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Product includes two versions: printable PDF and digital Google Slides for your Google Classroom.Inference Activity: Students will make inferences in movies after viewing 5 Short Films (3 out of the 5 are Pixar Shorts; the other two are short films, but not Pixar). They will then cite evidence from
If you are like me, you look for anything and every thing to inspire your students to write. Using video clips is one way I've been able to do that. The kids love these short Pixar Short Films and we always watch them 2-3 times before responding to the prompt. This is also a great way to fit in som
Product includes two versions: printable PDF and digital Google Slides for your Google Classroom.Contains two types of activities. In the first activity, students will determine the theme of 7 different animated movie clips. They will then cite evidence from each clip that proves the theme. In the
Short films are perfect for helping your students understand comprehension skills, especially focusing in on such concepts as theme, main idea, mood, and inferential skills. One of the best parts of most short films is that there are no words. Students truly need to use inferential-type skills to
Want a new and engaging way to teach the literary elements? This packet was designed to help students learn the literary elements of plot, theme, and cause & effect, by applying them to Pixar’s short film ‘Piper’. This Packet Includes★ Finding theme worksheet ★ Plot chart (exposition, conflict,
I love to use these short films as a way to review literary elements with my students OR a way to introduce the concept of analysis. Sometimes, my students find it easier and less “scary” to analyze a film rather than a piece of literature. Each short film comes with a sheet of questions for stude
This literary packet was designed to help students learn the literary elements of plot, theme, and symbolism, by applying them to Pixar’s short film ‘La Luna.’ I developed these lessons as a tool to engage reluctant students, and I have used this lesson many times with great success!This packet incl
Students will sequence events in 4 different short films. The short films are hyperlinked within the assignment. An answer key is included. These are great to use when teaching about plot and plot elements. After students have placed the events in order, have them identify each of the plot element
Use film clips to teach ALLUSION to a source text - Bible, Greek Myth and Classic Literature (Printable & Digital) - Includes lesson plans, student handouts, answer key, PowerPoint slides and Google Drive (Google slides) link for no prep Google Classroom, distance learning activities or traditio
GREAT END-OF-YEAR REVIEW ACTIVITY. This movie reviews short story terminology with sound educational value and provides a fun way to re-engage learners at the end of the school year, the start of the new year, or directly before or after holidays. (And let's face it: The Princess Bride, is one of
•What does this animated short help target?•Perspective Taking- Identify different perspectives. Compare and contrast the different perspectives.•Self & Social Awareness - Identify own feelings and emotions, empathy for others.•Sequencing and Story Retelling- What happened? (i.e., First, second,
Engage students with this digital activity using the Pixar short film, "The Game Changer," to practice analyzing characters and determining their traitsThis Resource Includes:Character traits definition and example slidePositive and negative character traitsIntroduction to character traits activityC
Creating a thesis statement for literary analysis is FUN and EASY with this Google Slides workshop. Teach students to analyze literary devices used in literature and Pixar short films and center their analysis around a well-crafted thesis statement, the most important sentence in the essay!Included:
Literary Analysis can be a scary process. I like to "trick" my students into analyzing pieces by using short films to introduce, practice, or review the process. I've created 2 products that cover tons of ELA skills. Your students will be having so much fun that they won't realize they are learning
This worksheet helps students practice forming dialogue for characters in their writing. After watching a humorous video from the Pixar Shorts series, they will create their own character conversations using proper dialogue punctuation in the speech bubbles. They will also practice correct sentence
Use short film clips to analyze U.S. document historical and literary significance, purpose, themes and rhetorical features, and analyze how two texts address related themes and concepts (common core ELA standard #9) for secondary reading informational text skills (Printable & Digital) - Include
This BIG (NOW DIGITAL!) bundle of 15 complete lessons is great for reviewing, teaching, and building literary analysis skills for any secondary student. Each of the 15 lessons covers a different short film and a different literary analysis skill that all students need to know so all 15 lessons can b
I love using short films to introduce literacy skills, such as comparing & contrasting pot, because it allows the content to be accessible to ALL of my students, including my struggling readers! During this activity your students will begin by filling in a graphic organizer identifying the eleme
Teach students to compare and contrast passages using short films - in secondary reading informational texts and literature (common core ELA standard #9)! Printable & Digital -Includes lesson plans, student handouts, PowerPoint, Google Doc, Google Slides, answer key and rubric for no prep Google
To better help your students understand characters in chapter books they are reading, it is first helpful for them to try this work using short films in which they can see the character.  This resource contains: touchtone organizer using the acronym of “STEAL” to help students learn 5 different ways
Distance Learning Can Be Fun!!!Use Google Classroom to engage students in comprehension tasks.Short films are very engaging for students. In this product, students watch five different short films and respond in writing to demonstrate their comprehension.Literary topics include:Character Change - "B
Pixar shorts provide a unique, fun opportunity to reinforce challenging reading topics. I have created this resource to go along with four pixar shorts. I like to use these in sheet protectors for my students to use dry erase markers with as they watch the pixar shorts.As a follow-up to this activit
It is important, I believe, to keep students accountable when purposefully watching a film in class. These worksheets are meant to do just that.These worksheets are generic enough to be used for any film, but also has students apply what they know from short story terminology onto a movie's storyte
*EDITABLE DIGITAL VERSION* *INCLUDES EDITABLE PRINTABLE VERSION*Use the Pixar short film, "The Game Changer," to practice analyzing characters and determining their feelings.Includes character feelings anchor chartVideo Link: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JutrLer3k-ARelated Resources:CLICK HERE
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