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Geometric Measurement: This is a fun and challenging bundled lesson that COMPLETELY covers the 5th grade CCSS for Understanding Concepts of Volume.Included in this bundled unit:PowerPointThe entertaining, interactive, and easy-to-understand 17-slide PowerPoint walks learners through:-1-D, 2-D, and 3
Geometric Measurement: This is an engaging and very interactive PowerPoint that completely covers the 5th grade CCSS for Understanding Concepts of Volume.PowerPointThe entertaining, interactive, and easy-to-understand 17-slide PowerPoint walks learners through:-1-D, 2-D, and 3-D orientation and voca
This science experiment about "understanding volume" is the PERFECT hands-on, activity for the 100th Day of school! It provides a fun, hands-on opportunity for discovery learning. This is a lesson that your students will LOVE!! That's the BEST kind of learning!!! This packet includes: ~A "volume" v
This PowerPoint lesson can be used to introduce or review CCSS 5.MD.3 and 5.MD.4. *Includes 15 slides of Vocabulary and Step by Step Examples*
Digital Math Pixel Art Activities are ready to go activities for Google Excel that review a specific math skill. As your students correctly answer various questions (both procedural and conceptual based) a mystery picture will start to reveal. This activity is self-grading and interactive for studen
This Understanding Cubic Units Quiz aligns perfectly to Common Core State Standard 5.MD.3. It is essential when teaching volume that students understand the concept of a cubic unit. This assessment asks questions in a variety of ways to ensure students have true mastery. This prepares them to lea
What's IncludedIncluded in this pack are 6 worksheets on all the lessons in the fifth grade enVision Math book for topic 10.These can be used as a quiz, formative assessment, homework, or just extra practice!Answer keys are included for each worksheet. Lesson 1: Model VolumeLesson 2: Develop a Volum
These cards help students understand volume of a rectangular prism as it relates to layers of cubes. Use these engaging cards with small groups, or send them home for parents to play with their kids. Just print on plain paper, cut, and play a choice of four games. The code 5M33 stands for the grade,
This is a 16 page supplemental packet for the 5.md.3,4 and 5 standards dealing with volume. The packet includes student activities, a learning center game, assessments and word problems. This packet will help build conceptual understanding as well as procedural fluency.
Looking for a fun way to practice a math skill, implement spiral review, or integrate test prep? Math Digital Classroom Escapes are just what you and your students need!A Digital Classroom Escape is an interactive activity which promotes peer collaboration and problem solving. Cryptic messages, chal
See a video demonstration of these cubes here: https://youtu.be/9W3BrM-yOk4 Students will construct cubes by folding and taping paper templates. Students will then calculate the volume of each cube. Since the cubes have volumes of as little as 1 cubic centimeter, up to 125 cubic centimeters, they ca
2nd - 5th
These Cornell Style notes are wonderful for introducing the Cornell style of note taking. My fifth graders have difficulty taking notes at the beginning of the year, so I use guided notes to help them learn to listen for the important information for their notes.These pages can be printed at 80% and
In this science lab, students will gain a pretty good understanding of what mass, volume, and density are. They will digitally change the volume of objects, weigh different object masses, and calculate the densities of each object. Students will use the computer and the Phet Simulation software to c
INCLUDED in this download:Math Doodle SheetGuided Practice SheetPowerPoint – to show students the KEY– two versions of both sheets included: INB and large 8.5 x 11 sizeALL TEKS and CC Aligned – plan for the FULL year included!These doodle notes sheets are the SAME CONTENT as my 3rd grade foldables,j
This worksheet is a great way to use a little math to show the effects that surface area and volume can have on different sized cells. Your students will calculate the surface area and volume of a ping pong ball, tennis ball, and softball to help them better understand the relationship between surfa
7th - 10th
Discussing math concepts and practicing the “language” of math is foundational to understanding the “why”.  Nurture this skill with this interactive and hands-on lesson.  Your students will:Collaborate with peers to practice the “language” of math in cubic units, attend to precision and reason abstr
This is a great resource to use when introducing volume to your students. It allows students to explore plane figures and solid figures. They can discover how they are alike and how they are different. Students will then develop an understanding of what volume measures, what unit cubes are, and how
4th - 6th
This bundle includes lessons plans 1-5 from enVision Topic 10 (Understanding Volume Concepts). Each plan includes the common core standards, mathematical practices, lesson objectives, essential understanding, vocabulary, step by step flow of lesson that includes guiding questions, and small group in
Understanding Volume for Google Forms Formative Assessments Distance LearningLooking to cut down on the time you spend grading? Hoping to transfer the skills you learned from distance learning over to the classroom? Need a way to assess your students’ learning quickly to identify areas of strengths
Are you looking for engaging activities to teach understanding how to find the volume of rectangular prisms? Each six-part resource pack includes everything you need to review, practice, and evaluate students' understanding of volume of rectangular prisms during math workshop, math stations, or whol
Give students the blank 2 sided copy, play the folding video and use the PowerPoint to show the answers to the blanks. Students LOVE these! No cutting mess and lots of fun folds! If you love engaging foldables there are over 70 for just 3rd grade math! Click here for All the 3rd Grade Math Foldabl
Hey there! Thanks for considering my product! In this slide collection, you will find:Step-by-step procedures for Understanding Volume (5th Grade; MDA.3)Fill in the blank version of these steps for interactive notebooking.Filled in steps (depending on the level you are looking for)A practice page fo
This video is one of a series (all 5 minutes and under) which align to the 5th Grade Common Core Math Standards. This particular video relates to 5.MD.3 "Recognize volume as an attribute of solid figures and understand concepts of volume measurement." You can download this video and include it in
4th - 6th
This is an extra practice sheet for Common Core Standards 5.MD.C.3-Recognize volume as an attribute of solid figures and understand concepts of volume measurement. Included are 2 versions of the same activity!Free ResponseMultiple ChoiceYou can use one or both with your class depending on students'

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