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Practice solving proportions using scale factor with this fun treasure map!Measure or count the distance between 2 points of interest. You can use a ruler, or count the number of squares. Be careful, some points are halfway between the lines!Then, write a proportion and solve to find the distance
Enjoy this introduction to coordinate map skills with a treasure theme!Included:- An interactive PowerPoint presentation asking students to locate different treasure pictures before the answer is revealed.- Three grid reference worksheets- A treasure game that can be played in pairs, small groups or
Learn how to work out 4-figure grid references and devise a map to test each other.This lesson is fully interactive and the PowerPoint is animated with sound effects.NO PREP CUTTING AND LAMINATING! Just print out the provided grid and go! I've also added plainer versions of the fully animated slide
My #1 top-selling product with over 100 sales! This teacher's guide is complete with all the information you need to create your own map adventure titled "Math Treasure Island." Students will practice using a compass, straight-edge, and protractor; measuring in inches and metric; using proportional
6th - 8th
Enjoy this introduction to coordinates in the first quadrant with a treasure theme!Included:- An interactive PowerPoint presentation asking students to locate different treasure pictures before the answer is revealed.- Three coordinates worksheets- A treasure game that can be played in pairs, small
Students create a "treasure map" of the settings in the book that are visited by the Main Character. Good UDL choice board assignment
Australian Curriculum Geography overview: Which countries have over 100 million inhabitants? What is the most widely spoken language in the world? Discover the answers to these and many more questions in Australian Curriculum Geography, a fantastic series which will see students navigating through c
Students will create a treasure map.
Use as an independent activity that demonstrates how students can apply their understanding of co-ordinates and using directional language.
Final project for Treasure Island. Create a treasure map that helps the students learn the important of "steps" that lead to another.
Traveling the World - Continents, Oceans, Maps, and Landforms ***Please look at the PREVIEW to check out this product. You will like what you see!!!*** Travel the World and learn about our 7 amazing continents. Each continent has a "Travel Guide" to tell important facts about their continent. I
The most wonderful and creative mathematics activity for those curious minds! My students have loved every moment of this artistic task.Shark Island focuses on:LOCATION AND TRANSFORMATION - Use a grid reference system to describe locations. Describe routes using landmarks and directional language AC
3rd - 7th
This collection contains all you need to generate a treasure map. The set includes barrel, bone, bottle, cave, compass, desert island, forest, islands, dotted lines (tracks), map paper, palm trees, rocks, shark fin, ship, treasure chest, treasure map, tree, volcano, water (different shapes), X (mark
Geography: Cardinal Directions Cut & Paste Activity Worksheets:Following topics are covered.1. Cardinal Directions2- My Room3- My Neighborhood4. My Classroom5. Grandma's Farm6.Treasure Island7. Park8. Zoo This is a fun way to learn Cardinal Directions.answer keys are included.Kindly check my rel
Create an exciting pirate adventure using this fun Make a Treasure Map set in your classroom! It is packed with 43 png images in total - 23 color versions and 20 black and white! It includes:pile of bonesboulderscavecompass roseisland (2 color options)lagoonmap paper blanktreasure map completedmap
A Literature Kit for the novel Treasure Island written by Robert Louis Stevenson. Take a Peek Inside: Sail the seas to quench your thirst for gold in this tale of piracy, adventure and betrayal. Help students better understand the novel with in-depth comprehension and vocabulary questions. Match t
BOOM ESCAPE ROOM: Blackbeard’s Treasure Following Instructions | Learning to Code | Directions on a MapThe Lost Treasure of Black Beard the Pirate was always thought to be a myth. Until recently, that is, when you discovered a map to 5 secret islands. On these islands a jewel is hidden in a secret l
Treasure Island activity packet to go along with grade 6 class. Packet includes: -possible comprehension questions -vocabulary activity -extensions -summarizing -narrative writing idea -possible extensions -character traits and development -pirate map activity (geography connection) -pirates: real
Looking at a fun way to get your class using positional language and directions this is it! Pirate themed treasure island, children have to direct themselves around the map following the instructions and then giving instructions. Easily extended to get them to visit more than one place or add in
K - 2nd
This is an engaging multi-subject, critical thinking mystery. Much of the knowledge is gained through reading or puzzles that kids will have to solve. They join a treasure hunting team and follow them through the West Indies in search of a treasure. They find pieces of a map and puzzles that help
Engage your students in the world of piracy while assessing their understanding of TODALS. They will read the story of the treasure battle between the Bloodthirsty and the Mermaids Dagger and take on the role of a pirate captain. They will draw a treasure map leading the crew to a deserted island
Not Grade Specific
Estimate and measure each of 6 different paths to find which one leads to the treasure on the island! Two recording sheets included, one for centimeters and one for inches. Students should use string and a ruler to accurately measure the twisting paths.
K - 3rd
It's time to prepare for Christmas. Can you find the tree, the holly, Rudolph or even Santa?!An introduction to coordinate map skills with a Christmas theme!Included:- An interactive PowerPoint presentation asking students to locate different Christmas pictures before the answer is revealed.- Three
The project is an art project where students draw an island and hide a treasure chest on it. It incorporate physical geography by having them draw landforms on the island. It incorporates mapping skills such as scale, direction, etc by having them leave instructions on how to navigate the island to

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