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Hello Math Teachers! Worksheet on making two consecutive transformations of points, lines segments, and polygons by making translations, rotations and reflections on a coordinate plane. Great geometry transformations activity that works best with red and blue colored pencils. I use this worksheet
This document is designed to be a 10-day set of warm-ups on translations and reflections. There are two sets of five-day warm-ups. For each set the first four sections/days are transformation practice, and the fifth section/day is a set of five multiple-choice questions. The first set is on trans
What is in the activity?This bundle includes three products from my store: Translation Worksheet, Reflection Worksheet, and Rotation Worksheet. Each activity includes 6 exercises. A complete describe of each worksheet can be read on each of the products. A complete set of answers in included.This
This worksheet has students graph 8 different equations that include a combination of transformations of the parent functions given below. Students are asked to use parent functions and knowledge of transformations to obtain the graph of the equation without using a calculator.Transformations in thi
Included in this product is a guided notes sheet for students to fill in as a review/follow up to a lesson on translations and reflections on a coordinate graph, including how to write expressions using the coordinates to represent movement on the graph. This can be cut out and fits nicely on a note
This 12 page workbook has 22 problems to strengthen students' skills on Translations, Rotations, Reflections, & Dilations. *** This workbook is designed for an 8th grade classroom. If you are looking for a High School Geometry level workbook that uses vectors and reflects along the line y=x pl
Transformations on the Coordinate Plane that Become Artwork to Hang in the Classroom! - Rotations, Reflections, Translations (Shifts), and Dilations There are two differentiated versions plus a create-your-own option that a student can make and swap with a partner! Here are the pages that are inc
Download free pages from this pack here: https://www.classcrown.com/6th-grade-math-worksheetsMath Series: Riddle-Me-WorksheetsGeometry Pack 1: Shapes, Angles, and TransformationsCheck out more Riddle-Me-Worksheets: Click HereDo your students ever complete an entire worksheet, only to find that they
This 10 page workbook has 18 problems to strengths students' skills on Translations, Rotations, and Reflections. When purchasing this product you will get a version with QR codes and a version without QR codes so you can choose which one you prefer to use in your classroom. ***This is for a High S
8th Grade Math Worksheets BundleThis product contains all your homework needs for 8th grade math for an entire year! It is common core aligned and ALL STANDARDS ARE COVERED! There are a total of 63 total worksheets (2 - 5 WORKSHEETS PER STANDARD) over all the 8th grade math domains. Answer keys are
There is a whole years worth of practice worksheets for 8th grade math. There are 55 worksheets that are self-assessing because they include a bubble-in area for the answer key. I have broken up my worksheets into 5 units:The units include:Unit 1 - The Number SystemUnit 2 - Expressions & Equati
Rotation Symmetry: A collection of worksheets and activities on all rotation symmetry topics: Rotation about a central point Describing Rotations (direction, degree & centre) Rotation Symmetry Designs (Great Display Work) x 2 Rotation Symmetry Mystery Picture Order of Rotational Symmetry Des
These are guided notes that cover three transformations: reflections, rotations, & translations. It has two pages for each type of transformation. The first page of each type of transformation is designed for the teacher to review with students. It covers key points, definitions, and example
FREE Sample Pack: Download HereMath Series: Riddle-Me-WorksheetsPre-algebra, Geometry, Ratios and Percents BundleDo your students ever complete an entire worksheet, only to find that they have done most of the problems incorrectly and clearly have a misconception? ClassCrown’s Riddle-Me-Worksheets h
My students have always understood sequences of transformations by simple test practice and I hope yours will feel more confident after practicing several types of sequences of transformation problems!This resource was developed provide students with extra practice when meeting the requirements of t
The students will plot the points of a triangle and then use colored pencils to complete various transformations of that triangle. They will then fill out a chart showing the new coordinates for each transformation. On the second page they will match various graphs to their corresponding transforma
Great to use for at home learning plan during the Coronavirus closures. Send home packet or share as a pdf digitally. This is a great Review and has the standard written on each page!!ALL NEW - Distance LearningGo digital by assigning your students the math review using the Google Slides version. Yo
Transformations: Coordinate Plane Rotations Riddle Practice Worksheet This is a 15 Riddle Practice Worksheet that assesses student understanding of Rotations in the Coordinate Plane. It includes questions that ask students to rotate a point in different ways (CCW 90, 180 and 270 around the origin
Hello Math Teachers! Worksheet on dilation with order pairs and polygons with enlargements and reductions about the origin. Students find new order pairs using scale and construct original polygons and images after the transformation as well as identifying the scale factor used to make an enlargeme
Transformations: Coordinate Plane Dilations Riddle Practice Worksheet This is a 15 Riddle Practice Worksheet that assesses student understanding of Dilations in the Coordinate Plane. It includes questions that ask students to dilate a point in different ways (enlargements and reductions using who
This packet includes 7 pages of transformations practice, specifically translations and reflections. After each page is a duplicate page with the answers on it. This makes it easier for students to check over their answers. The work in this packet is derived from my Transformations workbook which
Here are 2 activity sheets that allow students to examine pictures of places in the world and practice identifying angles and transformations. The first sheet covers transformations ( translations, rotations, reflections, AKA slides, flips and turns ) and portrays a seashore scene. The second sheet
Translations of shapes can be a hard concept for students to recognize. They can often explain what a rotation (turn), translation (slide), or reflection (flip) is, but get the mixed up when putting the knowledge into practice. This set of translation of shapes task cards gives your students 64 ca
Please rate this product and let me know what you think. Four pages of translations and reflections practice are included. Each page has a variety of shapes that are used on labeled coordinate grids. I made this because I was tired of seeing practice pages that had students doing the same thing 2

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