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Financial Literacy - Budgeting - Money Management: 14-Day MS-EXCEL Simulation
Financial Literacy - Budgeting - Money Management: 14-Day MS-EXCEL Simulation – is a very comprehensive, exciting, and interactive computerized real world turn-key activity/simulation whereby students “Flip the Die” for their “Station in Life” and experience “The Real World” according to the roll of
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Industrial Revolution Simulation and PowerPoint: The Urban Game
Students complete a fun and historically detailed simulation of the progression of the Industrial Revolution and urbanization in England, particularly the town of Manchester. This activity especially helps visual and kinesthetic learners grasp the essential points of the Industrial Revolution. Kids
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Gifted and Talented - Living on Your Own:  Lessons in Financial Responsibility
Challenge your gifted and talented to play the “game of life” and survive financially during their first year in college. This concept-based unit allows students to “earn” an inheritance from a distant relative by repurposing items from a barn. With this “money,” students find affordable housing,
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Cell Transport Hyperdoc - No Prep!!
This Hyperdoc is more than just a document with links to assignments. It allows your students to take a larger responsibility in their learning process and frees you up to facilitate the lesson and meet with students individually or in small groups. It is great for differentiation as students can
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Big Business Simulation - Industrial Age America
It is the late 1800’s and the United States is changing into an industrial nation. Factories are being built to make products by machine rather than by hand. A combination of factors contributes to the growth of big business in America. The great amount of natural resources such as coal, iron ore
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Vacation Simulation: Adding Decimals, Reading, Writing
Are you looking for a high interest, challenging way for students to demonstrate their knowledge of adding decimals. Vacation Simulation challenges students to add decimals/money while planning a four day vacation. Out-of-the-Box has created a vacation journal which includes everything ne
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Experience the Transportation Revolution: Lesson w Modified Reading + Extension
Experience the Transportation Revolution through the eyes of a businessperson. What business will make the most money? Contains reading and modified reading to allow all students access. Also has Extension project for HW or Gifted students/honors (with rubric). Teacher Copy with answers to make
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The Cell Membrane-Interactive Lesson
Students will: 1. review cell parts, 2. explore the role of the cell membrane including diffusion, osmosis, active transport and facilitated diffusion. Each page invites your learner to interactive with the subject to engage the information. Lessons use audio, animation, virtual manipulatives and
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Personal Finance Unit: That's Life - Project-Based Learning Simulation
If you’re looking for a way that give kids the opportunity to see what it’s like to have the financial responsibilities of an adult, this Project-based Learning Simulation is it! In this financial literacy unit, kids will confront the challenges we all face, as they try to make their money last the

Also included in: Personal Finance PBL Simulation Unit - Money Crack the Code Bundle

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Reading Activity - My Life- Why reading is so important simulation
TEACHER DIRECTIONS Purpose: A simulation activity that allows students to see the realize the consequences of not trying to become better at reading and writing. This activity puts students into random socioeconomic groups based on a random number on a die. This number will determine how much mon
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STEM - Robert Fulton and Buoyancy
STEM lesson about Robert Fulton and Buoyancy. Students learn lessons for today and skills for tomorrow as they collaborate to solve historical problems! In this Mind Missions lesson, students will learn about Robert Fulton and the development of the steamboat to transport goods. Then, they will col
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Budget Challenge Project: Monthly Budget Activity (Compatible with Google Drive)
This project is an excellent and fun way to help teach students about budgeting and help them develop financial skills that will serve them later in life. This challenge was designed and implemented in an 8th grade Social Studies class, but it could easily be incorporated in a variety of subjects an
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Genotype and Phenotype – A Digital Scavenger Hunt Activity
Genotype and Phenotype - A Digital, Device-Based resource that will get your kids out of their seats, engaged, utilizing technology, and collaborating to solve real problems and test their knowledge. This activity works well across grades as a means of assessment, review, and/or instruction. This hu
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Experience Soviet Russia
Want to transport your kids back into the world of Soviet Russia to experience what life was really like during the reign of the USSR. Help them to truly understand the hardship every day people experienced under Stalin. This activity is standard aligned and actively engages the students as they wo
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Exploring The Circulatory System Activity Set (MS-LS1-3) (5E Model)
In this explore and explain activity bundle (three activities!), students first participate in a card sort to develop a model that illustrates the parts of the circulatory system and the function of each part. Then, they draw conclusions about how each part works with the others to support the overa

Also included in: Body Invaders: Organization of Living Things (NGSS MS-LS1-1, MS-LS1-2, MS-LS1-3)

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City Life Simulation
Learning about urban life is exciting, interesting, and often more complicated than it sounds. But getting students to appreciate all of this complexity can be a challenge. This simulation aims to immerse students into the life of a city-dweller, so that by the end of the lesson students are able to
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