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Addition & Subtraction Word Problems by Problem Type - Numberless Word Problems
These numberless addition and subtraction word problems by problem type help students understand the relationship of the numbers in story problems. Numbers can easily be differentiated to meet the needs of your kindergarten, first, second or third grade students. Help students understand the proces

Also included in: Second Grade Math BUNDLE

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25 Types of Poetry
I found this on the internet somewhere I don't know who to give credit to. I retyped the version and put up to date pictures on it. This is really great for writing different types of poetry.
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Parts of Speech Bundle - Nouns, Verbs, Adjectives, Adverbs, Types of Sentences
This product is a a collection of all four of my Parts of Speech units. These units will teach all of the Common Core Language Standards but can be used with any curriculum! These units include fun and hands-on activities, as well as student friendly worksheets for extra practice. You can use the
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Weather Unit: Types of Weather, Water Cycle, and Seasons Activities
This weather unit has engaging weather activities for kindergarten and first grade students. It is perfect for integrating science with reading and writing, too! It is filled with real life photos and hands on activities! You may also be interested in First Grade Science for November! Inside you w
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Figurative Language Unit:  6 Types of Figurative Language Worksheets and Lessons
Studying figurative language makes students better readers and writers! In this unit students will define, interpret, write, read, and analyze six types of figurative language: simile, metaphor, personification, onomatopoeia, alliteration, and hyperbole.Each lesson includes guided instruction, ind

Also included in: October Unit Plans Bundle - 4 ELA Units to Teach All October Long!

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Multisyllabic Words - Decoding using Syllable Types
Decoding Multisyllabic Words using Syllable TypesAs a reading intervention teacher, I noticed that many students struggled to decode multisyllabic words. This greatly impacted student confidence, reading, comprehension, fluency, and vocabulary. This unit was created out of an abundance of research.
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Types of Maps and Map Skills Pack- Social Studies grades 2-5
This is a packet of worksheets with different types of maps. (Population map, precipitation map, political map, natural resource map, physical map)Additional pages with map vocabulary is included! My students really enjoyed this lesson!If you are looking for an interactive digital version of this pr
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The Six Syllable Types for Older Students
*UPDATED!* Why teach the six syllable types to older students? Many 2nd, 3rd, 4th, and even 5th graders struggle to read grade level texts. One reason can be a lack of phonics knowledge. Teaching the syllable types to older children can help them break up and read many multisyllabic words they encou
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Orton-Gillingham Activities: Multisensory Syllable Types & Syllable Division
Write your Orton-Gillingham lesson plans and you will be ready to go with this extensive bundle of syllabication activities to support your instruction.Use this syllable types and syllable division BUNDLE for introduction or review of syllabication. This resource is designed to use a multisensory ap
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Grammar Curriculum Bundle: Parts of Speech, Verbals, Types of Sentences, & More
Stop piecing together grammar lesson plans and get lifetime updates! With this complete grammar curriculum, you will have a variety of activities that span diverse grammar lessons. This bundle includes notes, graphic organizers, quizzes, tests, warm-ups, a textbook, presentations, and activities to
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Map Skills Unit - Activities for Types of Maps, Cardinal Directions & Geography
This pack of activities for Grades 2 - 4 includes 28 pages of thoughtfully designed printables to engage your students while they practice these basic concepts. You’ll find these ready-to-use pages to be easy to implement and thorough in scope. This resource includes opportunities for your student
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Types of Sentences Activity Pack
This listing is for a pack of activities to review the four types of sentences. I created this to go with my reading basal, which refers to the four types of sentences as COMMAND, EXCLAMATION, QUESTION, and STATEMENT. :) Included are: -Types of Sentences Posters -Types of Sentences Anchor Chart -
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Rock Cycle and Rock Types - Activities
Rock Cycle and Rock Types - NOTE: This product is available in the Rock-Pack Bundle See Link Below Two activities to introduce or review information about the types of rocks; Igneous, Sedimentary, and Metamorphic. One focuses on the 3 main types of rocks, and the other is a simplified Rock Cycle
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Measuring Angles with a Protractor Game Type of Angle Measurement Activity 4MD6
Looking for a fun interactive teaching idea for angle measurement? Well bingo! Look no further as Measuring Angles with a Protractor Puzzles, for CCSS 4.MD.6, will serve as an exciting lesson plan for 4th grade elementary school classrooms. This is a great resource to incorporate into your unit as a

Also included in: 4th Grade Math Centers 4th Grade Math Games 4th Grade Puzzles Bundle

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Types of Sentences PowerPoint and Worksheets
If your students enjoy bright colors, animation, and interactive activities, then they'll love this set. Included is a highly visual and interactive PPT that consists of 58 slides, jam-packed with engaging activities. The combination of colorful graphics, sound clips, animation, a thematic approach
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Sentence Types Unit: Simple, Compound, Complex {sentence structure}
Sentence Types Unit: Simple, Compound, Complex sentence structure! Use this 28 page pack (+ 45 slide game) to teach Simple, Compound, and Complex sentences. It will take you from the very beginning stages of introducing the topic with guided notes to a fun, fast paced power point review game. INCLU
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4th Grade Geometry Games {Angles and Lines, Types of Triangles, Symmetry...}
These games make 4th grade geometry standards so much fun to practice! This 4th Grade Geometry Games Pack contains 20 fun and engaging printable board games to help students to practice naming lines, line segments, rays, and angles, identifying parallel and perpendicular lines, identifying types of

Also included in: 4th Grade Math Centers: 4th Grade Math Games No Prep Bundle

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Sentence Building, Types of Sentences, Punctuation {Hands-on Reading}
Teach students to write complete sentences, use correct punctuation, expand sentences, and distinguish between different types of sentences with this engaging hands-on resource. This bundle includes 10 days of mini lessons, anchor charts, partner games, interactive notebook pages, task cards, fold o

Also included in: 1st Grade Language Arts and Grammar BUNDLE {Hands-on Reading Curriculum}

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Word Problems by Problem Type BUNDLE (+, -, x, ÷)
This is a combination of Addition and Subtraction Word Problems and Multiplication and Division Word Problems. It is a year-long resource for problem-solving using story problems by problem type. It is perfect for second through fourth grades and can be easily differentiated because each word probl
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6 Syllable Types Interactive Pages
If you're working on the 6 syllable types with your learners, these interactive pages are a MUST! Learners will cut, paste, write, read, analyze, divide, and blend these 6 syllable types:1. closed syllables2. open syllables3. r-controlled syllables4. CVCe syllables (in the 1st or 2nd syllable)5. vow
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Context Clues Worksheets and Exit Tickets (focusing on 5 types of clues)
This packet includes 4 context clues worksheets. It also includes two exit tickets that can be used as you and your students progress through your context clues unit. In all, 53 practice items are included in this resource! The first two pages (that I would make into a 2-sided worksheet) focus on co

Also included in: Context Clues Bundle of Activities (4th, 5th, and 6th grade)

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Types of Volcanoes Activity
Students will erupt with excitement when they work on this fun and flashy circlebook activity! Ten mix-n-match templates feature ready-to-color illustrations of a Cinder Cone, a Composite Cone, and a Shield Volcano, complete with keys. For longer circle books, students can fill in additional templat

Also included in: Natural Disasters COMPREHENSIVE BUNDLE of all products related to this topic

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Sentence Writing, Sentence Construction Activities, Sentence Types & More
This 43-page packet - all about writing sentences - is designed to introduce/review basic skills of writing through practical, ready-to-use activities. Activities are focused on helping students write clean, succinct sentences that make sense. NO PREP involved! This section is where grammar is hit
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NEW UPDATE: November 2018The Complex Sentence bundle updated to include: editable Power Point presentation, editable note-taking (Cornell style) sheets, Interactive Notebook Templates, Print-n-go sheets, posters and 32 Task Cards.**********************************************************************
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