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Synonym Posters -USA and UK/Australian spelling
I created these synonym posters to expand my kids’ vocabulary and to spice up their writing. You can display them on the wall for your kids to look at as a reference, and they will surely brighten up your classroom too! What’s included? Synonym reference charts (2 color pages and 2 b/w pages) Flag
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KinderSocialStudies™ Kindergarten Social Studies Unit Two: USA and Communities
KinderSocialStudies™ Unit Two: United States and Communities Save with the bundle!Save by purchasing the bundle! Each of the five units are $10! Save 10% by purchasing the bundle HERE!What is KinderSocialStudies?KinderSocialStudies Curriculum is a social studies curriculum for primary aged student
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McFarland, USA Movie Guide with Migrant Workers Unit in Spanish
This 125+ page EDITABLE McFarland, USA Movie Guide with Migrant Workers and Hispanic Culture Unit in Spanish has all of the vocabulary, cultural information, and enrichment activities you need to teach this wonderful movie. Students of all levels will love this heartwarming movie and they will enjo
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Regions of the USA Lapbook {Freebie}
This resource contains all the pages needed to make a Regions of the United States lapbook. These notes can be used with any textbook, article, or video. This product can also be used as interactive notebook pages for your Social Studies Interactive Notebooks. All interactive note pages can be used
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Symbols of the USA {I Can Sort}  Activity for Kindergarten and First Grade
You are receiving a cut and glue activity for teaching US Symbols. This download includes: 1 sorting sheet 1 answer key If you need other US Symbols resources check my TPT store: Lincoln, Washington and US Symbols Necklace Bundle Thanks for stopping by...
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United States Map Quiz & Worksheet: USA Map Test with Practice Worksheets
Teach students how to locate all 50 states with this easy to read United States Map Quiz and Practice Sheet! Students will learn how to correctly identify and locate all 50 states. This product also includes a labeled U.S.A. Map in full & half-page design. United State Map Product includes: - F
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The individual packs in this bundle amount to $157 and comprise of 2,287 pages of resources and activities. It is discounted more than 50% to give you super savings. This is a growing bundle and additional packs are added periodically. The price of the bundle will rise with the addition of addition
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USA State Capitals, Abbreviations, and Regions Interactive Notebook Flaps
This complete bundle includes an interactive notebook project, state abbreviations test, state capitals test, test study guides, and answer keys. No prep and stress free! This project will take 2 - 3 normal class periods to complete. Play YouTube videos while your students are working about what mak
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Where in the U.S.A. Am I? Latitude and Longitude Practice and Quizzes
• This package contains 9 pages. • A printable map with the necessary information to answer the questions regarding latitude and longitude. • Includes practice and two quizzes in the “Where Am I” format •Answer Key Please check my other offerings for a number of activities, power points, and games
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States and Capitals NO PREP BUNDLE United States of America (USA)
As a fifth grade teacher, I believe it is very important for American children to learn the 50 U.S. states, capitals, and abbreviations. I have spent 6 years developing and perfecting this simple, yet effective, 6-7 week states and capitals unit. It has been created so that each region takes one
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States in the U.S.A.
Students will enjoy this America-themed packet, carefully currated for the reading ability of early learners. They will discover new things, learn new words, and show what they know. The comprehension questions will help them review and analyze the passages as well as words that may be new to them.
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Symbols of the USA {Emergent Reader} for Kindergarten and First Grade
This is a 10 page emergent reader perfect for Kindergarten and First Grade. It has repetitive text and a fact about these US symbols: (flag, bald eagle, statue of liberty, white house, lincoln memorial and the washington monument). The last page provides an opportunity for students to cut/glue the s
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Regions of the USA: Five Regions - Map Clip Art
Regions of the USA: Five Regions - Map Clip Art ............................................................................................. Please check the regions in this set before purchase. We offer a choice of THREE different US Region Map Sets: USA divided into FOUR regions / NINE divisi
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Informative Writing ~ U.S.A. Symbols Research Project {Common Core}
Informational Writing ~ U.S.A. Symbol Research Project: With this informative writing research project students will research and write about government buildings, statues, memorials, symbols, songs, and oaths. Then they'll create a patriotic report booklet to share! This would be a great project fo
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Read Across USA Today Reading Worksheets/Workbook 18 pages
Read Across USA Today Reading Comprehension Worksheets/Workbook PDF file Worksheets for March 2nd, celebrations. You may like to use this file to supplement your Read Across America or Dr Seuss Birthday celebrations. Your file includes student workbook cover for individual booklets, pledges, readi
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Cardinal Directions Scavenger Hunt/ North South East West/ Compass Rose/ USA
CARDINAL DIRECTIONS SCAVENGER HUNT WORKSHEET Students have to use their knowledge of the cardinal directions to find an answer for each question. I gave each student a copy of a United States map along with this activity. Students can work independently or with a partner. WHAT YOU RECEIVE: -
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4th Grade - Unit 1 Topic 2 - The Regions of the USA
★★★★★INTERACTIVE NOTEBOOK and WORKSHEET VERSION ★★★★★ 8 activities that focus on the Unit 1 Topic 2: The Regions of the United States topic as outlined by the Louisiana State Department of education. These activities focus on answering the following standards and questions: ● 4.4.2 - Locate an
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Elements and Principles of Art Design (USA color)
This package contains 12 sheets covering the Elements of Art/Design (each as a student version and a teacher version) – 24 pages total This package uses the USA spelling of color. If you would prefer colour, please see my store for the other version. Elements of Art and Line Shape and Form Color Te
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Famous USA Landmarks/Symbols Research Flipbook
Don't just research the famous landmarks and symbols of the USA. Create a fun flipbook! This project requires the students to research pertinent facts about eight famous American landmarks and then actively engages them in putting together a project that they will be proud to take home. The eight f
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Mapping the USA: Label Cardinal Directions for Young Students! Lift the Flap Fun
You are receiving one: 1 outlined USA map 1 labeled page of landform picture cards 1 non labeled page landform/compass picture cards Both labeled and non labeled included for differentiated instruction Students will label N S E W in the circles on the map. Then students will read the sentence on t
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McFarland USA Movie Packet
This packet is a great way to engage students before, during and after viewing the Disney movie, McFarland USA. Included in this 25 page packet are: movie synopsis and cast, questions for each scene of the movie + answers, 4 journal questions reflecting on the movie, lyrics and cloze activity to "
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Library Research Task Cards for Social Studies States of the USA
Library Task Cards: Social Studies: States of the USA for the school library can be differentiated by grade level, time availability, or with classroom teacher collaboration. The activities can be a fun way to introduce students to the 900 section of the library, or to use internet catalog search sk
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States and Capitals Mega Resource & Activity Bundle USA #50states #socialstudies
50 States and Capitals Mega Resource & Activity Bundle USA for Grades 1 - 12 A perfect launch pad for teaching, researching, and displaying information about the 50 States of the USA. Over 100 Pages of resources for any age group. QR codes and research suggestions for older students and songs an
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Famous USA Landmarks Clip Art Bundle {Educlips Clipart}
A collection of well known American landmarks. This set features sketched interpretations of various buildings & monuments around the country. This set includes Mount Rushmore, Golden Gate Bridge, Statue OF Liberty, Space Needle, Jefferson Memorial, Empire State Building, the White House, Lincol
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