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This BUNDLE includes 11 of my most popular stations activities from the first half of U.S. History. All of these stations are made in Google, so they can be assigned to students digitally. NOTE: I'm currently in the process of editing all of these stations activities to be possible with remote/dista
Students will be able to understand the reasons and types of protests during the Vietnam War by analyzing protest songs. First, students will read aloud information about the Opposition to the war and answer essential questions. The teacher will then review the main causes of the opposition to the
This lesson provides a fun educational gallery walk for students to learn about the various methods of protest utilized by the colonists. Each station depicts a different type of protest, including, boycotting, a spinning bee, a boycott of merchants, a tarring and feathering and an effigy hanging.
PERFECT FOR FRENCH IMMERSION! This BUNDLE contains 3 FRENCH products: reading comprehension passages, task cards, and activity worksheets. The following topics are covered: 1. Activity Worksheets - Citizenship - Rights and Responsibilities - Charter of Rights and Freedoms - Types of Government (De
PERFECT FOR FRENCH IMMERSION! This product contains FRENCH reading comprehension passages The following topics are covered:Protests/Government- Types of Protests- Examples of Peaceful Protests in Canada- 3 Levels of Government- Roles and Positions in our Government- Comparing Governments: Canada ver
Baltimore Peaceful Protest Lesson Plan...216....24....39000 Hours...Time Is On Their Side! In April of 2015 the news media focused heavy on the riot that happened in Baltimore Maryland. The riot took place amidst the controversy of the killing of an African American man by police during an arrest.
This full lesson introduces the idea of protest and what it means. Students think about different types of protest and what could make them protest. Get your student thinking about workers rights and why we now have them. Students learn about the Match Girls Strike in London in the 19th Century;
GOOGLE CLASSROOM - PERFECT FOR FRENCH IMMERSION! This product contains 50 Google Slides that you can send to your students for Distance Teaching. Check out the PREVIEW to see which worksheets you will get in Google Slides format. This interactive product allows your students to type their answers on
A simple partner/small group assignment that has students decide what types of protests are acceptable and justify them to class. Good activity as an introduction to influencing government or Law.
Students get to know artists on a more personal level; how they started, their artistic styles, and how they overcame obstacles. One-page summaries that condense the information but may spark their interest to study more about them.Also, could be combined with other one page artists for an art noteb
This product will provide a link to the BoomCard website where you will be able to access your BOOM Card Deck of 24 Digital Self Checking Multiple Choice Task Cards on the Acts and Taxes King George III was forcing on the British colonists. The Quartering Act, Stamp Act, Proclamation of 1763, Declar
This content-rich activity is student-centered and interactive! The activity has 10 stations with close readings detailing the roles of key leaders and reformers during the Protestant Reformation and Counter Reformation including: Martin Luther, John Calvin, William Tyndale, Erasmus, King Henry the
Martin Luther Tweets His 95 Theses! The Protestant Reformation & Modern Day! This Martin Luther Tweets activity is also included as part of the much larger Renaissance Unit Bundle, located here: Renaissance Bundle! 10 resources for Renaissance, Reformation, and Exploration! Buy the bundle a
This 69 slide PowerPoint covers the Protestant Reformation and the Catholic Counter Reformation. Topics include:Abuses of the Catholic Church including indulgencesEarly Reformers - John Wycliffe and Jan HusMartin Luther 95 ThesesLuther's Teachings and the Spread of his Ideas1524-1525 Peasant Revolt
This packet is directed at primary age students. It covers the civil rights movement but does so with PRIMARY AGE language that is understandable and inspirational. It teaches a great lesson in the power of non-violence. Students read and then fill in the blanks on passages identical to those
Useful for any middle or high school teachers teaching types of conflict in literature. Very popular with students.In this review activity, students analyze iconic historical pictures and think of a story to frame the picture. After this, they will decide which type of conflict is present in their s
This download includes part 3 of the unit described below The EPIC REFORMATION UNIT includes everything from primary sources, secondary sources, graphic organizers and links to videos...to games, activities and writing prompts. Parts 1-6 can be downloaded and taught as separate lessons, or downloa
Click, Clack, Moo: Cows That Type By Doreen Cronin A McGraw Hill Wonders Text Study This book study contains activities focusing on ELA Standards of Excellence for first grade. Contents 1. Story anchor charts 2. Comprehension questions 3. Story elements graphic organizer 4. Story element cut/paste
Students will read and answer questions about the different forms of protests Americans used to try to change British policies including; the Boston Tea Party, Tarring and Feathering, Letter Writing, and Boycotts. There is a short matching terms type assessment that also includes a critical thinking
These blank biography sheets for important people who made an impact during the Protestant Reformation are a fun way for students to take notes on important historic figures. Each sheet has plenty of room for coloring and doodling to make them more engaging. Digital versions are also included!What's
Examines the role of Martin Luther in sparking the Protestant Reformation, tracing the myriad social, political, and religious changes that swept Europe afterwards, affecting history right up until the 20th century. 26 free-response questions plus application/discussion tasks to help students better
I know my students LOVE the Crash Course series. I needed something simple to make sure they were getting everything they could out of viewing them.My Crash Course worksheets achieve several class goals:ensure that students are staying focused on the material presented.checks for understanding of t
This resource includes a digital bundle of the following resources, to be used for virtual or remote learning in Google Slides™.What's IncludedWhat is Race?-a one page read aloud explaining the concept of race. Includes 2 discussion questions.What is Racism?-a one page read aloud explaining racism.
A PowerPoint file containing 5 presentations for a World History unit titled “The Protestant Reformation.”The PowerPoint file is 42 slides in length. In total there are 5 individual lessons, which in my classroom provides for 10 days of instruction:12.1 Background to the Protestant Reformation - 1

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