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US Constitution Activities | US Constitution Preamble
Your students will love learning about the Constitution of the United States with this interactive packet full of engaging activities! The hands-on approach to learning through the components of this resource will surely help your students learn and understand all about the Constitution.Click HERE t

Also included in: Social Studies Interactive Notebooks & Activities Bundle


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U.S. Constitution Preamble Collaboration Poster: Great CONSTITUTION DAY Activity
This fun, collaborative activity allows your students to each contribute to creating a classroom poster featuring the preamble to the Constitution of the U.S. Great for Constitution Day, Citizenship Day, or any other similar occasion. When printed at full size the final poster is approximately 35 in

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U.S. Constitution Project! - Preamble, Articles, Separation of Powers...
Students will enjoy learning about the U.S. Constitution when completing this creative and illustrative project (check out Preview). This 14-page packet includes a direction sheet, evaluation sheet, and worksheets for the pieces of the project. Pieces include: a cover page, preamble interpretatio

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U.S. Constitution Preamble Worksheet DBQ: Students Write Preamble in Own Words
With this worksheet, students will learn about the history and purpose of the Preamble of the Constitution of the United States of America. They will also learn to engage with the language of primary documents. For this activity, the Preamble is broken down into manageable sections. Students will b

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Preamble to the US Constitution - Civics
The Preamble to the US Constitution: This lesson is part of a bundle. Click here to save $5 on 10 of my lessons This lesson teaches the goals and intentions of the Preamble to the US Constitution. The students WBAT list and describe the text of the Preamble, provide examples of how the Federal Gov

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The Preamble to the U.S. Constitution Vocabulary Activity with Quiz Included
Preamble - U.S. Constitution. This Preamble assignment will have students take the "old language" found in the Preamble and use a dictionary, thesaurus, or online source to figure out what message was trying to be explained when it was written. Students will then create a more contemporary Preamb

Also included in: Preamble, Articles of Confederation, and Cloze Reading Bundle


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The Preamble to the U.S. Constitution Activity: Freebie
This is a FREEBIE. It breaks down the different parts of the Preamble of the U.S. Constitution, so that they are easily remembered. It makes the Preamble to the U.S. Constitution even more personally relevant, because it asks for the students to either draw illustrations for each component, or to cu

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U.S. Constitution Analysis: Preamble and Enumerated Powers Worksheet
Help your students understand the Preamble as never before even as they engage in critical analysis skills, examining the Enumerated Powers of Congress as listed in Article I as they work their way through these Preamble and Enumerated Powers Worksheets. Reading the Constitution is one thing, but t

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US Constitution: Understanding the Preamble (Revised!)
This is the first in a series of powerpoints that attempts to explain the United States Constitution to upper Elementary/Middle School students. It uses easy to understand vocabulary that young students will understand and appreciate. Any study of the Constitution should begin with a understanding

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US and IL Constitution Preamble Compare & Contrast
This primary source activity is designed with eighth graders in mind, but could be used with students in grades 5 through 7. It may also be appropriate for secondary students with special needs. The lesson is aligned to the Common Core, IL State Standards, and contains elements of the Danielson Fr

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U.S. Constitution Preamble Crossword Puzzle
Included in this product is a Preamble Crossword Puzzle, Word Search, and Scramble activity. All activities have answer keys. There is a color version and printer-friendly version of the Crossword Puzzle. Each activity provides the preamble and helps students memorize it. Great intro and review ac

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US Constitution Preamble Freebie
If you are studying the U.S. Constitution or the Preamble to the Constitution, this beautiful, FREE poster is a great addition to your classroom! You can choose from the colored version or the ink-saving black/white version. Either way, it is perfect for classroom display or for student use! Print

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Understanding the Preamble to the U.S. Constitution
Students create their own "Preamble" to their school's rules. The document is very easy to follow for 5th graders and 8th graders alike. (I have used it successfully for both grade levels.) It is simple, but not juvenile. I ask that my students type it out once they are finished. I print their f

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The Making of the U.S. Constitution and the Preamble
This presentation walks children through the process of how our U.S. Constitution was developed. It's not too technical, but enough facts for your students to understand how it was developed. They will be able to recall and explain all of the major points. It begins with The Articles of Confederatio

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Teaching about the US Constituion is an important part of a social studies curriculum. This mini-unit can help you go a little more in-depth into the opening part of the United States Constitution. This mini-unit includes: A 2-page reading passage about the Preamble A sorting activity And an inve

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Preamble to U.S. Constitution Poster Reference Sheet - 5 DESIGN CHOICES
Are you looking to help your students learn the Preamble to the United States Constitution?Would you like one to display in the classroom or have a reference sheet for your students to have in a binder or folder?Then this set is for YOU!Set in 5 design choices for the outer border, this set clearly

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The Preamble to the US Constitution- DISTANCE LEARNING!
Using materials curated from the internet, Students will:Identify the what the Preamble is and its purposeTranslate the text of the preamble into their own words showing a deeper understanding of the goals of the governmentThis assignment is in the form of a Google Form designed to be assigned throu

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US Constitution Preamble Poster
Fun word art poster of the Preamble to the US Constitution in two different backgrounds (US flag and white). Legal size. Just print, laminate, and hang in your room! Other word art posters are available: Emancipation Proclamation Presidential Oath of Office You might also like Help Wanted: Presi

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U.S. Constitution Preamble Close Reading and Rewrite Lesson
This cooperative learning lesson is a great introduction to the U.S. Constitution or stand-alone lesson if you're short on time. Students will explore the purpose and content of the Constitution by doing a close reading of the Preamble, then in groups rewriting it in phrases into their own words. B

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Preamble of the U.S. Constitution Mix Up Scramble
This FREE product includes a cut and paste (or just cut and sort) activity and answer document. The Preamble of the U.S. Constitution is mixed up and students can cut apart the dotted lines and then unscramble the Preamble. You can use this activity to explore the Preamble or to assess students af

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U.S. Constitution Song : "A New Constitution" with preamble finale!
A NEW CONSTITUTION This original rock n roll song describes some of the main issues faced when writing the Constitution and details some of the main elements of this most important document of our nation. Besides listing the three branches and their basic powers the song also includes some of the d

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Lesson Plan - Preamble of the US Constitution
The lesson plans include the following: Benchmark: Students will be able to interpret the intentions of the Preamble of the Constitution.. Civics Standards LA Standards Learning Goals Learning Targets Evidence Based Scale Marzano Design Questions and Elements Identified Instructional Strategies /

Also included in: Bundle of 2 - Preamble of the US Constitution - PP & LP


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U.S. Constitution Preamble Matching Worksheet
I used this activity as a review of the Preamble and the goals that were stated throughout it. Students had already taken notes and were familiar with it. This could easily be used as a homework assignment or a pre-assessment.

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Constitution Day - US Constitution Preamble Power Point
A breakdown of the Preamble to the Constitution. Each phrase is illustrated and explained. Great for giving meaning to the Preamble and a great Constitution Day activity! Includes the SchoolHouse Rocks! song too!!!

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