental Railroad in 1869This activity is very easy to use. All you have to do is print off the primary source from the following website for classroom use or direct students to the website t

Also included in: California Lesson Plan Collection Bundle


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