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***NOW FORMATTED for DIGITAL USE during distance learning!Looking for a new creative idea to teach the unit circle to your high school trig students that combines math with art in ready to display poster form? When you purchase, click DOWNLOAD to get the original 16 page static PDF document that inc
I use this project in my Honors PreCalculus and PreCalculus classes. It could also be used in Algebra 2. Students are required to create a "Khan Academy" style video explaining the connection between the unit circle and the sine/cosine graphs. My students LOVE this project and enjoy all of the creat
Students will use their creativity to think outside of the box to create an artistic representation of the Unit Circle. My students loved this project! I also had the students create their own rubric to accompany the project. I found that students made the rubric more challenging than I would have
Make the study of the Unit Circle meaningful with this inquiry project. Students do not just memorize the unit circle, they deduce how it is created. Students derive the points on the unit circle. Students complete a table of the relationships within a unit circle, an essential reference tool fo
Here are the long-awaited templates and step-by-step directions for the Me on the Map Circle Map Project I originally posted on my blog http://finallyinfirst.blogspot.com/2011/02/me-on-map.html. But that is not all! This 40 page map unit includes ideas, projects, and printables covering the follow
I made this project into a book. The book includes a cover page, and several pages covering topics including: Special Right Triangles, Radian Conversion, Special Angles, Sine, Cosine, and Tangent of special angles. Rubric included. If you set it to print two pages to one, not including the rubric a
My students look forward to the Unit Circle Project every year! This project takes the unit circle and has students transform it into anything they can imagine. You will be surprised and amazed at their creativity and focus. I have done this several years and continue to get new and unique projects
Save 20% by purchasing all 3 Outsiders resources in one money-saving bundle! Middle School students always love The Outsiders by S.E. Hinton. They find the story engaging and captivating and the characters and themes relevant and relatable. This 138-page Outsiders bundle includes lesson plans, a stu
No-Prep, historical fiction genre unit! With this resource you will have everything you need to add fun and creativity to your historical fiction genre studies. I have included a "Historical Fiction Writing Project Menu" with nine creative projects, a historical fiction element checklist, a writing
At dusk, it … happens. Crop Circles have become a pastime of sorts around the world. Originally considered to be the work of aliens, they’ve baffled millions with their elaborate designs and timeliness of their work. With knowledge of the unit circle, radians and degrees students will be able to con
Chasing Vermeer Literature Circle Project Activity. This 9 page reading activity packet includes everything you need to conduct literature circles for "Chasing Vermeer". Included are: the chapters the students will read on a daily basis, daily requirements, a detailed description of each job in lite
Looking for a fun way to assess circle standards in Geometry? This project has students create a puzzle using segments, arcs, and angles within a circle. This product includes instructions for project implementation, packet for students, rubric for evaluation, and sample student work.
This is a selection of my Trigonometric Functions & Unit Circle resources all in a money saving Essential Bundle! You save significant money and time versus purchasing these separately!Essential Bundles are designed to give you everything you need to rock your unit. Warmups, Notes, Activities,
NO-PREP Reading Genre Units for the Entire Year "BUNDLED"! I've bundled eight of my best selling literature genre resources for a reduced price. Each resource comes with a complete guide on how to write a quality, organized fiction story, several creative writing projects, genre elements checklist
My students love literature circles, and "The Giver" by Lois Lowry is a perfect book for using them! I use literature circles to guide students as they analyze character, plot, theme, and literary elements while they read. The literature circle resources I have created are specific to "The Giver",
This project calls upon students to display their knowledge of trig values for 0, 30, 45, 60, and 90 degrees, and their ability to draw and label a unit circle, including the special right triangles that can be included in this. Can be used as a summary project at the end of a trig unit. Also great
This is a project presented in a PowerPoint file that can be used with the circles unit. The students create a crop circle design that illustrates their knowledge of the parts of a circle, and ability to find the length of an arc and area of a sector, along with the circumference and area of a cir
The following handout assigns students to a dystopian novel literature circles project. Students work in small groups and read "1984," "Brave New World," or "The Lord of the Flies" (a loose dystopian novel) and prepare a unit of pre-reading, during reading, and post-reading activities to showcase th
Conic Sections Unit: Circles, Parabolas, Ellipses, Hyperbolas. Used in Algebra 2 and PreCalculus. This is a four week unit on conic sections and includes the following: Pages 1-43: Lesson Plans Pages 44-67: Worksheets, Crossword Puzzle, Research Projects with Rubrics, Assessment Project, Review.
This is a literature circles project for middle or high school students to engage in when reading any play in Theatre/Drama or working on a drama unit in English. The project lasts anywhere from 1.5-3 Weeks, depending on the complexity of the texts. Students read the text in class, conduct discus
This is a bundle of four projects designed for use in a Common Core Math 3 course. They can be adapted for Geometry or Algebra 2. The file is a word document so that you can edit it to fit the needs of your classroom. Project 1: Bridge Construction Objective: Students explore the connection of g
How can we get a true understanding of what it's like to live with a mental illness? In this resource students will go deeper and beyond textbooks and the DSM in order to try to understand the human element behind the disorders. Structured as a lit circle project, students will read young-adult lite
Jump into Radians, Degrees and Arcs with an inquiry activity (2 options included). Follow the inquiry with guided foldable notes and wrap up with some practice problems. This ready to use, student approved guide includes the inquiry, the notes and the practice for radians, degrees and arcs Thes
Middle school students learn the concepts of Algebra and Geometry to understand bicycle gears, ratios and unit rates. What could be more fun than inspecting a real bicycle and figuring out the mathematics involved? In this project, your students apply Mathematics, Engineering and Physics skills to c

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