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Sample Space, Tree Diagrams and The Counting Principle Interactive Notebook Pages and Activities CCSS: 7.SP.C.8.B Included in this product: Sample Spaces Guided Notes (2 per page) Sample Spaces Practice (2 per page- full color and black and white versions) Tree Diagrams Guided Notes (2 per page) T
These notes can be used in an interactive math notebook. The file includes a blank copy for students and an answer key. Notes are 7.5 x 4.75 in size, two per page. These notes address Virginia Math SOL 5.14. Students will learn how to create tree diagrams as one method for creating a sample space
***If you liked the product please rate it. Thanks! This product introduces students to tree diagrams and sample spaces using Cornell notes. It contains notes, partner work, and some independent problems. Earn credit to use on future purchases: Go to the My Purchases page and you should see a
5th - 7th
This is an introductory activity on sample spaces. After discussing what sample spaces are and how they are used, students will then complete the guided practice on creating a sample space. Give student the tree diagram sheets and the picture items sheet. This activity is easily differentiated. For
7th - 9th
This quiz asks students to create sample spaces for compound and simple events. Most sample spaces are shown as ordered lists to save space, but it also includes a tree diagram and a Punnett Square. Some questions ask for all possible outcomes, and some ask for the number of permutations. Part of t
This 3-page handout includes a teacher led lesson on determining the sample space. Students are taught how to use an organized list, a table, a tree diagram and the counting principle. The thumbnails above show the answer key. Enjoy using the free resource! This activity is one of the many activit
Are you looking for a fun and flexible differentiated* activity that provides a rich variety of practice problems for Common Core Standard 7.SP.8b (Representing Sample Spaces for Compound Events). We've set up this these common core-aligned digital and printable task cards so that they can be seamle
This quiz asks students to create sample spaces for compound and simple events. Most sample spaces are shown as ordered lists to save space, but it also includes a tree diagram and a Punnett Square. Some questions ask for all possible outcomes, and some ask for the number of permutations.ALL 7TH GRA
This is a new station for practicing problem solving.This set focuses on finding probabilities with tree diagrams and includes four different Poly Problem Solvers, each with five problems. Students solve the problem and match the answer to it. I suggest using hook and loop tabs. This way, students c
Excellent lesson and practice problems to teach how to determine the entire sample space for compound events!Students will learn to use either TREE DIAGRAMS or CHARTS to generate a list of the sample space for events that are combined into one outcome (i.e. rolling 2 die). Students will practice ex
This product hits the following TEKS: 7.6A represent sample spaces for simple and compound events using lists and tree diagrams This product includes 3 versions of the foldable: Pg. 2-3 – Guided Notes Pg. 4-5 – Guided Notes with Tree Diagram Layout Pg. 6-7 – Completed Guided Notes – For Teacher Use
Guided notes with answer key. Great for interactive notebooks. Full page and half size notes included in download.Standards:Common Core:CCSS.7.SP.C.8.BRepresent sample spaces for compound events using methods such as organized lists, tables and tree diagrams. For an event described in everyday langu
This product includes a foldable with suggested notes, worksheet, and answer key covering Tree Diagrams – 7.SP.C.8, C.8.a, C.8.b. In my class, I use the left hand side of the notebook for guided notes with foldables, while the right-hand side is reserved for individual practice work. There is a one
This is a set of 20 task cards for Math TEK 7.6A Sample Spaces to help prepare students for the 7th Grade STAAR Math. In particular, "represent sample spaces for simple and compound events using lists and tree diagrams" is addressed. This includes questions and answers. Print on card stock, or lam
Polar bears~Have your students show off their knowledge about what they have learned about polar bears after they have done some research and read some books. This product can now be used digitally for Remote Learning or you still have the option to print. You can customize this even further for Rem
Back to School Space Theme Mega Pack: Get ready to blast off into a great school year! This 100+ page file will help you with all aspects of starting your school year! It contains printable space themed room decor, open house activities and forms, vital first week forms and parent communication, and
Sample Space- Tables- Lists- Tree Diagram- Fundamental Counting Principle
Create tree diagrams and sample spaces for combinations. Neutral theme for any time of year. Set includes a holiday set as well for the holidays.
5th - 7th
Simple eventsSample space Theoretical ProbabilityExperimental Probability PredictionsCompound Events - Tree diagrams, tables, listsCompound Event Probability with replacementCompound Event Probability without replacementSimulating Compound Events
Help students master sample spaces with tree diagrams and lists. Your students will gain experience constructing tree diagrams and lists of possible outcomes. Students are given 8 task cards, each with 2-4 questions about sample spaces and probability. Recording sheets are included with ample room f
4th - 6th
The assignment is about Sample Spaces: one question on Fundamental Counting Principle, and one on making and applying a tree diagram. This take home assignment is meant to be done with a parent/guardian since the student is to explain their thought process to their parent/guardian. It's a short 2-qu
6th - 8th
This mixed review worksheet includes tree diagrams, sample space, compound events, as well as short response questions that require students to explain in writing how a problem is solved. Greate for test review.
6th - 8th
Probability Basics Objectives: -Write the sample space for a set of events. Count the outcomes in a sample space by using: **A branching (tree) diagram. **The multiplication principle. -Apply the basic rules of probability to solve problems. -Describe what is meant by the complement of an event. -D
10th - 12th, Higher Education
This activity has students practicing making tree diagrams/lists to find the sample space (all the total possibilities). In order for students to grasp this concept, this product uses the topic of cell phones, outfits, ice cream etc to get students to relate to the question. Some students may eve

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