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Twitter: Print off this blank "Twitter" feed and have your students fill it in with tweets from book characters, famous authors, historical figures, scientists, artists and more! Best for individual work.This blank profile feed is modeled after the new "Twitter" layout that your students are using r
What if Juliet had a Twitter account? What about Winston Smith or Katniss Everdeen? In this activity, students create the twitter feed of a fictional character in order to explore character motivations, plot, perspective, identity, and language. Students will have a blast drawing bio pics, writing t
A PDF colour template, with four twitter feeds per 8.5 by 11 inch paper. Through request, this smaller and just as cute template is excellent for quick, hand-in assessments, responses, or just general fun in the classroom. Just print off in mass quantities and have a pile at the ready for those
A PDF colour template, with two twitter feeds per 8.5 by 11 inch paper. This is an excellent resource to laminate for continuous use with students. Put magnet strips on the back for easy posting on a blackboard. A perfect resource for students to provide opinions and feedback in any subject,
This template can be used across a variety of disciplines. We've used it in English class while reading novels and plays. Students create an account, tweets, trending and following lists as it relates to a scene or chapter.
Students can use this popular and familiar template to present facts for a research project. Would be ideal for biographies.
With this versatile activity, students create a Twitter feed using five historical figures from a particular unit or time period. This can be implemented as a review on the fly or a project. You can even have them choose historical figures from various units or time-periods. It’s all here and ready
Project Twitter feed history and social studies project is one way for students to convey research about a historic figure or topic. What might be tweeted about the Battle of Gettysburg or from a woman living in Ancient China? Great for any unit of study. Included in this project guide is student
This *FREEBIE* includes the setup to implement a classroom "Twitter feed." Your students will love "updating" their statuses everyday. This packet includes a 1-page and 2-page banner in addition to the quote bubbles that students will use to "tweet." Cut and laminate a quote bubble for each stud
This goes along with the WWI walking gallery PDF. Create Posters of these and have students fill them out as they go through the different gallery posters,
Looking for a way to synthesize what students have learned about Traditional Literature or multicultural stories? In this project, students use their creative abilities and knowledge of current technology to demonstrate what they've learned. In part one, students create a diorama of one scene from
Be sure to download the preview for a 12 page glimpse at the full document. This includes quotes from every president in a "Twitter feed" format. Display them in your room on a bulletin board to show students quotes and pictures of every single president. Students will love the modern and technolog
With his versatile activity, students create a Twitter feed using five literary characters from a particular novel or short story. This can be implemented as a review or a project. You can even have them choose characters from various works you’ve studied. It's all ready to go! Here’s what you get:
My students absolutely loved this! First we learned of the Revolution and then we created our own Twitter feeds from the perspective of the Colonists or really who ever you would like. Included are two; one with a few filled out to help them and a completely blank ones for higher level learners. Gre
A BUNDLE! Yay! My Twitter Feed template for 8" x 11.5" has been so popular that I've decided to make a small bundle that includes a 3" x 5" template as well. Why the 3" x 5"? Due to request, some teachers would like these index-sized Twitter Feeds for hand-in responses for pocket charts! This t
Two Civil War Twitter Feeds included. It is flexible for Perspectives. It requires knowledge prior to this project. Great for Major Grade, assessment or activity! I take these as a major grade. They give me a chance to really assess if students are grasping the material or not (since they must put i
This Includes Four Different Twitters. Two for Southern/Northern Perspectives for Long Road To Secession and Two For Civil War Twitters. Students Will have to already know information. This activity allows for the Student to apply all they have learned through dialogue! Students usually take 1-2 p
Blank twitter feed graphic organizer. Each tweet includes space for a avatar, announcement, time and date. I have students create timelines or dialogues between historical figures about historical events. Please leave a review and let me know how you use these graphic organizers! Thank you!
I saw a teacher at school use this as a reflection activity for the lesson or day's learning, so i've decided to share. Display the signs and reflective posters on my door. Each student gets a laminated twitter account card. At the end of the lesson/day or before students can leave the class for l
Use this twitter feed activity sheet to hold a write-around discussion on any classroom subject.
A template that allows students to add their own photo and tweet various things. I'll be using mine as an exit slip.
This engaging lesson that can be used for just about any subject and in any way. The students can post several short summaries on the topic they are studying. I used this activity as a reading lesson to teach point of view and review character traits/emotions. In this document I have included a b
Goal: Create a twitter feed about the listed famous explorers that teaches the class the most important information they need to know. You will then complete a chart as the groups present or do a gallery walk (walk around the room and view the posters). I offer all of my packets, PowerPoints,
Imagine that Twitter (and computers and the internet and lots of other stuff) existed way back in Odysseus’s time. While he’s been on his 10 year adventure since leaving Troy, Odysseus has occasionally tweeted “What’s Happening.” It's the students' jobs to create Odysseus’s Twitter timeline whic

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