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Prefix and Suffix Reading Comprehension Passages and Questions:THE BUNDLE HOW CAN THESE PREFIX AND SUFFIX READING PASSAGES BE USED?Whole Group Small Group IndependentMorning WorkHomeworkStationsIntervention ESLSpecial Education SettingHomeschoolParentsOPTIONS ON HOW TO DO THESE READING PASSAGES☆☆You
Prefix Reading PassagesPrefix and Suffix Reading Passages: THE BUNDLEPrefix Reading PassagesSuffix Reading Passages How it works: -Your choice of using these reading passages:1. Print and Go printable.2. Minimize pages for Comprehension Notebooks.-These passages can be used in whole group, small gro
Students need to practice different phonic skills within written stories. Once students have read a list of 2R words following a certain pattern, we wanted them to apply their new skill in a passage. Therefore, we created original phonics stories for each of the phonic areas of 2R. These include
Are you teaching your students about prefixes and suffixes? This packet has activities for common prefixes and suffixes. Prefixes included are co-, dis-, in-, mis-, pre-, re-, and un-. Suffixes included are -ed, -er, -er, -est, -ful, -ing, -ly, -s, -less.Looking for more ELA resources?HomophonesComp
This Package contains prefix practice. It includes 2 passages that focus on prefixes, a handout for review and a prefix match up game. Prefixes practiced are mis, un, pre, re and dis.
Review the meaning of prefixes and how they change a root word in ladybug style! Games, crafts and more to keep your students engaged in understanding the art of prefixes! See PREVIEW for all included!★ Read & Sort Ladybug Spots by Prefixes - Color and printer friendly b/w options! Great for gro
Teach students to identify and use the Prefixes Un, Pre, and Re in their writing with this COMPLETE Common Core-aligned lesson and engaging hands-on cut and paste activities: • FULL COLOR Prefixes Poster–print, laminate, and hang • short Prefixes Reading Passage-read together, then in small groups
A quick and easy way to assess your students' foundational reading skills! Each passage contains 100 grade-level appropriate words, including 9-10 words that fit the given rule. Use these as a fast formative or summative assessment to see how your students are doing with learning the following conce
This bundle is intended to be used with Pearson myView Literacy (2019).Included in this pack are comprehension passages to go along with the My View weekly skills/text types, spelling word work pages to go with the spelling words for each week, and phonics word sorts to go with the weekly phonics sk
Five video games for suffixes and prefixes in an Under-the-Sea theme.The prefixes and suffixes included in this product are: Re, Un, Mis, Dis, -ed, -er.There are challenging words such as: Mistreated, Dismissed, Misinformed, Unserved, Reinvent.Note: This bundle also comes with a printable version of
This Google Slides resource includes 9 slides with information and activities with the following prefixes: un-, in-, im-, and re-. For the Spanish version, the prefixes are: des-, re-, in-, and in-. The slides include information such what prefixes are, the meanings of each of the above prefixes, a
This is a cute short passage I wrote about a girl named Kate who is having an unhappy day at school. Prefixes are the focus skill (un-, mis-, dis-, re-, non-, in-, and im-). The passage is followed by questions requiring students to separate the prefixes from the root words and then write the
Phonics reading passages provide perfect practice for reading fluency and reading comprehension! The reading passages focus on phonics, but they also provide the opportunity to practice fluency AND comprehension IN the context of reading. This ADD-ON BUNDLE includes the most commonly requested skill
This Package contains prefix practice. It includes 2 passages that focus on prefixes, a handout for review and a prefix match up game. Prefixes practiced are mis, un, pre, re and dis.
This document features six stories specially designed to introduce students to common prefixes. The prefixes dis, un, mis, pre, and re are featured. These student-friendly, high interest passages immerse students in prefixes and their usage in our everyday language. Teachers may want to tell student
SIXTEEN NO PREP Prefix and Suffix Worksheets and Practice Activities to identify and use Prefixes Un, Pre, and Re and Suffixes Er, Less, Est, and Ful PLUS TWO COMPLETE lessons, FULL COLOR Prefix and Suffix Game, and THIRTY EIGHT Prefix and Suffix Task Cards. (COMPLETELY REVISED JANUARY 2018):• TWO F
Reading Comprehension QuestionsStudents get to play a reading comprehension video game while practicing their prefixes and suffixes.In this game, students are reading about Under the Sea animals in reading comprehension passages with a focus on developing vocabulary by analyzing prefixes and suffixe
All products have a fun, candy theme!3 matching activities with recording sheets•Candy Box Prefixes (un-, re-, mis-): CUT ON RIBBON•Cupcake Suffixes (-less,-ful,-ly): CUT ICING FROM CAKE•Peppermint Prefixes and Suffixes: CUT EACH SIDE OF WRAPPER•Recording sheets and answer sheets provided2 passages
TWENTY TWO NO PREP Prefix and Suffix Worksheets and Practice Activities to identify and use the Prefixes Re, Un, Pre, and Dis and the Suffixes Ful, Er, Able, and Less PLUS a COMPLETE Lesson, two FULL COLOR Prefix and Suffix Posters, and THIRTY EIGHT Prefix and Suffix Task Cards. COMPLETELY REVISED D
This adorable coffee-themed product is just what you need to introduce and review prefixes with your students.Prefixes included:reundismispreActivities included:identifying and defining prefixes in sentences (4 sentences per prefix)choosing the correct prefix to complete a sentence (16 sentences)ide
I teach Special Education Resource. This product can be used for grades 2nd-5th. It includes three reading passages. I created the stories. Feel free to also use the stories as a read aloud and text discussion to build comprehension. Packet IncludesLevel
Hello Fellow Educator, Get more out of your students through effective reading instruction! This resource which focuses on the prefixes dis-, re-, and un- in passages about different traveling/adventure opportunities with fun vintage outdoorsy inspired clipart will save you time and help your stude
Students can practice a variety of skills in this literacy center packet. Skills included:Prefix Word Sort- students sort words by the prefixes un, mis, dis, re and determine the meaning of each word.Synonym Word Work- Students practice identifying words that are synonyms and determining their meani
This resource has over 70 editable worksheets to expand students' vocabulary and improve their reading, writing, and spelling through knowledge of Greek and Latin roots, prefixes, and suffixes. Activities include completing sentences, matching root words to images, and decoding roots in informationa

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