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Kids love glue, scissors, and engagement! Why not combine this love with learning about the types of government around the world? This mini-unit focuses on the four basic government systems: monarchy dictatorship democracy republic Students will complete a note-taking activity with a notebook f
Types of Governments Straw Activity This Types of Governments Straw Activity includes: ♦ Instructions for five different types of governments (monarchy, republic, anarchy, dictatorship, and democracy!) & how those governments should complete the task given to them ♦ Instructions for the teache
Students will be able to understand the types of governments that exist in the world by reviewing this engaging lecture, playing a fun game: “Government Squares”, and creating a postcard activity. A creative lecture notes template is included. Print and Digital!*This product includes both a print an
A fun way to have students see the different types of government choices there are. When our founding fathers were creating this nation they had a lot of governments to choose from. Students will create their government based on some of these choices. They will have to prove their government is t
Review different types of governments with this fun worksheet activity! Students design Picto-Words to illustrate the meaning of 4 forms of government systems. This is an engaging way to review the concepts & let students show off their creativity! A short PowerPoint guides you through an expl
Identify & explain the similarities & differences of government systems in the world. This guided lesson introduces types of governments with vocabulary & real-world examples. Students complete a fill-in chart for their interactive journals. Extend the lesson with a fun speed game activi
Your students will love learning about the types of government in the major countries of Latin America with this engaging, no prep reading activity! This is perfect for adding literacy to your social studies curriculum because it’s academically-aligned for ELA and for social studies. Plus, it’s so e
This bundle includes multiple resources that can be used together to teach students about the different types of governments that exist around the globe. ***This lesson bundle is part of a comprehensive unit of curriculum that can be found here: US GOVERNMENT UNIT: Origins of Government, Types, B
Includes all of the following items to take your classroom digital! Easily added to Google Classroom or whatever digital platform you use for distance learning!- 4 Google Docs with 4 short readings over the basics regarding democracies, monarchies, dictatorships, and theocracies. Includes 4 workshee
Looking for a fun and engaging way to teach types of government? This is my FAVORITE activity to complete in civics!What is included in this activity? PowerPoint Types of government brochure notes Types of Gummyment activities* This activity requires the purchase of gummy bear. The 54 bag of gummy b
This digital Social Studies resource is a 25-slide interactive Google Slides presentation for types of government, perfect for distance learning! This resource includes important information about theocracies, dictatorships, monarchies, and democracies. Slides provide examples for each type of gover
Types of Government Research Cube with Writing Extension Activity PackActivity Cubes are a great way to engage students in research while making it fun and engaging. This activity packet includes key symbols for student to research each type of government and then write a well formed essay on one t
Your students will love learning about the different types of government with this engaging, no prep Social Studies Activity Packet! Your 6th grade students will love the fun activities, and you will love that it's standards-based! The best part is that NO PRIOR KNOWLEDGE is needed because a reading
Interactive Word Walls are a fantastic addition to your classroom! Bright, colorful, and easy to decipher pictures help you introduce, reinforce, and review vocabulary words with each unit! We are often challenged to teach insane amounts of vocabulary in our Social Studies curriculum! Word walls are
Review the differences between limited & unlimited government systems with this Google resource. Begin with a fun “4 Pics, 1 Word” warm-up activity to teach the vocabulary. Then, challenge students to classify statements as traits of limited or unlimited governments with the sorting activity. A
Types of Government Activity, Wheel of Knowledge (Interactive Notebook)Types of Government Activity, Civics Interactive Notebook, Civics Wheel of Knowledge (Interactive Notebook)➤This instruction sheet and wheel template will walk your students through creating an "Wheel of Knowledge" foldable for e
Background & Types of Government Vocabulary Activity Puzzle (Print and Digital), Civics and Government Test Prep, Distance LearningThese student review puzzles are a great way to engage all students in groups or individually with a game and to review for tests (TEST PREP). You could have student
In this activity, students will gain new knowledge of tyranny, monarchy, aristocracy, oligarchy, and direct democracy through the use of a simulation that is very similar to the popular game, mafia. Included in this lesson is the teacher's adaptable script for the lesson and 16 character sheets with
Students get an opportunity to review the different forms of governments found in the world. Students apply the vocabulary & practice identifying each system. Reinforce the similarities & differences between types of governments & check for understanding. An answer key helps you quickly
This is the perfect summative assessment after you have taught types of government! These differentiated writing activities include activities and writing prompts for three levels in the classroom. Level A-Students evaluate types of government Level B-Students respond to a quote and use a reading pa
This activity involves the class creating role plays of various systems of government (monarchy, republic, democracy, dictatorship, totalitarianism, and theocracy). Their role plays should be about creating new school rules, but that can easily be changed.
Easily added to Google Classroom or whatever digital platform you use for distance learning! Includes 4 online/digital activities for the government types of: democracy, monarchy, dictatorship, and theocracy- Google Doc with link to a short video on democracies and overview reading. Followed up with
Let your students choose how they show mastery surrounding the topic Types of Governemnt while integrating writing and literacy skills through this choice board. 6 Differentiated activities covering the Different types of Government R.A.F.T. Thinking Maps Sketch a Collage They Said What? The Goo
This fun activity lets middle school and high school students learn about the different types of government by playing with food! Students will define 7 types of governments and then create a scene that explains one of the types of government using gummy bears. **Gummy bears are not included** What

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