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Biochemistry and Energy Unit Vocabulary Lesson Plan
This 9 page Lesson Plan contains 37 vocabulary words and definitions related to the Biochemistry and Energy Unit in Biology. Atom, Element, Molecule, Compound, Carbohydrate, Lipid, Saturated Fat, Unsaturated Fat, Protein, Amino Acids, Polypeptide, Nucleic Acid, Nucleotide, Ribose, Deoxyribose, Pu

Also included in: Biochemistry Chemistry of Life Unit Lesson Bundle

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Osmosis Lesson, Cell Transport
This is a 500 Slide PowerPoint about cellular transport topics that includes a built-in lab with directions and visuals, critical notes (red-slides), built-in quiz with answers, animations, step by step flow chart, built-in questions with answers, class simulations, games, 3 pages of homework with a
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Active and Passive Transport: Red Rover Send Particles Over
Students compare and contrast passive and active transport by playing a game to model this phenomenon. Movement through cell membranes is also modeled, as well as the structure and movement typical of the fluid mosaic model of the cell membrane. Concentration gradient, sizes, shapes and polarity of
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Chemistry of Life (Biochemistry) Bundle of Activities and Assessments
Use this bundle of activities and assessments to help your students learn about biochemistry topics such as macromolecules, the cell membrane, cellular transport, and enzymes. Be sure to check out the preview for a brief look into what is included in the download. The following is currently i
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Cell Processes and Molecules of Life Bundle
In this Cell Processes and Molecules of Life Bundle, students will learn about how cells function and the molecules they need to survive. Taught in this bundle: carbohydrates, lipids, proteins and nucleic acids through a visually engaging PowerPoint, notes, review worksheets and lab. Then, in two l
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Alloy the Way to Mars
Acting as engineering teams, students take measurements and make calculations to determine the specific strength of various alloys and then report their data to the rest of the class. Using this class data, students write data-based recommendations to NASA regarding the best alloy to use in the cons
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